How to operate the business can not be slack season

is not only the shop, many enterprises will also have peak seasons, but if you can take the right business strategy, even in the off-season, can do the same off-season, the key is the use of natural business strategy. In short, to the off-season, corporate income reduction, market risk increases, some small and medium enterprises are more than the winter season but the collapse of the off-season. Most small and medium enterprises are ignored when the off-season marketing and management of enterprises, in fact, the market downturn, the most important business needs to operate. So in the industry market into the off-season, how to operate the off-season, in order to make the enterprise off-season is not light, still have a huge income, at least let the enterprise smoothly through the winter season?

Two main work

the business activities between internal management and external marketing, the author provides some suggestions from two aspects of internal management and external marketing, and correct some enterprise management, in the off-season several errors easily into marketing work, for enterprises to face market off-season should be slightly help.

1, reasonable call manpower

some companies to the off-season it slashed staff, to reduce expenses, until the season in a lot of recruiting, it appears to be saving some manpower cost, but the enterprise is not always stable, such enterprises to have two problems:

(1) staff is not strong sense of belonging for personnel mobility, causes the staff jittery, no sense of security, this attitude is very hard to devote himself to work, and even produce periodic mood swings in industry market will enter the off-season, employees are not working, whisper about who may be dismissed although, the employee only a minority, but this kind of atmosphere will affect all members of the organization are unable to continue to work, for the enterprise long-term stable development is clearly unfavorable.

(2) professional skills of staff instability — because staff turnover is too large, just to work on the left post, lead to enterprise production technology is difficult to improve and do fine, leaving no experience, no one is willing to unpredictable tomorrow and carefully study the professional skills. New managers or other employees also need to adapt to the company’s culture and business model, which will adversely affect the enterprise.

to solve these two problems should adopt a differentiated approach with technology and experience and need professional jobs easily do not change, because the couple took over this post will be a period of adjustment, and the adjustment period can produce the value of labor is very low, the frequent replacement of employees will greatly improve the operating cost. Rather than technical repetitive work can be used in the form of temporary work or piece of outsourcing, in order to reduce costs.

2, strengthen staff training

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