What is the future development trend of catering industry

we all know "Internet plus" has now become the new norm for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the future development trend of the catering industry also cannot do without this new form, the new normal. The new era is very fun Internet store, the investment risk is big, so many people choose to join the industry capital investment, as investment securities, in exchange for high returns with low capital, Why not?. Faced with the new form of food and beverage industry development prospects? Presumably everyone in the hearts of the restaurant will be marked with a big question mark? So what is the future development? You will understand after reading.

a word of the next 5 years, the food and beverage industry: there is a popular health, no popularity is dead. Food and beverage business innovation will become the new normal, in addition to the innovation of the goods themselves, for marketing, experience and service requirements will be higher.

trend 1 do not turn fans economy restaurant destined to be eliminated

catering enterprises at this stage of advertising, marketing tools will be ineffective in the next 5 years. For the core consumer’s arrival, not fans gathered the catering enterprises will can’t do anything.

and the future of the Restaurant Restaurant change speed, a variety of emotional logic in line with the experience of the scene burst restaurant growth, the scene into a popular restaurant must be, the trend of the star restaurant, massive fans directly into a premium 8090. IP, stars, fans can gather the most powerful scene.

Beijing feast · movie theme restaurant set video IP, scene, Yan value in one


by Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Huang Bo, Quan Ren, Jing Bairan, He Jiong six star shares of the movie theme restaurant has 5 theme blocks: American cowboy street, Pirates of the dream of space, the Van Gogh cafe, Hepburn garden, Avenue of stars… This set of tourism IP, film star IP, IP a the restaurant, seems to have become a major tourist attractions in Beijing. ? in the form of a block, the restaurant and the private rooms are merged together. There is no strong sense of connection between the gap, but give people a ten step scenery, step by step display of feeling. According to 16 different movies to create a completely different style of private rooms, set the feelings and values in one.

Line Café & Store from store environment to dishes are "Scene"

LineFriends line under the store in addition to a single retail store, but also has a retail store + Cafe complex model. Shanghai stores have two areas used as LINE CAFé dining area, launched a variety of LINE FRIENDS cartoon image dessert, as well as China Limited

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