SYB training to become a network of farmers entrepreneurial charging treasure

today’s social network business has become very common in such a network era of entrepreneurship, migrant workers have also embarked on the road of entrepreneurship around the network, in order to promote the network of migrant workers entrepreneurship, they carried out a series of training and charging.

face "Internet plus" era coming, in recent years, Suqian City, Suyu district to keep pace with the times in the new period, the new situation of farmers’ entrepreneurship network new requirements, after investigation, the positioning of their roles, carry out assists to farmers network business. Up to now, there are more than 2200 entrepreneurs have a network of entrepreneurial aspirations of the network entrepreneurship training, SYB training has become a network of entrepreneurs in Suyu farmers charge treasure".

SYB is the abbreviation of "STARTYOURBUSINESS", meaning "start your business", it is "SIYB" (SIYB) is an important part of a series of training courses, developed by the United Nations International Labour Organization, to have the desire to start their own SMEs friend tailored training programs. How to start a business, how to start their own business, how to plan the budget.


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