RT mart is how to run fast

in our lives around, often can see a lot of super withdrawal, after all, now the major supermarkets are facing fierce competition. Nowadays, in the electricity supplier, such as the siege of the external forces, some physical retailers have lamented business difficult to do. But there is such a retailer – RT Mart has run fast, opened 19 years has never closed a store.

follow the success of this store, perhaps you can find the reasons behind its success, to the vast number of retail customers, especially to open chain stores to inspire them to make detours.

location. The industry has a word, do a shop, the first is the site, second is the site, the site is still third. Visible location plays a vital role in store sales. Darunfa location concept is: careful selection, patient. "It’s not as good as it is," he said". The president personally to field research, a detailed understanding of the local market conditions before the final decision, and once you have to insist on opening. Their rent is always the lowest in the industry because of the longer lease. This opens up a very good profit base for the opening of new stores.

best management concept. Every open a shop, Darunfa will form a rich experience in marketing and management team, into the store management business intelligence down to the new store operation, thus ensuring the store opened at a very high level.

fixed suction gold area. RT Mart in major cities, will form such a phenomenon: RT Mart where to open, the local business district will then heat up. Some fixed businesses will follow RT mart, such as kfc.

how to form such a suction gold business? An employee who has worked for many years in RT Mart revealed that in 2003, when the industry is using the membership card to attract users, RT Mart on the membership system, delivery system and the transfer system all get through. Membership card free of charge, but to fill in the details of the home address and telephone, in order to enjoy a lower membership price. RT Mart these information into the system, the surrounding area is divided into several areas, such as ABCD, the opening of the shuttle bus to the district every day shuttle shopping. A month down, compared to the performance of several areas, the final ranking of the selected area, the next month will be tilted to the area of the shuttle bus back to the passenger flow. Rely on accurate consumer positioning, RT mart to ensure a stable passenger flow.

affordable first. Cheap, close to the masses is the most important. RT mart is facing the mass consumer groups, daily consumer goods discount rate is higher, it is more like uncle aunt’s vegetable market. In order to allow consumers to enjoy the most affordable price, for some daily consumer goods such as washing powder, milk, eggs, etc.. Supermarkets often appear in the queue to buy eggs, the phenomenon of inexpensive consumers. Other commodity prices are set

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