How to plan their own business sector planning Entrepreneurship

venture, for the initial entry into which the people in terms of good or bad, halfway into the people worth mentioning, is a huge and difficult project, we need to explore a good excavation. It is also important to plan well and do well.

A, "steel" module.

two, "storage" module.

entrepreneurs must have the ability to market survival and development, and the ability of accumulation is not easy, need to reserve and training. Entrepreneurs can be a list of their own ability to analyze the table, list five of the necessary skills to start their own businesses, targeted to participate in entrepreneurship training, and do a good job of the ability to assess the stage, so as to effectively enhance the entrepreneurial ability.

three, opening module.


this module is to find suitable projects, identify the market entry point. Open the project to determine, we must integrate their own resources, including experience and contacts, and do a good job of the project’s leading, competitive, operational analysis, identify the unique market entry point.

four, survival module.

five, help module.

when encountered difficulties in the business, to have recourse to consciousness. Many successful entrepreneurs have this experience, it is difficult to succeed alone, sometimes may wish to seek help from around, including loved ones, friends, fellow students, classmates, and even competitors. In addition, entrepreneurs have to learn to actively use the effective recourse of public resources, for example, the Shanghai business center to provide counseling services.

six, frustrated module.

The ten percent off wave of chairman Zhou Renzhong entrepreneurial process

seven, cooperation module.

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