What are the advantages of investing in Nagano Ramen

Japanese people have a kind of spirit widely praised by the world, that is, focus, no matter what to do, the spirit of the Japanese spirit of admiration, take to do catering:

Nagano Hand-Pulled Noodle founder Mr. Matsui Ro served in the Yokohama Chinatown Hand-Pulled Noodle learning skills, then tonkotsu Hand-Pulled Noodle in Japan more fire, Mr. Matsui Ro learned the essence formula tonkotsu Hand-Pulled Noodle, believes that "good good good achievement soup" concept, and constantly improve and develop, deploy a more healthy, more famous taste level rich Hand-Pulled Noodle, Nagano, a Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle well-known brand, deeply respected and loved by local residents.

investment advantage:

1, Nagano Ramen will make full use of the successful experience of international chain, combined with the actual situation of China’s development. At the same time, taking into account the Chinese food and beverage consumption level factors, the development of a set of investment, low risk, high profit investment model.

2, the risk is small, there are Ramen shops everywhere in Japan, every family business is hot. After entering the Chinese market, a full set of training, marketing, integrated management model to promote the introduction of Nagano ramen, while the use of highly popular Nagano Ramen trademark. Japanese snack in China is currently part of a business, bone soup with competitive in the China also no one can copy.

3, low cost, bone soup and Qianwei powder is a large-scale production, the cost is much lower than the soup, but more nutritious, a bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle smooth Nagano costs only 2 or so, is the common people who Hand-Pulled Noodle nutrition can bear.

4, Nagano Ramen (China) joined the headquarters of the market through research and analysis, developed a plan for China’s development. According to the type of investment, investment scale, market environment, consumption level, regional characteristics, introduced the A franchise building area 180 square meters above the China investors (including 180 square meters), B stores the building area 180 square meters, the two store types for all types of investors to choose.

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