Wenzhou beef sirloin steak has advantages

open West restaurant, choose a business process specification, the strength of the franchisee is very important. Famous brand franchise business can give you the most powerful support for your business, as your biggest haven, you just need to ease the operation of the restaurant in your hands, without having to pay too much attention to market risk.

Wenzhou cattle steak is one of the Yue State Administration for Industry and commerce registration integrated food chain operation management of group enterprises, the existing staff of more than 1 thousand people, the office area of more than 6 thousand square meters, direct cooperation and more than and 300 stores, Wenzhou Yue cattle steak now has headquarters, brand management center, marketing center, operations center and logistics center the five center system, and under the administration department, human resources department, the Department of legal affairs, capital management department, marketing department, brand planning, media management, network optimization, guide the operation of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of the reception of warehouse management, logistics department, 12 departments and two large core technology training base.

Wenzhou beef sirloin steak dishes are added to the multi flavor seasoning and valuable Chinese herbal medicine, after a long period of stew made of. It is characterized by rosy color, rich flavor, taste delicious, bone soft meat rotten, but not greasy food, the formation of a unique flavor, while the body of the stomach blood circulation, Qi and kidney, impotence and nourishing effect. The operation is simple, the benefit of small, is a good project to get rich quick.

Wenzhou beef sirloin steak advantage:

unlimited market prospects: China’s rapid growth in food and beverage consumption, by 2015 China’s catering retail sales will reach 5 trillion and 300 billion yuan. Wyatt beef steak is to meet the needs of most of the high-end consumer groups, but also to provide authentic products and the environment and services, will be the source of tourists, the introduction of a large number of consumer groups.

The advantages of the brand,

resources: Wyatt Niuniu row will be on the Internet, television, newspapers and other media publicity, creating awareness, let franchisees enjoy strong brand advantage, professional equipment and raw materials to ensure unified unified, standardized professional decision process.

technology and service advantage: Wyatt headquarters spending time on the cattle steak products in the production process, color, aroma, taste, unique shape, but also to go abroad and study the essence of western restaurant service, therefore, Yue cattle steak and believe that every shop service can exudes charm, to conquer the consumer.

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