Panda down the mountain by the dog’s body can not run

as the saying goes to the dog to bully, and today is the panda mountain dog to bully, cute and chubby panda in our eyes is very cute, but a fat body and let it run up, so can only be a dog chasing.

3 7, WCC client reporters from Liangshan Yuexi County Forestry Department was informed that in March 6th, found a wild panda in Nan Jing Yuexi County township. The pandas in the mountain, the dogs were chasing a bully. Fortunately, local villagers found, timely put the dog away, pandas are able to escape, the safe return of the forest.

3 on 6 at noon, county Nan Jing Xiang Nan Jing Cun Yuexi and Linghai at the junction of the Cape region, such as wood if there are a few villagers are cattle on the mountain. Suddenly, the hillside to dense bark, popularity to smell, not far from the hillside, the dogs are chasing a animal. The animal was round, black and white, and a closer look was a giant panda.

"panda! Here comes the panda!" Everyone shouted excitedly. The wood is afraid of some people say, they see, this giant panda is chased by a few dogs behind each other all the way, run to the hillside. The giant panda is fat, but the dog ran Huangbuzelu, look.

the villagers quickly ran up the hill, the dogs away, at the same time, to Nan Jing Xiang Ranger song Musa machine call reporting. Qu Musa machine after receiving the call, and immediately to the forestry bureau and Shen Guo Zhuang nature reserve. Protected area staff rushed to the scene, this time, the giant panda has returned to the forest.

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