How many Sliced noodles

in a large number of pasta brands, the unique taste of Shanxi knife cut is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people to eat its delicious, delicious food. Among the many small snack brand series here especially for you recommend Shunliu Sliced noodles. Good Sliced noodles is in Shanxi Sliced noodles and Shanxi local special snack brand, authentic Shanxi Sliced noodles taste, elegant environment and affordable prices, so that smooth Sliced noodles favored by the vast number of consumers. At present, the country has already put together Sliced noodles more than and 50 stores


How many

Sliced noodles?

order Sliced noodles join conditions

1, identity, love Shanxi pasta noodles Shunliu brand culture;

2, with good moral and cultural qualities;

3, with certain business background and experience;

4, familiar with local food and beverage environment and consumer demand;

5, with the corresponding economic strength and good social relations;

6, with a focus on the cause of the dedication of food and beverage industry;

7, identification with company business philosophy, obey the headquarters management;

8, with a more ideal operating space (area of not less than 150 square meters, flat layer first);

9, joined the fee for 3 years a total of 150 thousand (one-time payment), the expiration of the contract signed a contract extension (two-way selection);

10, with more than 1 million of investment capacity, to remove the rent investment of about 600 thousand;

11, the distribution of investment: initial fee 150 thousand, renovation costs about 300 thousand (the company responsible for the design, the franchisee in the local to find the decoration team construction equipment), 12-15 (million chairs, tables and chairs tableware tableware designated manufacturers, for the company to purchase their own equipment).

order Sliced noodles joined in support of

1, brand support: headquarters authorized franchise "Shunliu noodles" brand, sharing the registered trademark, the company will invest a lot of energy, enhance the brand image.

2, product support: headquarters authorized franchisees learn to use the headquarters of product technology, to join the store staff to learn product production to provide a full range of support.

3, technical support: store employees are headquarters training and training, study of food processing technology and operation mode order respectively. The same.

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