How to open the road to get rich at low cost

can be said that most of the brands are from the beginning of the small brand developed slowly, entrepreneurship is very magical, entrepreneurship is a lot of people to get rich first, but for inexperienced entrepreneurs, need to start small, only step by step growth, in order to achieve business success. So, in 2014 in the end what are the entrepreneurial model is low investment, low risk? Friends who are interested, go to see it with the small series.

side while doing poineering work

has just graduated from college, out of school, as a boss, a store of his own, for their own work, which of course is the dream of most scholars, however, the school had no money, the money can not find the project, the project has no experience, how to do? While working side entrepreneurship, which is the most realistic choice.

Xiao Jing in the University during the school’s decoration design speciality, in her own words, the most suitable for their own professional companies, most can also set up a design studio, do some advertising what, but, in addition to her to understand technology, typesetting, image processing software is very familiar, for business it is utterly ignorant of.

she’s graphic design work full-time in a large Outdoor Advertising Company, after work, often guest about advertising salesman, because knowledge of the design, in the advertisement at the same time, to be able to provide customers with very professional advice, so many customers to win. "I even like the industry, of course, mainly operating."

she told reporters. Now, after more than a year of advertising, she is preparing for her own studio. Have to start from the most basic." She told reporters. Practice is the best teacher, if you do not have practical experience, may wish to determine their entrepreneurial goals, to find an internship base, while working side entrepreneurship.

rent a stall venture

Zhang graduated from the university after graduation assigned to a unit of work, but she was not satisfied with the kind of rigid work, and decided to resign. She is young and beautiful, tall, like a model, she seems to have a natural preference for clothing. After careful consideration, she decided to sell clothes.

rent their own room? No, too expensive, in the city to rent a small street facade, rent about one hundred thousand yuan a year, which has just started her, it is powerless. Later, the city and a large shopping mall renovation of external stalls.

rent is also very high, but compared to their own rental housing, or cheaper, but also to accept. So, she spent 50 thousand yuan to rent a booth. Because the mall management of the quality of goods on the medium, attracted a large number of customers, very popular, she recommended

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