How to promote the flower shop through the media

in such an era, any industry has already had a number of operators, if you do not do publicity, waiting for customers to come, it seems that the business is not very good. However, if you want to better publicity, naturally also need to help the media, but many shops do not know how to promote the media. So, how to promote the flower shop through the media?

the florist can also take the initiative to the media contribute, introduce some small flowers, flower and flower of knowledge. Many flower shop is through the cooperation with the media and benefit. Many flower shop owners often forget that this almost can not be said to be a good way to promote. Here to remind you again, if necessary, to operate as soon as possible in this regard, the success of the case, the effect is no less expensive than advertising.

had a flower shop owner, on Valentine’s day I entered a batch of "BLUELOVER" rose. In order to better sell these roses, specially he published an article "special love for special you on Valentine’s Day", the paper specifically mentioned the "BLUELOVER" represents the world’s most pure and most noble, the most warm and lasting love.

Valentine’s Day is a lot of people do not hesitate to spend a lot of time table, the flowers are standing items. Through this campaign beforehand, "BLUELOVER" sales of natural needless to say, the Lord also took the opportunity to promote their own shop. In Beijing during the period of SARS, a Beijing Florist also use their brains to the newspaper "to do Aifan" at home, a lot of people at that time did not dare to meet frequently out of the house, and the psychological desire to get close to nature, and to bring some florist business.

of course, these articles need to write the owner of both flowers, flowers, etc. have a wealth of knowledge, but also have their own ideas and views. This article is written to have the power to impress people. In the writing between the lines, to grasp the quality of lyric and advertising. Grasp the scale, and then find the release of the media and time, you can receive a good advertising effect.

addition, it is also important to meet the media. A florist met a local television reporter in a chance, chat, the boss suddenly realized that now flower consumption has increasingly become a fashion symbol, but the life in the media sector, but the lack of such resources. Thus, the flower shop owner and the reporter quickly with a small program related to flowers. As a result, after the television broadcast, the florist suddenly fire.

owners must establish a "initiative" awareness, not just sitting in the shop, thinking about how to better shop layout, but to find ways to let others see their good. Good relations with the mass media is very important to cooperate with the media, much better than the media to hit a lot of advertising costs much better. The owner should always pay attention to the accumulation of media

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