USS TR Promotes CPOs

first_img View post tag: promotes View post tag: USS TR View post tag: CPOs Back to overview,Home naval-today USS TR Promotes CPOs View post tag: Naval The U.S. Navy chief petty officer rank dates back to 1893 when the Navy first created the chief petty officer pay-grade, marks a turning-point in an enlisted Sailor’s career. Each freshly pinned chief will take on a role of greater authority and responsibility.During CPO 365 Phase Two, a year-long training program that prepares first class petty officers to become chiefs, senior leaders challenged the new chiefs to improve as leaders and mentors.Following the ceremony, fellow CPOs and Sailors congratulated each newly pinned chief. These Sailors’ transition into the Chiefs’ Mess is complete.[mappress]Press Release, September 17, 2014; Image: US Navy View post tag: americas View post tag: Navy Share this article View post tag: News by topic Authorities September 17, 2014 View post tag: Theodore Roosevelt Twenty Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) donned the khaki uniform for the first time as chief petty officers (CPO) during a chief pinning ceremony in the ship’s hangar bay, Sept. 16. USS TR Promotes CPOslast_img read more

Record Board of Ocean City Flooding and Chart of 2015 Storms

first_imgStreet flooding at Third Street and West Avenue during a December 2014 nor’easter.There are two common questions on a barrier island with little elevation to hold back a rising tide: “How bad is it going to be?” and “How bad was it?”For 2015, OCNJ Daily is going to give its best shot at providing information to help folks answer both queries about storm flooding.We’ve transcribed a record board to provide context on historic flood levels in Ocean City  — many in recent memory. And we’ll add 2015 storms to a chart to see how they compare. We’ll also try to give as much unembellished forecast information as possible when there’s a legitimate threat of flooding.(Bookmark our chart.)The questions are not purely intellectual. Property owners, residents and visitors often need reliable information to protect vehicles and structures from flood damage.The questions are not always easy to answer. A July 10 (2014) rain storm, for instance, arrived on a not-particularly-high tide (2.76 feet NAVD88) but dumped more than four inches of rain on Ocean City in a few hours (while other areas nearby saw less than 2 inches of rain). With nowhere for the water to drain, the island saw street flooding comparable to that of a nor’easter earlier this month with a tide of 4.52 feet.The best tool for making consistent comparisons is a tide gauge at the Bayside Center in Ocean City on the bay between Fifth and Sixth streets. The solar-powered gauge was installed on May 3, 2011, and it reports tide levels in real time (and historically) on the NAVD88 scale, which is now used by FEMA to determine the “base flood elevations” for safe construction and low federal flood insurance rates.See and bookmark the tide gauge at the Bayside Center in Ocean City, NJ.(The NGVD 1929 datum is the scale that appears on most flood elevation certificates in Ocean City, and the Mean Low Water — MLW — scale is commonly used in weather forecasts. They appear with NAVD88 in the record chart below.)Superstorm Sandy brought the highest recorded water levels in Ocean City (7.25 feet NAVD88) and the FEMA now recommends building elevated homes at 8, 9 or 10 feet on the same scale, depending on where in Ocean City properties are located.The following record chart is from information compiled by the City of Ocean City Engineering Department and is based on readings from the new Bayside Center tide gauge and historically from flood markings made at Wallace Hardware at Eighth Street and West Avenue.The new chart will try to add rainfall and wind information to reported tide levels to help create a resource that might help create a knowledge base on how future storms could affect the island.[table caption=”Ocean City Record Flood Levels” width=”900″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]Date,Storm Name,NAVD1988,MLW,NGVD1929,Notes10/29/12,Superstorm Sandy,7.25,10.02,8.50,Hybrid Cat 1 hurricane/winter storm makes landfall 12 miles north of O.C. on full-moon tide. 6.72 inches of rain in Beesley’s Point. Top O.C. wind gust 70.2 mph. But calm winds in eye of storm spare O.C. during highest tide.9/15/44,1944 Hurricane,6.65,9.42,7.90,Cat 2 hurricane destroys Jersey Shore on way to landfall on Long Island.3/6/62 to 3/8/62,Storm of ‘62,6.35,9.12,7.60,Three-day nor’easter batters Ocean City with 25-foot seas and 80+ mph winds.12/11/92,December ’92 Nor’easter,6.23,9.00,7.48,Slow-moving nor’easter with 80 mph winds caused the most flooding since the Storm of ’62.10/31/91,The Perfect Storm,6.00,8.77,7.25,Author Sebastian Junger dubbed the merger of Hurricane Grace and a massive nor’easter “The Perfect Storm.” It destroyed parts of the boardwalk in Ocean City.9/27/85,Hurricane Gloria,5.75,8.52,7.00,Cat 1 hurricane hits the Outer Banks then Long Island11/11/09 to 11/14/09, November 2009 Nor’easter,5.25,8.02,6.50,Three-day nor’easter levels dunes at the north end of the island[/table][table caption=”2014-2015 Storms” width=”900″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left|left”]Date,Storm Name,NAVD1988,Rainfall,Top Winds,Notes12/9/14,December 2014 Nor’easter,4.52,2.08 in.,36 mph,Flooding from a winter nor’easter closed Ocean City schools — but heavy overnight rain stopped before morning high tide.[/table]Note: Rainfall and wind information in the 2014-2015 chart is from official readings at Atlantic City International Airport. For future storms, we’ll try to obtain local information for Ocean City.__________Sign up for OCNJ Daily’s free newsletter and breaking news alerts“Like” us on Facebooklast_img read more

Helping kids to feel good

first_imgThe Feel Good Drinks Company is launching a new range of soft drinks aimed at kids. The fruity range, called Feel Good Kids, will initially feature Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry; Orange, Pineapple and Banana; and Blackcurrant, Apple and Grape varieties.The 250ml bottles are made of 2/3 juice and 1/3 water and contain no added sugar.”There’s currently a massive gap in the kids market for an offering that ticks all the boxes with mums and kids,” said marketing director and co-founder of The Feel Good Drinks Company Steve Cooper. “Feel Good Kids directly fills this space.”The launch plan includes sampling, digital, in-store point of sale and an intensive PR campaign.RRP: £1.20 []last_img read more

Breathing easier with lung regeneration

first_imgGuided by insights into how mice recover after H1N1 flu, researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, together with researchers at A*STAR of Singapore, have cloned three distinct stem cells from the human airways and demonstrated that one of these cells can form into the lung’s alveoli air sac tissue. What’s more, the researchers showed that these same lung stem cells are rapidly deployed in a dynamic process of lung regeneration to combat damage from infection or chronic disease.“These findings suggest new cell- and factor-based strategies for enhancing lung regeneration following acute damage from infection, and even in chronic conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis,” said Frank McKeon, professor of cell biology at Harvard Medical School (HMS). Other senior authors on the paper include Wa Xian of the Institute of Medical Biology in Singapore and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Christopher Crum, director of women’s and perinatal pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The researchers worked as part of an international consortium involving scientists from Singapore and France.The findings will be reported in the Oct. 28 issue of Cell.For many years, clinicians have observed that patients who survive acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a form of airway damage involving wholesale destruction of large regions of lung tissue, often recover considerable pulmonary function within six to 12 months. But researchers did not know whether that recovery was due to lung regeneration or to some other kind of adaptive remodeling.“This study helps clear up the uncertainty,” said McKeon. “We have found that the lungs do in fact have a robust potential for regeneration, and we’ve identified the specific stem cells responsible.”To probe the potential for lung regeneration, Xian, McKeon, and colleagues infected mice with a sublethal dosage of a virulent strain of H1N1 influenza A virus. After two weeks of infection, these mice showed a loss of nearly 60 percent of tissue in the lung air sacs, but — remarkably — by three months, the lungs appeared completely normal by all histological criteria.These findings demonstrated true lung regeneration, but raised the question of the nature of the stem cells underlying this regenerative process.Adapting the methods for cloning epidermal skin stem cells pioneered by Howard Green, the George Higginson Professor of Cell Biology at HMS and the 2010 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize recipient, the researchers cloned stem cells from the lung airway in a dish and watched as they differentiated to unusual structures with gene profiles similar to alveoli, the cells in the lung’s air sacs.“This was startling to us,” Xian said, “and even more so as we observed the same stem cell populations involved in alveoli formation during the peak of H1N1 infections in mice.” The researchers genetically traced the formation of new alveoli to a discrete population of stem cells in the fine endings of the conducting airways that rapidly divide in response to infection and migrate to sites of lung damage.The scientists were intrigued when molecular dissection of these incipient alveoli revealed the presence of an array of signaling molecules known to control cell behavior, suggesting the possibility that these molecules coordinate the regeneration process itself.Currently, the team is testing the possibility that the secreted factors they observed might promote regeneration, suggesting a therapeutic approach for conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and even asthma. They also foresee the possibility that these distal airway stem cells could contribute to repairing lungs scarred by irreversible fibrosis, conditions resistant to present therapies.This work was supported by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, the National Cancer Institute, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.last_img read more

LGBT alumni react to Supreme Court decision

first_imgKelly Inman, Saint Mary’s class of ‘92, was at work last Friday morning when a coworker told her the news.The United States Supreme Court had just ruled that, under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, states had to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.Same-sex marriage was, in effect, legal in all 50 states.Inman, who lives in Indianapolis with her partner of 19 years, was so happy she said she had trouble concentrating for the rest of the day.“I’m 45 years old, so I’ve lived through times when I never thought I would see anything like this,” she said. “It’s been an amazing few days.”Inman met her partner, Desiree Inman, in 1996 in South Bend, and the two moved to Indianapolis in 2004. The two bought a house together, have joint bank accounts and share a last name — Kelly Inman legally changed hers from Smith.“We did everything we could to live together as a married couple,” she said.They couldn’t get married legally until October 2014, after a district court overturned a law restricting marriage to male-female couples. Even then, the couple decided to wait — there had been several appeals in the district court decision, and they weren’t certain their marriage would be recognized.On Friday, their legal position strengthened, since the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legal and that those marriages had to be recognized in every state.That recognition was especially important for Elena Misailedes and her girlfriend Christine Allen, both 2014 Notre Dame graduates. As California residents, they could already legally marry, but Milsailedes said both are thinking of graduate school, which might have taken them to a place where they could not.“It’s just nice to know that my future just got blown wide open,” she said. “I’m not looking at a map thinking, ‘Oh, I live here. So we’d have to live here to get married.’”As Inman and Misailedes celebrated in their respective states Friday, several students and alumni, including 2015 graduate Kathleen Schiavenza, did the same outside of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.Schiavenza, a summer intern for California Rep. Doris Matsui, said the gathering was large and diverse — she saw students, Human Rights Campaign workers, people who had waited years for a decision and people who happened by, all singing, chanting and waving flags.“It was such a loving and caring celebration,” she said. “Yes, there were the people and streets were blocked off and police were there but it was such an exciting and celebratory moment for people.”Senior Connor Hayes, co-vice president of PrismND and a summer intern at a progressive Washington think tank, was also in front of the Supreme Court building on Friday, watching everybody there, from students to a Baptist minister to a Catholic group and a Latino group, celebrate the decision.He said what surprised him was how quickly many in the crowed started talking about next steps, like ending job discrimination for LGBT people and ensuring protections for transgender women and LGBT people of color.“Marriage is great, but it’s this middle-class, often very white institution, so we have to transform the LGBT movement to work on other issues,” he said.As for marriage, Kelly Inman said she and Desiree are still not sure when they’ll get married — they want to “wait until the dust has settled,” she said.One possibility is next year, she said. It will be their 20th year together.Tags: LGBTQ, PrismND, SCOTUS, Supreme Courtlast_img read more

Trail Mix: Nathan Blake Lynn

first_imgFor half a century or so, roustabouts traveled the Mississippi River on steamboats, loading and moving cargo from port to port. These laborers, who hailed from the many states along the river, created a soundtrack for steamboat life. This collection of songs, but for the efforts of a group of interested musicologists, was all but lost until just recently.Nathan Blake Lynn, who I first met as a member of Bawn in the Mash and later profiled here in this magazine when he set out on a solo career, grew up in the river bottoms and has long been interested in Mississippi River life. Recently, he put together a new musical project with a couple friends from Bawn called The Wheelhouse Rousters and, after discovering these tunes, set about recording the songs the steamboat roustabouts sang as they plied their trade up and down the river.I recently caught up with Nathan to chat about river life, Mark Twain, and musicology.BRO – Why a record of steamboat songs?NBL – Steamboats are the floating castles of my dreams, and we sing songs of the long forgotten boats. These songs are some of the last unpopularized American folk songs that I am aware of, and they are closely related to Paducah, Kentucky, and the Ohio River Valley, two places I have a major interest in. Mary Wheeler, a Paducah native and musicologist, collected these songs from former roustabouts who were still living in Western Kentucky during the 1930s. I took interest in the songs after working in the archives in the McCracken County Public Library, where Wheeler’s collection is stored, and because I spent time growing up on the rivers with my father. The Wheelhouse Rousters really believed the songs needed to be heard, so Josh, Eddie, and I took them and arranged them as our own.BRO – Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer?NBL – Huck Finn? Mainly because it was the first book that I read as a child that I had to read multiple times. But my early life represents Tom more. It’s amazing how both characters still appeal to readers in the modern era. They both captivated me as a child growing up in the river bottoms. I’m also fond of Paducah author Irvin S. Cobb’s character Judge Priest. He appears in many of Cobb’s stories and reminds me of an older Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer.BRO – We are featuring “Po Shine” on this month’s Trail Mix. What can you tell us about the history of the song?NBL – “Po Shine” is about a former roustabout who was often overworked and underpaid. Josh does a great job singing that song and it’s one of my favorites. It’s an age old story, with the character saying, “You can’t do me like you done Po Shine,” or “Hey, Boss! I ain’t workin’ for free!”BRO – You are a member of the Kentucky Oral History Commission. Tell us about your work with the group.NBL – This is my third year with the commission, which began in 1976 and has awarded over $1,000,000 in oral history grants to individuals, colleges, universities, and community organizations, resulting in the collection of more than 35,000 interviews now located in repositories throughout Kentucky. I’m honored to sit on the board and to be a part of this group that cares so much about the preservation of Kentucky’s heritage. It is something I am very passionate about.BRO – When the rivers call to you, what do they say?NBL – The rivers are the veins running through the heart of our great nation. They are also the nexus for American music. At the confluences of the great rivers, delta blues and jazz flow into Appalachian old time and bluegrass. So the rivers are romantic and dangerous, unknown and recognizable, adventurous and homely. They are always moving and they are always singing. See you down stream.The Wheelhouse Rousters will be performing at the Centennial Festival of Riverboats in Louisville, Kentucky, on October 16th and 17th and at the Princeton Art Guild Concert Series in Princeton, Kentucky, on October 25th.For more information on the band, tour dates, and the new record, surf over to read more

The Great Virginia Roadtrip Giveaway

first_img2-night stay At the Western Front Hotel in Downtown  St. Paul, VA+ 4-Hour Polaris Razor Rental on Spearhead Trails Mountain View System+ 3.5-Hour Kayaking Trip with Clinch River Adventures+ Discounted Dinners at Locally Owned Breweries and Restaurants 2-night stay In a 2-Bedroom Condo at Massanutten Resort near Harrisonburg, VA+ River Trip with Massanutten Adventures+ Harrisonburg Downtown Dollars Gift Certificate PLUS!Gregory Quadro Quadcase Roller 22″ (MSRP $169.95) This contest is over. Rules and Regulations: Package must be redeemed within 1 year of winning date. Entries must be received by mail or through the contest sign-up page by 12:00 Midnight EST on July 30, 2019 – date subject to change. One entry per person. One winner per household. Sweepstakes open only to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 years of age or older. Void wherever prohibited by law. Families and employees of Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and participating sponsors are not eligible. No liability is assumed for lost, late, incomplete, inaccurate, non-delivered or misdirected mail, or misdirected e-mail, garbled, mis-transcribed, faulty or incomplete telephone transmissions, for technical hardware or software failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connection, or failed, incomplete or delayed computer transmission or any human error which may occur in the receipt of processing of the entries in this Sweepstakes. By entering the sweepstakes, entrants agree that Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and their promotional partners reserve the right to contact entrants multiple times with special information and offers. Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to disqualify any individual who tampers with the entry process and to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Sweepstakes. Winners agree that Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and participating sponsors, their subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and promotion agencies shall not be liable for injuries or losses of any kind resulting from acceptance of or use of prizes. No substitutions or redemption of cash, or transfer of prize permitted. Any taxes associated with winning any of the prizes detailed below will be paid by the winner. Winners agree to allow sponsors to use their name and pictures for purposes of promotion. Sponsors reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. All Federal, State and local laws and regulations apply. Selection of winner will be chosen at random at the Blue Ridge Outdoors office on or before July 30, 2019 – date and time subject to change. Odds of winning will be determined by the total number of eligible entries received. One entry per person or two entries per person if partnership opt-in box above is checked.last_img read more

Staying within the boundaries

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Boxing clever

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Cesc Fabregas snubs Chelsea team-mates in his dream five-a-side team

first_imgAdvertisement Cesc Fabregas snubs Chelsea team-mates in his dream five-a-side team Comment Cesc Fabregas picked a star-studded five-a-side team (Picture: Getty)Cesc Fabregas didn’t name a single Chelsea player in his dream five-a-side team from players that he’s played with during his career.The Spaniard’s enjoyed a glittering career that’s been spent at elite European clubs such as Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea.Added to that is the hugely successful international career that Fabregas has enjoyed with Spain, where he’s won two European Championships and a World Cup.But some of Fabregas’ best football was played at Stamford Bridge, where he inspired the Blues to the Premier League title in his debut campaign in west London in 2015.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTHowever, despite playing with the likes of N’Golo Kante, Eden Hazard and Diego Costa, Fabregas didn’t name a single Chelsea player in his dream five-a-side team and packed it instead with Spanish players and Thierry Henry.Speaking to Henry on Instagram Live, Fabregas said: ‘I need a goalkeeper, I’m an offensive coach but I need a goalkeeper. For what we experience together and the big moments we had together I will go with Iker [Casillas].‘He was incredible in big moments. I think Iker in important moments, the moments where it is history, I think I have to go for him. ‘By the way you’re [Henry] up front obviously, you’re in my all-time XI. ‘I would have to have Lionel Messi 100% because I think between you and him we’d score a few goals. Casillas is the player that will save them. Fabregas remains close friends with Messi (Picture: Getty)‘I have to say this is a player that a player in England everyone talks about him now but I played with him when I was 16 years old and it’s David Silva. I always had this understanding with him. There’s players that you never talk about as best in the world but I had special feeling with him. ‘We had a career with Spain growing up and then winning everything together. Iniesta and Silva are the two players that I always felt ‘wow’ I’m enjoying so much in midfield, they can pass and move. They have the intelligence that when I move forward they can drop to get it. You don’t need to be in the same position, you can change because other players are intelligent to fill the hole for you. I love that. ‘Silva and Iniesta have to be there for me. I don’t have any defender but I don’t care. I will have a goalkeeper that can save everything, two magicians in midfield and two GOATS [Greatest Of All Time] up front.MORE: Cesc Fabregas reveals he upset Arsenal star Nwankwo Kanu in very first training session Advertisement Metro Sport ReporterThursday 14 May 2020 9:45 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.7kShareslast_img read more