People with disabilities to go on the road to riches

great entrepreneur Tang Sanping Shencanzhijian with amazing perseverance finally "walk" on a road to riches extraordinary, completely reversed the life, no longer own self pity, but smile to greet the future.

2008, the financial crisis hit, Tang Sanping returned to his hometown, and decided to develop aquaculture. He rented a neighboring village of idle space, began to build pig farms. In June of the same year, he bought 50 piglets feeding on the circle. In 2009, Tang Sanping sold 60 fattening pigs to recover some of the investment. Today, his pig farm area of 300 square meters, there are excellent breeding pigs, wild boar, 1, fattening pigs head of 30.

in the development of the pig during the Tang three received enthusiastic support from the local government and relevant departments. Speaking of future plans, he said, first of all to thank the government’s concern and support, followed by the use of advanced positioning breeding technology, 50 new positioning bar, raising more than 50 sows, an annual output of more than 1000 piglets.



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