How to pay attention to the Exhibition etiquette during the exhibition

is now the country will hold a series of exhibitions, at the same time in the process of organizing the whole exhibition, in fact, some of the Exhibition etiquette is very important, it relates to the success or failure of the whole show, so what is the Exhibition etiquette? How to pay attention to the Exhibition etiquette in life.

An exhibition Exhibition etiquette

What is the

Planning Exhibition etiquette

etiquette planning is a professional planning company through careful planning, provide the most perfect design activities to participate in the exhibition company. It includes booth, booth layout of the hardware, and with all kinds of sound, light and electricity; software promotion activities, Exhibition etiquette model training and packaging, to maximize the advantages of the company’s performance out. The main purpose of the company to participate in the exhibition is to improve the visibility of the company to attract customers to discuss cooperation in the minds of customers to establish a good brand image. But the precondition for achieving these goals must first attract as many people as possible. Exhibitors usually give this glorious and arduous task to the Exhibition etiquette planning company.


(two) of the whole ceremonial activities through the information planning. For example, to achieve the effect of film and television, the effect of interpretation, dubbing, etc.;

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