What is the most profitable thing to sell in the investment market in 2012

investors want to invest in a good market, it depends on what is currently on the market is relatively short, what is the larger market demand, the market is now the most profitable? Want to make money is not to talk about the line. Understanding of the current market rules, closely linked to the pulse of the market, the most profitable in the market to increase investment.

2012 what the most profitable investment? Fencing, boxing hall

2012 what the most profitable investment? New indoor skating rink

Wu Zetian domineering reflected is one of the open flowers for her counter edict. Today, the "inverse" of human beings is not difficult to eat watermelon, winter is easy, but in summer in a really ice has become fashionable. The new ice rink can open year-round, not due to the effects of global warming, the men of the South can also enjoy the summer ice in it.

2012 what the most profitable investment? "Balloon ball" gift shop

Love is not an ordinary

location can be selected in young people are concentrated near the place or the campus, and the shopping center, popular street, convenient to attract consumer groups. Removal of rent and labor, the initial investment in the amount of goods at about 3000 yuan, including: a toy gift balloon machine price of about $880, the cost of goods at $1500 and about $700 of liquidity and other expenses. Store 10-20 square meters, a simple store decoration needs 2000-3000 yuan, configuration items such as gift display, such as 500 yuan, the appropriate printing promotional materials such as color leaflets of about 400 yuan, with a total investment of 1-2 million. Do not underestimate the operation of the balloon gift shop, because the form of new and interesting, it is likely to make the product become a fashion trend in the city.

2012 what the most profitable investment? Anti theft mobile phone cover

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