Sugar free food to join the new opportunities in the health industry

the number of patients with diabetes in China is rising year by year, they need to pay special attention to the food, sugar free food franchise business is getting better and better. Sugar free food stores that mainly sell sugar free food stores. Sugar free food in the international general concept, that contain sugar and starch sugar, but must contain a kind of sugar substitute sugar alcohols (such as xylitol, maltitol, sorbitol, mannitol, etc.) instead of using high fold sweeteners such as saccharin production of sweet food.


According to the national standard


1. to meet the dietary needs of diabetic patients.

2. logistics advanced, direct way to reduce costs.

advanced logistics mode to ensure delivery of product accessibility, can be the first time to transport the goods to the operator, while the formation of direct supply network radiation to the district and county more than three hundred stores, replacing the cumbersome layers of agents. Perfect direct delivery, direct, reducing the intermediate links and reduce costs, so that the interests of operators to maximize.

according to the latest national epidemiology: in the 20-70 age of the population, the proportion of pre diabetes population was 15%. Men were higher than women, and children with type 2 diabetes were growing at an annual rate of 10%. A small population of 500 thousand people as a sample, according to the national average incidence rate of 6%, there are about 30 thousand people with diabetes. Even if only 10% of the food and beverage stores in the market share, sales can be as high as $3 million.

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