TOYOTA’s green business philosophy is worth learning from

haze is more and more serious, now environmental protection has become the focus of public attention, the automobile industry is also carrying on the reform, is to follow the development needs of the times, and Guangzhou TOYOTA innovative business ideas to inspire peers unlimited.

in the face of global warming, China continuously go green low-carbon road to the world. This year’s "2025" Chinese manufacturing, one of the basic principles mentioned green development, pointed out that adhere to sustainable development as an important focal point of building manufacturing powerhouse, strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection technology, process, equipment application, full implementation of cleaner production. China is speeding up the development of recycling economy, improve the efficiency of resource recycling, build a green manufacturing system, take the road of ecological civilization.

auto industry and environment, as an important member of Chinese automobile industry, Guangzhou TOYOTA since 2004 will uphold the principle of "beautiful building, the concept of social responsibility smile and win-win", the sustainable development look far ahead from a high plane as a priority among priorities, to build Chinese NO.1 enterprises as the goal, to establish a "low carbon factory", "low carbon products", "low carbon channel" three-in-one low carbon development model, the concept of green business throughout the production, sales, spare parts supply every step, fully practice the sustainable development of automobile products "," sustainable development of social commonweal activities "model of development to build a green industry chain.

eleven years, Guangzhou TOYOTA adhere to green innovation, continue to introduce a variety of advanced environmental protection equipment, continuous green plant construction, reached world leading level of energy saving and emission reduction, wastewater treatment and other aspects, in front of building energy-saving and new energy automotive products has also been in the industry.

in the construction of green industry chain, Guangzhou TOYOTA Everfount through innovative power, in order to achieve sustainable development.

Green Innovation

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