nternet entrepreneurship era plus and minus knowledge

management activities to fully mobilize the Chinese youth entrepreneurial enthusiasm, everyone can do poineering work on a few words. Especially when the proposed "Internet plus" concept, is so familiar with the Internet’s young generation seems to be useless. However, the "Internet plus" is not simple.

"the age of the Internet business, not only to do a ‘+’, but also learn to properly ‘-‘." In December 26th, Chengdu venture Tianfu "Ching Rong exchange" activities "Powerise Qingyang Internet plus" concert, Hongkong International Group, Hanyang president Xin culture international business model and business strategy expert Tan Guanhao talk about entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurs not only "+" forget "-


"Wall Street had a very interesting statistics, 3000 business concept only 100 can be formed, only 10 will develop into the plan, only 2 can be started, finally maybe only 1 will be successful in the market." Tan Guanhao said, but in the Internet era, such a situation has been greatly improved – the past ten years, the use of the network to shorten the entire entrepreneurial process. Through the "Internet plus", people will be the Internet "new channels, new methods and new applications, create new customers and find new markets, to achieve a new value.

"however, we in the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ should pay more attention to the use of." Tan Guanhao believes that bring in the present "Internet plus" entrepreneurial tide, in the "Internet plus" concept of use of traditional industries, more attention should be paid by the appropriate "-" to return to the nature of business and commerce.

"-" has two meanings, one is to do subtraction, namely: cost reduction, reduction time, reduction of message. Another is to simplify, namely: simplify the industrial chain, modular, modular. "You know, the Internet is definitely not the thing to put the net to the Internet, but to find new effective mode through the Internet tool." He said.

"double" premise is to do the "single"

"innovators are not necessarily good entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are not necessarily good at innovation." Tan Guanhao said, the public entrepreneurship, innovation "the premise hit do, is to make innovation and entrepreneurship, and the two" single "through the organic combination of power and capital and other aspects of the team.

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