Tracking Taihu spam incident

some time ago we all have reproduced the relevant network of Taihu garbage stole down event. At that time, the situation is mainly in the Shanghai area of construction waste was transported to Jiangsu, a large number of stolen goods in Taihu. Next, the reporter learned from the Suzhou municipal government of Jiangsu 27, concern, Taihu garbage theft incident, the 19 suspects were arrested. The following and small series of specific understanding.

7 1, located in Suzhou City, Wuzhong District province Taihu Jinting town of Jiangsu forced isolation treatment of large area surrounding found stealing garbage, has aroused close attention from all walks of life.

as of now, the event handling made progress, stealing garbage were all transported and realize harmless treatment, dumping site has to carry out ecological restoration; the 19 suspects have been arrested, the other suspects are in full pursuit.

in order to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents, the Suzhou municipal government issued the "opinions" on strengthening the control of transit junk defense, clear local garbage is not allowed to enter Suzhou, any unit and individual shall not enter the agreement signed garbage.

for strict control of foreign garbage flowing again, Suzhou will set up a command, the deputy mayor of the city sanitation departments, closely cooperate with relevant departments of the joint prevention and control system. The sea, marine transportation, marine police, public security joint law enforcement departments, strict qualification verification of the ship and crew transportation enterprises, and cut off the water smuggling channels; land, to the traffic police, urban management and law enforcement, transport and other departments, to investigate and punish the illegal transport of vehicles and driver behavior. In addition, Suzhou terminal disposal sites strict approval procedures, without the consent of a waste disposal sites.

in daily life, whether it is domestic wastes, or building waste, we each need to deal with and manage their garbage, handle their own waste, every city basic obligations. However, in the face of some opportunistic molecules, the dumping of garbage to the provinces to go, is very irresponsible! Society as a whole, regardless of a city, is a part of the motherland, the protection of the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

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