ntroduction to the waiter’s service etiquette

Chinese is very love tea, tea can be said to be the God to give us Chinese gift, we also often go to the teahouse, the teahouse service personnel and service personnel in other areas is also not the same, the etiquette requirements are more stringent, so, the teahouse service personnel service etiquette, small make up for you to introduce a simple introduction of


considering the dynamic changes in the landscape, the teahouse scene more entertaining, more beautiful, so in the recruitment work teahouse service personnel selection, looks correct, slim, elegant, generous young women, it is very important, if there are several tea a born beauty miss, many people are willing to. Tea tea.

no need for reticence adult male as guests, tea, and recruit some looks correct girl can meet the psychological needs of people to watch. With the inspiration of the above landscape, teahouse owners can be more colorful and dynamic landscape changes. Such as the design of a variety of tea performances; equipped with tea clothing; standardized training teahouse service staff movements, gestures, expressions, service reception terms; tea training, improve service quality of service personnel.

The movement, posture, facial expression and etiquette of

teahouse service staff are the important contents of the dynamic landscape of tea house. Because of the variability of these factors, the dynamic landscape is more colorful. In terms of movement such as smooth, gentle stretching, skillful fingering delicate, graceful posture; in the aspects such as the correct instrument appearance, graceful, dignified and elegant, God will leisure, elegant and natural harmony of body language.

expression is hospitable, with a smile, easy-going, and pay attention to a proper extent; reception services, self-controlled, refined and courteous polite. These contents may be interpreted as a model of elegant culture, can become the main content of tea cultural and artistic atmosphere.

the tea service is very important, if you want to engage in this aspect of the business, we must pay more attention to the teahouse service, in order to improve the management, in accordance with the types of teahouses and unique skills, skills, etc.. Such as tea habit is carrying a teapot water, but someone put two big teapot tea, two people feel interesting, creating distinctive landscape, the teahouse scene content is very rich.

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