Recommended 9 most profitable classic small business

is now a lot of people want to join the venture, investment business is currently the most profitable projects. Now a little money on the people who want to do a little business, but because I do not know what to do, many people have no money to vote. Would like to do a little business to make money, then take a look at Xiaobian for you to recommend the following 9 classic money to do it! There are many ways to make money, want to find a suitable own really have to spend some money.

1, imported food store prices low, high profit

2, Double-Layer Steamed Milk shop, a year net profit of about 200000

4, infant supplies stores, high threshold, more successful

brand shop

inadvertently. The investment threshold shop to join the infant mostly from less than 100 thousand yuan increased to 15 in case of 250 thousand yuan. Want to do a little business to make money? According to a Beijing based brand introduction, in recent years the infant supplies market fire, but investors are becoming increasingly complex, is not conducive to the cultivation of the brand; therefore, it is necessary to raise the threshold, in order to ensure the healthy development of the industry. From 2009>

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