Small youth 300 yuan entrepreneurial projects easy to get rich year earned 150 thousand

when each of the young people, want to come out of their own business, the first hand and not much money, but in real life there are only 300 yuan of entrepreneurial projects, rich start? A lot of people think that even 300 yuan to start a business, but also can not make any money, but this is a small husband and wife, is relying on these 300 yuan stall started, and now into the $150 thousand.

"afternoon shortly before 6 p.m., we put on the stall…… My wife kept shouting, 15 A, 15 A, but from 6 to 7 and a half hour, almost nothing of what people see. How to do? How to do? "This is Bao Zhengzhong in the post description of a first day.

carefully holding 300 dollars, Zhengzhong bag pulling Wang Wei’s hand in the wholesale market, house to house to house to house than. Venture capital projects, and finally they fancy a group of cheap clothing, two people overjoyed, with a piece of old sheets wrapped in these clothes, took to Lanzhou City Road, the night market to sell on the road, the.

The formation of

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