Shaanxi province built 8 provincial business incubation demonstration base

business incubator has become the local government provide a strong platform for the emerging of various types of aid a customer, the platform use system and intelligent way, a new power and a number of innovative entrepreneurial business incubator.

the identified four provincial incubation bases, hardware facilities, hatching specific programs and sound functions, has the ability of continuous rolling hatch, and has a leading role in different industries.

which branch in Xi’an Chuangxing technology incubator limited to "hard science" mainly focus on encouraging and supporting the development of high-tech enterprise in the field of optoelectronic information input, hatching total area of 30 thousand square meters, can accommodate 100 business entities, Sikorsky angel fund raised a total of 130 million yuan, the successful incubation of high-tech enterprises 71, production scale more than 1 billion yuan, driven by the employment of more than 3000 people.

New Wugong County Agel Ecommerce Ltd is a set of office, logistics, warehousing, sorting, life as one of the comprehensive e-commerce business incubator platform. At present, the base settled in the electricity supplier enterprises 20, supporting service enterprises 2, driven by more than 500 people, the annual output value reached $600 million.

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