Small focus can revitalize small department store business

in order to be able to do a good job in the shop business, and now many operators are constantly efforts, but the effect is not necessarily good. In fact, a small department store, in your small focus. As the saying goes, "many littles make a mickle. just stare at the eyes" not that big business, for the Sundry Goods shop, want to make a big business is not easy, normal operation only by a sum of small business into the. How to focus on small, that is staring at some big stores, stores do not have the energy to do the niche to enhance performance.

, for example, ice cream, ice cream is a kind of seasonal goods, some large retail do this work fine demanding business, but the inside contains a huge profit, conservatively, profit is above 30%, and this kind of commodity sales volume in a certain period of time is special the large, especially in the hot summer, sales is considerable.

but if the sale of the goods, less to 20 Fen a popsicle, more than one or two dollars in ice cream, you have to reserve some of this kind of goods, as long as the storage conditions, such as refrigerators, freezers, would not be "rotten" in the hand, as long as the sale of funds properly, not only turn faster moreover, considerable profits.

but the conditions of small department stores, it is best to put the refrigerator or freezer outside the shop, because the purchase of such goods is very strong randomness, consumers can not see, sales opportunities will be very small. Followed by some children food, if frozen, ham sausage, Zai Zai bar, the consumption of children in this class of goods is relatively large, especially some neighboring residential areas Sundry Goods shop, this is a indispensable sales growth, I store a neighbor school, when school is business or break the most busy now, many children have pocket money, but the money is basically used in terms of food.

whether it is in rural areas, or near the residential area of small department stores, you can take advantage of this, the sales performance. However, it should be noted that these children’s food can not sell those small workshops to do the three noes products, making money is small, once there is a security problem, but it is not worth the candle. In addition, it is easy to overlook some of the others selling goods, such as light bulbs, sockets, screw knife, this kind of commodity sales although usually small, but if lack, consumers will not be so far away places to buy, as long as you have sales, this business is absolutely not "run".

Consumer area

is different from the super wide, Sundry Goods shops are generally rely on neighborhood to survive, to and fro more more, is an acquaintance, don’t forget your passion, to entertainment, to have said, people always say "smiling face shop" no man well, this is also a way of doing things, but also set up shop business management. At the same time, pay attention to stay out of other people’s right and wrong talk, with ears, mouths less, maybe you help shirt Zhang, but.

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