No venture fund how to start a business

really want to start a business, but there is no venture fund how to do? For now the business to join in terms of business, it is not a simple thing is not easy, but the day without the way people, or someone can find a way out.


is such a sale of second-hand shop, you can often see on TV or at the end of the movie it’s name: Milan station, Yao Junda is the founder and President of it. No money how to start a business, it is the main destination for mainland tourists to visit Hongkong – Huang Rui is one of them. What kind of small business, one afternoon in 2009 9 months, with $1 million 300 thousand in cash, Huang Rui into Milan station is located in the Tongluowan Times Square shop, saw in the window set their own the ostrich leather diamond B>

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