Six characteristics of modern commercial exhibition

in modern society, some of the investment in the development of exhibition activities, also appeared a lot of new changes, the formation of some of the characteristics of their own, especially since twenty-first Century, the whole domestic investment exhibition activities become increasingly frequent.

modern Expo is showcasing similar enterprises, and similar products, with strong agglomeration, instantaneity, competition and radiation. Large exhibition is the best place to collect business information and seek business opportunities. During the exhibition, the strong competitors of similar companies, learn from each other, seek cooperation, but also competing each other thoroughly.

1, clustering. Exhibition is the gathering of industrial information and similar products in time and space. Due to professional buyers and goods can be found rapidly and highly concentrated, such as product, price, market transfer and industrial development and other aspects of the information, this is the show significant difference in the market characteristics and one of the supermarkets.

Concentration of

modern business development, determines the urban industry characteristics inherent to the exhibition industry. Therefore, only the modern big city, have the infrastructure needed to global industrial division, communication, only large city have the industry and economy of scale, in order to participate in the global exhibition city competition. 2010 Shanghai World Expo theme is "Better  city, Better  life". Similarly, we can say "  Better  C& E, Better  city" (exhibition makes the city better). The modern commercial exhibition requires that the host city has good facilities, which can improve the urban infrastructure and promote the prosperity of the city.

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