Need to pay attention to the problem of opening a chocolate shop

modern consumers are still very concerned about the chocolate products, so choose to open a chocolate shop is a good idea. What are the issues that need to be paid attention to in a professional shop? Many novice investors are not very clear, then quickly learn it, you can not miss a good opportunity.

/ step method

1 investment budget: store need not too big, generally about 30 square meters, the monthly rent in 2000-3000, do not need too luxurious decoration, simple decoration, can rent book shops, which can save the cost of renovation. Materials and equipment about budget at about 8000-10000, the need to do about 2000-3000 yuan, the total cost of 30000-50000. The annual income of more than 60 thousand conservative to be considered, that is, less than a year to recover the cost, then the net profit of the

!How to run the business:

3 note: chocolate shops are mostly young people, in the area of the site, try to choose among young people intensive place, near the university is most appropriate; around Valentine’s day to do some exercise, do some promotion, especially on Valentine’s day, there must be, in peacetime can also have a membership so, not only can accumulate a large number of old customers, have certain profit, in the development of new customers, or because of a good reputation.



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