Join the brand discount store to uphold the principle of fly

modern people know Taohuo, brand clothing is too expensive, so the popular brand discount store has a special liking, and many entrepreneurs have opened a brand discount store to get rich, in fact brand discount store choice to walk.

These features are

is very attractive to entrepreneurs, but to the successful operation, should pay attention to two aspects: one is the selection of headquarters; two is to understand the brand discount store operation, and headquarters coordination. In this paper, the shoes to join the discount, for example, on how to choose the main points to do a successful introduction.

– how to investigate and select the headquarters of

to see if there are advantages of origin

at the warehouse

in foreign countries, a discount shoe warehouse operators have at least 100 thousand pairs of shoes in stock, in order to meet the demand of the supply of one hundred or two hundred stores. So, before joining the investors, we must go to the warehouse operations of the company personally to view, count inventory, look at the brand and material.

Look at the price of

1, discount shoes price is very advantageous, but the company said the price is too cheap, it can not be trusted, because there will be no free lunch.

2, investors to discount shoes operating headquarters visits, we should pay attention to see if each pair of shoes are marked price, is not leather. But also depends on the price of his board room, the price of the warehouse, the price of the three online is not uniform.

3, when you look at the operation of the company’s online price, whether the leather, the number of goods and whether the price tag. If he does not let you see the price on the Internet, and even the shoes in the board room is not clearly marked price, then no matter what he explained for any reason to doubt!

discount shoes headquarters must be professional only shoes, because shoes discount headquarters operations than even loyal brand operation is more complex. Similarly, the headquarters of various other brands discount stores must be professional.

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