Open virtual cake shop cost small profit

talking about opening a cake shop, many people may think of some entities, however, with the changing times. A lot of people do not know, cake shop network sales model, is quietly into our lives. Open a virtual cake shop, there is no real store, but also through the network marketing, easy to make money. This seemingly impossible marketing model a few years ago is now being accepted by more and more friends. Now it seems that this virtual cake shop will be the future development trend of the cake shop. If you also have a cake shop, may wish to consider the network marketing, WeChat marketing, etc., do not shoot a slower than others.

Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, a company called Nianyike cake shop on the sale of 27 square cake and get the favor of venture capital.

long ago, Lenovo investment and Nianyike formally established a strategic partnership, but both sides did not disclose the investment amount and investment proportion.

say the biggest feature of this cake shop, it is not a physical store, e-commerce is pure: customers via the web or phone orders, followed by the Nianyike deliver. Yao Yao, founder of the beginning of the store because of the location of the rent is too high, instead of the cake to sell this product online.

shop rent, easy delivery

but no matter how the cake is sold, the competition is quality and taste. At this point, in addition to the raw materials and production process of the stringent requirements, for Nianyike, distribution of "steady and fast" becomes particularly important.

cake is different from other commodities, higher requirements for logistics. It is easy to understand is that the chain store finished baking cake will help customers to put in the refrigerator to prevent deterioration, the corresponding need cold chain quality system in Nianyike practice, only the characteristics of electronic commerce makes Nianyike better through the analysis of the data to control the purchase and production link; and general customers to the store from mentioning cake of the practice, as one of the selling points of the "door-to-door" also need to pay for the delivery Nianyike cake small cost – cake but fragile"!

to enter the mainland in Taiwan and the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and Shenzhen 85 degrees C bread coffee chain as an example, the central factory finished basic bread and cake, cold chain distribution to the various stores, the stores in the "factory" cake baker heating, decoration and other post processing later, and then put on the front shop shelves and freezer.

but there is no physical store Nianyike, its central plant and no inventory, only after the customer orders by the on-site production of cake baker. The idea of Yao Yu, from cake production to delivery to the consumer hand.

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