Vice chairman of Xiamen CPPCC cloud smart Valley ndustrial Park

to support the management of activities carried out smoothly, everywhere in the construction of the business park, with the way of the platform to give more comprehensive helping entrepreneurs. Characteristics of the park can effectively use the local advantages of resources for entrepreneurs to provide one-stop public service.

members suggested to highlight the characteristics of park planning and construction, investment enterprises should pay attention to the relevance, increase the viscosity between enterprises, so that the park has gathered effect. To meet the needs of the development of software and hardware, improve innovation and entrepreneurship platform, and create a good cultural environment, consistent with the provision of quality services to enterprises. Park and entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity to make full use of the city’s various departments at all levels to support the introduction of entrepreneurship, innovation package of good policies to accelerate their development. Relevant departments to help the park planning and construction, safety management, improve transportation, health and other ancillary services.

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