How long do you have to stay at a job please remember 8 18 48 and 72

do you want to keep a job for at least 18 months in order to avoid the next employer looking at you with suspicion? No matter how long they stay in the company, the right time to resign immediately?

8 months

There is an exception

, you are in the first year of layoffs affected by media attention. Small scale not announced layoffs (below sector 5%) will be regarded as relevant to performance, you should hide the fact, but if you have layoffs as everyone knows (such as factory closures) effect, there is no need to feel embarrassed. For example, if you have a job that is only 7 months old and you are forced to close because of the massive layoffs that are not relevant to your performance, you’d better make a list in your resume.

18 months

This is the lower limit of

recognized. This means that at least you survived an assessment period — performance evaluation should usually be annual, and the company will only work for the full 6 months of staff assessment; this is the origin of the number 18 months — you must obtain certain achievement, to stay in the company so long time. If there is a good explanation, such as the company behavior (M & A, management changes, etc.) affect the nature of your work, or because of family factors, 9 months can also be accepted.

if for some reason the working time is less than 18 months, as long as you can prove you experienced a performance assessment, will also help to apply for a job. It’s enough to get a bonus or stay behind after a round of layoffs Nevertheless, such short-term work can not be too much. If you are "tricked" in a job (and possibly inadvertently), it is understandable to leave the job for only 8 months. But if there are five jobs, it seems to be your problem. Similarly, if you leave your job every time because of the changing nature of the work, the cynical human resources department will produce

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