How to identify the food and beverage industry trap

don’t want to be alone in the business market to fight a lone battle, so the big business form of chain welcome, and catering franchise industry will undoubtedly become the good choice for many novice entrepreneurs, but when looking for a project to be careful not to fall into the trap of joining.

A, Walker clever scam, take the bait.

a Tianjin business development barbecue Shabu restaurant, opened at the end of October 2001, mid June 2002 closed, a total of only 8 months of trading. However, from the opening of the restaurant to go out of business, business has been a loss, but actually developed 6 stores. What’s going on here?

two, renamed the restaurant to join the center, will join the crazy money borrowed.

three, an ultra high speed development, the lack of support of human, management control.

four, the leader of internal strife and franchisees miserable.

Want to join the

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