From 250 million to the debt of the comeback worth by the 10 of these 15 billion 800 million

1. initial venture, equity can not be dispersed

2. team leaders also have a test

second points you to really not sincere, you of your men really are not sincere. If you are not sincere to your subordinates, you will show up in your words and deeds.

3. understand why employees want to do with you

as I would wonder employees, why he was following me? Sometimes there is no substitute, in addition to the emotional factors, he followed you dry the pursuit of what? Carefully listed, can set out dozens of points, but I think the two are the most important: first, his personal income. Whether this past may improve, we ashamed, including when I first venture, always with the enterprise, enterprise culture to downplay the fact is wrong.

it is just for the money, I tell you, I want to get a good income, I want to improve my life, I want to improve my quality of life. Since it is very legitimate, you can put on the desktop to say, when conditions permit should be satisfied with him, how much he contributed to how much you should give him compensation, so the superior must not be able to pick up the lower. Employees should take the money to get him, in addition to the money to get the normal, if he has to contribute, you still have to give special benefits, this is the first point.

4. no airborne troops

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