The entertainment industry and the nternet godfather of Taiwan fought electricity supplier business

The relationship between

entertainment and seemingly electricity industry appears only in the publicity on the hook, and the Taiwan Internet godfather, but saw the amazing prospects of the electricity supplier industry, to give up the identity of the media, from scratch in the electricity industry.

he was behind the 80s Taiwan culture of the last century, the record and he sang Luo Dayou’s successful planning; the wave of the Internet, he set up Taiwan’s largest Internet service provider PChome, founded the Payeasy women’s Taiwan’s biggest shopping platform. Today, he has become the godfather of the Internet in Taiwan, he is Zhan Hongzhi. Black brother to share this article the world’s network of articles, to see his legendary entrepreneurial story, a media person to the electricity supplier tyrant legend.

Taiwan Internet business legend: godfather of people from the media to the electricity supplier nouveau riche

Zhan Hongzhi many titles, editors, writers, media people, from the film the godfather to the internet. For Zhan Hongzhi, cross-border experience may not be his biggest advantage, as he said himself, he caught up with a wave of the Internet wave, which gave him the chance to experience a generation under the background of Internet lifestyle, but also gave him the chance to go to the mining in the wave of opportunity he pushed forward. In the past thirty years, he has experienced the best and worst times of Taiwan.

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