Xiamen how to make small workshops become regular army

in our market of small workshops is emerge in an endless stream. Although to some extent, to meet the needs of the consumers, but people have to worry about the quality of the products, for consumers to eat more healthy, Xiamen for small businesses to carry out rectification. Yesterday morning, the city’s food workshops demonstration site demonstrations held in Tongan, market supervision and Management Bureau and the District Bureau responsible person, the staff to visit the small workshops to improve the Tongan situation, exchange of experience.

it is reported that since last September, I announced the "Xiamen food workshops allow the production and processing of Food Directory (the first batch)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Food Directory"), small workshops formally incorporated into the scope of approval specification, as of now, the city has 36 processing small workshops, Tong’an District accounted for 22. Recommended in the city’s 15 small workshops demonstration sites, Tongan District accounted for a total of 8, small workshops remediation work significantly.

"the cafeteria is more willing to cooperate with us"

as Tongan District, the first to obtain food production and processing of small workshops in Fujian production and processing conditions of the approval of the small workshop, Chen leisurely food processing plant is the focus of observation group to observe the object. The reporter saw in the factory on the table, neatly stocked with a finished product warehousing ledger, purchase ledger, sales ledger, product inspection report; the "Fujian province small food production and processing workshop production and processing conditions of approval certificate" posted in the most conspicuous place; the production room, staff dressed in white work clothes will make the cold noodle bagging packing; finished room, the cold noodle packing bag emblazoned with "food Square No. 3502120001st".

, we have only 2000 kg per day, get the card, some canteens, restaurants are more willing to cooperate with us, and now have a daily output of 5000 pounds!" Chen leisurely food processing factory owner Zheng Xiaping said happily.

help create food safety city

card, standard first, since the introduction of "food" directory, Tong’an District to act quickly, immediately making small workshop work plan, determine the "government leading, precise guidance, strict supervision, demonstration of advocacy of" four guiding principles, assigned responsibility for promoting the small workshop to complete transformation, achieve gorgeous turn.

next, Tongan District will continue to strengthen the food safety law and other laws and regulations of the publicity, to introduce the application of small food workshop owners approval certificate, accreditation procedures, application conditions, etc.. And to obtain permits a small workshop to strengthen the daily supervision; the existence of outstanding risks, take necessary measures, continuously improve food safety management level of small workshops; on the use of non food raw materials, ultra ultra limited use of food additives, the manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy food and other illegal activities, severely punished, not recommended

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