Nanjing launched to support employment and entrepreneurship in the field of agricultural college stu

China is a large agricultural country, but in the era of economic development, more and more people are eager to enter the city, so that the development of agriculture has been affected. In this context, the country began to introduce a number of new deal, so as to attract students in the field of agriculture to the local employment and entrepreneurship, Nanjing is the case.

days ago, reporters from the Nanjing Municipal Agricultural Commission was informed, in order to encourage and guide college graduates to Nanjing in the agricultural field of employment or business, Nanjing city issued "on accelerating the development of new occupation farmer’s opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) specifically listed a student to introduce policy: "students into the field of agriculture or employment entrepreneurship, through investigation and identification, can obtain the school during the full tuition subsidy".

2015 early, the Ministry of agriculture will be identified as a new type of professional farmers in Jiangsu province to promote the overall development of the pilot. At present, it is an important measure to develop modern agriculture and solve the problem of "who will land". A new type of professional peasant team, not only the number of adequate, but also reasonable structure, good quality, not only to have the culture and technology, but also understand the market, will operate, good management.

Nanjing City, the person in charge of relevant departments, the introduction of this policy is to guide the University full-time college graduates to Nanjing, into the modern agricultural park, agricultural science and technology enterprises, rural communities and other agricultural areas, engaged in agricultural production, sales of agricultural products, agricultural science and technology services, and guide them to lead or various kinds of agricultural science and technology enterprises, family farms, farmers’ cooperatives and other new agricultural business entities, to create a vibrant, innovative capacity and competitiveness of the new agricultural working groups, constantly enrich and expand the occupation farmer team.

guide college graduates to employment and entrepreneurship has become one of the models to speed up the cultivation of new professional farmers.

pointed out that for full-time college graduates or college outside the province into the Nanjing city agricultural areas of employment or business for 3 years, after investigation and identification, it can give the school during the full tuition subsidy.

for college students to obtain employment and Entrepreneurship of agriculture, the need for district level agriculture and the financial sector to investigate, and then by the municipal agriculture and the financial sector that tuition subsidies from the city, the district each burden half.

specifically how to identify, undergraduate, master, PhD, which can be fully subsidized tuition fees, which can be included in the cost of tuition fees, the need to develop detailed rules to be clear. At present, relevant departments are speeding up the development of agriculture, is expected to be introduced before the end of May.

although China’s economy and science and technology development is relatively fast, but the development of agriculture is not large, the lack of talent is the main factor. As recommended

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