Stationery store management to grasp what points

although China attaches great importance to education, the demand for a variety of stationery products is also very large, the entire stationery market is more vast. However, in the current era is not lack of stationery products, but the market! To produce the market needs stationery, the market needs to sell stationery, the need to achieve the goal of marketing tools. Only products and services together to be able to play the stationery store full of sound and colour these methods and techniques, and in the reasonable pricing, satisfactory service attitude, goods and timely discount promotions are three points to master.

1, satisfactory service attitude

service attitude is the first impression of stationery sales to customers, but also to determine the role of sales factors, so the attitude is very important to greet guests. In addition to the necessary training for sales, the natural affinity of the shop assistants can not be ignored. If the treatment of customers can not be kind, open-minded, patient, thoughtful, initiative, will have a direct impact on sales. Buyers should take the initiative to say hello, take the initiative to introduce varieties, take the initiative to help pick, take the initiative to help provide packaging bags for customers to carry, which are some of the details can be very good to improve the comprehensive index of the store.

2, stationery prices moderate

stationery prices for consumers is a sensitive topic, many shopkeepers are reluctant to disclose the exact figures. However, the price of the wholesale market, the new popular stationery can generally be profitable in 30%-50% or so, if the inventory of goods in a hurry to sell will be flexible changes in sales. Of course, this figure may be affected by factors such as rent and a slight adjustment, but basically the industry rules. The price should be drawn up in the level that consumers can consume, but most of them ignore the emotional communication with customers, and focus their attention on bargaining.

3, timely promotion, price reduction is a weapon sales

in the fierce competition, many stationery stores will reduce prices, discounts to stimulate consumer spending, excellent stationery store to understand the root of the profits of the customer satisfaction. They implement the principle of fair pricing, appropriate promotion, not in the case of a sudden increase in demand to drive up prices, but also to protect the sales of products. From the past to the present, the sale will be in a timely manner to test the operation of the stationery store is an important symbol of immaturity.

a lot of people are lamenting the business is not good to do, indeed, the current era, almost any industry are facing fierce competition. However, although the stationery shop has always been very fierce competition, but there are still tens of thousands of excellent stationery store or in profit, this is because the stationery store profits are rooted in the results of customer satisfaction, customer is to respect and flexible business strategy, created the success of these operators. >

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