What are the small business note

although small venture, investment risk greatly reduced a lot, but also need us to go to business, how to be able to succeed in business?

1: first of all to do their own things: This is very important, any project in any industry     not three days two days can be figured out, don’t want to be too simple an industry, relevant industry experience is very important, if you are in a field of unfamiliar people, no matter how much money not to follow suit, you follow   may be the stepping stone of others.

2: the objective evaluation of their own: do not blindly feel oneself are very able, it seems that what they are clear, in fact, a person’s strengths and expertise is limited, and often deceived by their own, you have to objectively evaluate themselves, will be the main   let your friends tell you family     you are extrovert or introvert? Whether to endure hardship? Whether to lay down their face? Do you have good presentation skills? Is there a good psychological endurance? Is it suitable to work independently? Suitable for dependence? Are you an optimist? Is there a strong self-control? Wait。 Only when these investigations are made clear by  , can we understand what kind of person we are.

3: do not do high-tech and immature market sectors: these industries tend to look considerable profits, in fact, the threshold is also very high, the small venture capital support is difficult to adhere to so long until the success.

4: not the best partnership: small business partnership (excluding relatives) do not speak,   theory; good team spirit, good cooperation, are plausible, small business without cooperation, it is best to do alone, otherwise, you will spend a lot of energy in the business place. This may sound wrong, but the actual operation of the   is correct. You’d rather hire an employee,   don’t be a partner.

5: a very strong executive power: business ideas and planning is a short process, after is meaningless the execution stage, this stage is not you imagine the fun and challenging things, on the contrary, it is very troublesome thing, do not need to discharge. For example, opened a shop, you need to adhere to the promotion and update   a lot of people insist on half a year   therefore, all the chain ideas, join strategy, bigger ideas are empty talk.

6: let your family support you: This is also very important, entrepreneurship is not you one thing, you are one family thing, is your friend circle all things, because you start   will affect their lives, if they don’t understand   don’t support   you are cannot clap with one hand. Insist on not giving up.

I hope this note sounded an alarm to

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