How to open the whole network of small teahouse for you

how to open the teahouse teahouse? Now in many areas of our country are developing market, with people of all ages of tea, opened the teahouse is a good investment projects, so, how to open the teahouse many people don’t understand, you may wish to know about all the options, see the majority of people are open what

kind of tea!

opened the first step of the teahouse location problem is very important. At present, 38.8% of Beijing tea shop opened in the downtown business district, with a total of 22.2% tea

Museum opened in the upscale community, the park opened the teahouse accounted for only 5.5%. Tea is a rich place of consumption, to be opened in the rich area, Beijing, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Dongcheng District, a relatively large number of tea.

in the teahouse of the style of decoration, 75% of the most comprehensive style of teahouse, teahouse with European style, Chinese style and Japanese style rooms, a comprehensive style is the most popular Beijing teahouse teahouse decoration style.

in investment background, state-owned investment accounted for 12.5%, private investment accounted for 87.5%. The first purpose of state-owned enterprises to invest in tea is to serve the enterprise. Private investment, the proportion of partnership investment is slightly higher than the individual investment.

in the teahouse of the investment area, the teahouse in Beijing area, 100 – 300 square meters is the main, accounting for 44.4%; 300 – 500 square meters accounted for 16.6%; more than 500 square meters accounted for 23.4%; while 100 square meters is only 15.6%.

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