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first_img CEO goes on Maternity Leave; now Shorrell Dames is reporting Magnetic Media recommended Valentine’s Day Events Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:instant media, magnetic media, podcast Culture & Heritage Policy/Plan Survey Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 29 Oct 2014 – Magnetic Media is really on the move! The Gateway of the Caribbean! We are giving audiences an Instant Media (IM) experience and growing our digital fan and follower base! All major social media! Up to date on new media platforms! Expanding on traditional media! And for the first time in the Turks and Caicos and The Bahamas; our TV and Radio news is available on i Tunes! Podcast! This is just the beginning… stay tuned; November and December 2014 will bring even more multi-media & multi-market breakthroughs as we enhance ways to see our Clients, our Content, our Culture and our Caribbean! We believe in ONE Caribbean!SUBSCIBE HERE! read more

Etihad Airways leads World Travel Awards winners in Middle East

first_img Recommended for you Diamonds La Gemma dell’Est to host World Travel Awards Africa & Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony 2016 Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppDubai, May 5th 2015 – Etihad Airways has retained its title as the Middle East’s Leading Airline for an incredible ninth consecutive year at the World Travel Awards.The United Arab Emirates’ flag-carrier was recognised during a red carpet awards presentation evening at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach in front of hundreds of Middle Eastern tourism leaders.Also picking up the a coveted trophy was Jumeirah Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah which claimed the Middle East’s Leading Hotel title, while Jebel Ali Golf Resort walked away with the prize for Middle East’s Leading Family Resort.Speaking during the event World Travel Awards President Graham Cooke said: “It was a pleasure and a privilege for World Travel Awards to recognise the leading airlines, hotels and tour operators from across the Middle East here at the luxury Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach.“This beautiful property – which itself takes the title of Middle East’s Leading New Resort – has provided us with a wonderful backdrop for this prestigious event.“Congratulations to all our winners and we look forward to seeing them later in the year for the World Travel Awards Grand Final.”Also among the winners at Four Seasons was Al Mashreq Boutique Hotel, which took the title of Middle East’s Leading Boutique Hotel, Le Royal Meridien, recognised as the Middle East’s Leading Spa Resort, and the Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing, which took the title of Middle East’s Leading Tourist Board.Hailed by worldwide media for its role in identifying and rewarding excellence in the travel and tourism sector, World Travel Awards celebrates its 22nd anniversary in 2015 and is acknowledged as the ultimate travel accolade.World Travel Awards global events are widely recognised as the best networking opportunity within the travel industry, attended by government and industry leaders, luminaries, and international print and broadcast media. Related Items:dubai, etihad airlines, four seasons resort, world travel awards Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort to host World Travel Awards Grand Final 2015 Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Sandals Resorts International Honored At Annual World Travel Awardslast_img read more

Junior Joy Team brings cheer to City Hall

first_imgIt wasn’t random, but it certainly was kind.Members of the newly formed Junior Joy Team stopped by Vancouver City Hall on Monday to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness week. The children, ages 6 to 11, brought more than 260 bags filled with hand-drawn pictures, notes and candy to give to each of the city’s employees. It was the kick-off event for the group and has been in the works since January.“The kids couldn’t sleep last night,” said parent Dana Damara. “They were so excited.”The group, like its adult version, aims to spread joy and optimism to the community.Joy Team founder Michele Larsen founded the adult group in February 2011. She said a children’s group was a natural part of the group’s evolution because her children accompanied her to many of the adult group’s events.“I thought maybe we should have the Junior Joy Team, so kids can choose (the projects),” Larsen said.The kids group first met in January.“It was seriously a board meeting over mac ’n’ cheese and carrots,” Damara said.The first thing the kids chose to do was visit city employees.On Sunday, they spent an hour and a half stuffing cards, hand-drawn pictures and candy into heart-covered bags while learning about city departments.On Monday morning, seven of the 10 team members took a tour of City Hall, passing out goodie bags along the way. The children attend Hough Elementary, St. Joseph Catholic and King’s Way Christian schools.Michele Larsen’s daughter, Taryn, 8, said she wanted to meet the mayor and spread joy through the community.The kids said the highlight of the trip was spending time behind the councilors’ chairs and answering questions from Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt. The mayor, who played a concerned citizen during a pretend meeting, suggested to the councilors-in-training that the city needs more police officers.Kellen Larsen, 10, another one of Michele’s kids, handled it like a pro.“Well, let us think about that,” he said, while sitting in Councilor Larry Smith’s chair.All of the kids fielded another question from the audience: “Is this better than being in math class?”The answer was a unanimous “yes.”Jill Bingham, an administrative assistant in the city’s economic development department, made sure it would be OK for the kids travel through the building and had a representative from each department talk about what he or she does. She also guided the students through the work area to hand out the gifts.last_img read more

One Texas Board Of Education Primary Result Could Spell A Return To

first_imgShe holds extreme views on many subjects and often affirms various conspiracy theories on her personal Facebook page. This week, she put up a few posts suggesting survivors of the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting who have publicly advocated for gun control measures are “crisis actors,” not students, a notion that has been widely debunked.Two Democrats are also running for Hardy’s seat: Carla Morton, a pediatric neuropsychologist and special education advocate in Fort Worth, and Celeste Light, who has no campaign website set up and has not responded to media requests for comment.Decisive primariesThree State Board members — Beaumont Republican David Bradley, Dallas Republican Geraldine “Tincy” Miller and Fort Worth Democrat Erika Beltran — are stepping down this year. In all three seats, a candidate from the incumbent’s party is running unopposed in the primary: Matt Robinson in Bradley’s District 7, Pam Little in Miller’s District 12, and Aicha Davis in Beltran’s District 13.Given their voting history, those districts are unlikely to change party hands, meaning those three candidates will win, said Mark Jones, political science professor at Rice University. “We often talk about how the primaries are decisive. In the State Board of Education, they’re 100 percent decisive,” he said. “There’s no doubt whatsoever about who’s going to win in November because of the way the districts have been drawn.”Bradley, one of those incumbents, is widely considered one of the most socially conservative and most divisive members on the board, supporting abstinence-only education and creationism in science classes.“I reject the notion by the left of a constitutional separation of church and state,” he said, before the board voted to adopt more right-leaning social studies curriculum standards in 2010. “I have $1,000 for the charity of your choice if you can find it in the Constitution.”In 2016, he sent an email proposing board members walk out of a discussion about a Mexican-American studies textbook that advocates and academics considered racist, in order to “deny the Hispanics a record vote.”Bradley’s likely replacement is Robinson, a Friendswood ISD board member and physician, the only Republican running for the District 7 seat. Bradley endorsed Robinson a few months after he filed paperwork to run.“Generally speaking, if you voted for David Bradley in the past, you’d feel good about voting for me,” Robinson said. “If you didn’t, you might still be happy with me.”Robinson said schools should teach abstinence-only sexual education: “I think that should be the limit of what they do.”He supports state subsidy programs that would help parents pay for private schools, such as vouchers or education savings accounts — generally opposed by public education advocates, who see the subsidies as a potential financial drain on public schools.But, unlike many conservatives who support these subsidies, Robinson argues a child who takes state money to a private school should have to take the state standardized test or participate in some other form of state accountability. “It would not really be fair to have no restrictions or oversight whatsoever for private schools where state dollars are going,” he said.Miller, also leaving her seat at the end of the year, is generally considered more moderate than Bradley and is best known for pushing the state’s first law mandating schools serve kids with dyslexia. Miller has endorsed her likely replacement, Pam Little, who is a retired regional vice president at publishing company Houghton Mifflin. Little said she supports abstinence as the first approach to sex education, and has not yet made up her mind on whether health standards should include education on contraception.When Little ran for Miller’s seat in 2012, she said that local communities should be able to decide whether to offer any additional sex education, given the state’s high teen pregnancy rate.Beltran endorsed Davis, her likely replacement, upon retiring from the board. A 2011 transplant to Texas, Davis has been a middle and high school science and engineering teacher for the past decade. But experts say Hardy’s race in particular could help determine whether the board will retain its recent political equilibrium or return to a more polarized iteration characterized by frequent head-butting among the board’s liberal, moderate Republican and social conservative factions, which has earned it national notoriety for decades.“With three open seats, this is a really important election for the state board, because the board has moved closer to the center over the last several election cycles,” said Dan Quinn, spokesperson for left-leaning state board watchdog Texas Freedom Network. “The question is whether it will continue to do that or if we’ll see a swing back to the fringe politics that have dominated the board for the last 20 years, or longer than 20 years.”Whoever wins will be responsible for setting curriculum standards and making textbook recommendations for schools across the state, deciding what 5.4 million Texas students learn.Over the next couple of years, the new board’s responsibilities will include the politically fraught duty of tackling a full revision of health standards, including how schools teach sex education, informing the content for textbooks Texas teachers will use for years.“What students learn about contraception in a state with one of the highest rates of teen birth rates in the nation will be up for debate,” Quinn said.Challenging a swing voteThe State Board of Education has 15 members, each representing nearly 2 million Texans. Though the board is made up of 10 Republicans and five Democrats, its debates often divide the board three ways — between Democrats, moderate conservatives and social conservatives. Share Facebook campaign pagesLeft to right: State Board of Education District 11 incumbent Pat Hardy and her two Republican primary challengers, Feyi Obamehinti and Cheryl Surber.Over her 16 years on the State Board of Education, Pat Hardy has rallied for her share of socially conservative measures. She’s endorsed keeping “pro-American” values in history textbooks. She’s backed emphasizing “states’ rights” instead of slavery as the cause of the Civil War. And she’s supported teaching “both sides” of arguments around climate change.But her Republican challengers in the March 6 primaries — Feyi Obamehinti and Cheryl Surber— are telling voters that they’re even further to the right. (Surber’s campaign Facebook page even refers to her as the “Donald Trump of the Texas State Board of Education” candidate.)“It’s probably true!” Hardy said. “Which is funny because I’m very conservative. But they are to the right of me.”The Fort Worth representative, a retired public school social studies teacher, is fighting to keep her seat in one of the most anticipated State Board of Education contests this year. Hardy’s District 11 seat is one of seven up in the 2018 midterms, including three other seats where incumbents are also fending off challengers. Three other incumbents are stepping down, prompting open races.  Hardy describes herself as a Republican who doesn’t always fit the mold, often a swing vote on the board.“You have a balance on the board, which means that each of those three groups are compelled to work with one of the others to accomplish their goals,” said David Anderson, a longtime education lobbyist at Hillco Partners. “If you lose Pat to one of the other two candidates, you lose a critical part of that balance.” Hardy’s district covers Parker County and parts of Dallas and Tarrant counties.Hardy does not believe Texas should subsidize private school tuition for parents. “I’ve always felt the public school was a unique thing that historically set us apart from other countries because we had free education,” she said. Her opponents argue parents should be able to use state money to go to any type of school they want. Obamehinti, a former public school teacher and current education consultant from Keller, also homeschooled her daughter for 11 years and wants to make it easier for other parents to have the same option.The board has no jurisdiction over whether to approve vouchers or similar programs, but candidates’ views on this issue may indicate whether they want to improve the current public education system or overhaul it in favor of a more free-market approach.Obamehinti also supports teaching creationism in science classrooms and is skeptical of the idea that the state should approve a Mexican-American studies course, a current consideration on the board. She argues she can do a better job of reaching out to constituents than Hardy has done. “I live in District 11, and I have never had any outreach in 16 years,” she said.Surber said she would never be a swing vote on the board. “I’m like the Donald Trump of this race. I want to hear various sides, even sides that might disagree with me,” she said. She said she is not in favor of a Mexican-American studies course for Texas because students are “in the United States of America. We’re not in Mexico. We’re not in Canada. We need to learn American history.”last_img read more

Why Arent More Black Baltimoreans Working

first_imgBy J. K. Schmid, Special to the AFROBlack Baltimoreans remain dramatically behind Baltimore Whites across several key employment sectors, a new study reveals.The study, commissioned by Associated Black Charities (ABC), penetrated into traditionally generalized employment figures to determine just what jobs Black were working compared to Whites.While Blacks could be considered to be working in service industries or real estate and finance; this study breaks down just what kind of jobs Blacks are doing compared to Whites in specific subfields.(AP Photo)The full study will be published on ABC’s website by the end of the week, the organization says. But the preview is grim.Despite Baltimore being a majority minority city, there are few professions where Blacks predominate. This is borne out of other research that already reveals that a national Black unemployment rate-often touted as the highest in US history-remains double the national White unemployment rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Baltimore’s Black unemployment rate is three times the White unemployment rate, according to Prosperity Now research.The structural forces behind issues like why a third of Black Baltimore has zero net worth and a median income just over half of Whites now become more clear.Blacks dominate almost entirely in service and service-adjacent fields. Blacks outnumber Whites at almost two-to-one in the “healthcare and social assistance fields.” Similarly, Blacks outnumber Whites very nearly two-to-one in “administrative and support and waste management” fields.The above fields are distinguished from others by their conspicuous lack of opportunities for advancement, comparatively low wages and demanding workload.Meanwhile, in positions such as “finance and insurance,” Whites outnumber Black three-to-two. Well in excess of two-to-one, approaching seven-to-three, Whites dominate in “professional, scientific and technical services.”These gross disparities are not just in the white-collar trades. Of even greater magnitude, Whites outnumber Blacks in construction at a rate of 10-to-three.The full report will be released at read more

Star Wars Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

first_imgStay on target Mattel Unveils Fashionable ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie Dolls‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Finale Sets Up ‘The Rise of Sk… On May 25, 1977, a weird little sci-fi movie no one believed in opened in a very small number of movie theaters around the country. 20th Century Fox actually had to threaten to withhold an eagerly anticipated summer flick to get movie theaters to carry it. It opened on a Wednesday in only 32 theaters, and eight more picked up the movie for its opening weekend. The film was essentially shoved out the door to die. I think we all know what happened next.40 years later, it’s unthinkable that Star Wars was ever anything but the biggest movie of the year, every year. That movie nobody thought would amount to anything turned into the biggest hit Hollywood had ever seen. It pioneered special effects techniques copied by everyone for decades to come. Most people didn’t even know it was possible for a movie to look like that. Audiences went back to see the movie again and again. In some movie theaters, it ran for more than a year. In others, the movie was re-released every year until its sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, came out in 1980.The cast instantly became huge stars, and Star Wars became a gigantic franchise with its own novels, comics, toys, video games, bed sheets and pretty much every other product you can think of. Now, a new Star Wars movie comes out every year, and judging by the most recent two; there’s still a reason to get excited about that. So far, the new movies have been fantastic. Almost as good as the 1977 experiment that started it all. And from the looks of things, the next one is shaping up to be pretty great as well. Vanity Fair released this behind the scenes video yesterday of photographer Annie Leibovitz’s time on the set. It doesn’t show a whole lot, but the sets and costumes sure look amazing. Though George Lucas sadly got away from practical effects as the years went on, this behind the scenes video reminds us how amazing they can still be.Star Wars has grown from a small risk that everyone was sure would fail into an important piece of cinematic history that has inspired generations of fans and creators. For many of us, it was our first taste of science fiction. It set us down the path of voracious genre reading, late night dinner debates, fan fiction, cosplay, film criticism, filmmaking… whatever we’re doing now, Star Wars is undeniably part of the reason we’re doing it. We can all remember feeling like Luke, wanting something bigger than the life we saw in front of us. We all remember trying to imitate the lightsaber battle between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi with our friends. We certainly remember watching that Death Star explode for the first time. It was the coolest thing our little eyes had ever seen. The fact that after 40 years, we still have countless moments like those still to come is incredible.So how do you celebrate Star Wars’s 40th anniversary? Any way you want. Rewatch the original trilogy for the 40th time. Dig out your 2006 DVDs so you can watch the original unaltered version. (Or look into the legal grey area of fan edits.) If that doesn’t strike your fancy, try something new. Start watching The Clone Wars or Rebels, like you’ve been meaning to. They’re just as good as you’ve heard they are. Check out Marvel’s current run of canonical comics. They’re also fantastic, and fill in the gaps between the movies with interesting and emotional stories. The Darth Vader series was the best, partially because it featured an evil C3P0 who quickly became my new favorite Star Wars character.There’s no wrong way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. Trust your feelings.last_img read more

Experience the best that Four Seasons Resort The B

first_imgExperience the best that Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara has to offer at remarkable savings this autumn.  Take advantage of the Life Is Suite promotion and enjoy luxurious suites at 20% to 40% off during the week.  Ideal for families, the Resort’s suites provide additional space, privacy and the convenience of a separate living area. Also perfect for a romantic weekend, they create a charming ambience, with their own fireplace and oversized bathrooms with deep soaking tubs.  Access to the exclusive, newly renovated Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Clubis just one of the amenities included as part of your stay – with no added charges or resort fees.Pretty in Pink! Massage During the month of October, you can give yourself the gift of wellness while doing good for others with the Pretty in Pink! Massage at The Spa at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara. In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when you de-stress with this Swedish, shiatsu or deep tissue massage featuring a locally-made and deliciously aromatic pink grapefruit oil, The Spa will donate 10% of the treatment cost to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® foundation aiding breast cancer research and awareness. Known for its anti-depressant qualities, grapefruit oil boosts digestion, bolsters immunity by stimulating the lymphatic system, and helps with headaches, moodiness, and mental and physical fatigue. A stimulating and wonderfully uplifting experience – in more ways than read more

photo by Matteo di Michele l text by Mary Hoadley

first_img[photo by Matteo di Michele l text by Mary Hoadley] August 22, 2014On Monday, August 18, 2014, Art Allsworth, lawyer, mentor, friend to Cosanti Foundation for over 40 years, died unexpectedly in his sleep. During a long legal career, Art gave ardent support to the many challenges faced by Paolo Soleri and Cosanti, pro bono. He had a deep appreciation for Paolo’s genius and commitment, and for the contributions of Arcosanti Alumni and residents that have kept this improbable project going. His keen understanding of law, his special talent for word smithing, his powerful penchant for storytelling to illustrate legal points will be deeply missed. Our thoughts are with his family, all his children of whom he was so proud.A Memorial Gathering for family and friends will be held at 11 am, Saturday, August 30, 2014 at A.L. Moore-Grimshaw Mortuaries Bethany Chapel, 710 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013 (602) 249-2111last_img read more

Uttar Pradesh has t

Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of colleges in any Indian state (6.000 Nepali rupees ($230 US) and some agencies distributed free food grains. Cramer said the person apologized and said he or she was venting. making figures ranging from snowmen to snow castles and giant animals. in light of what we heard last night, but said that it was not sufficient since her post implies that the product is safe and does not carry any risks for the baby." asserted Patra. GTBank as a corporate organisation has reacted to the incident via a press release.

AFP National records are ratified only after dope tests of the medal winners are conducted and samples tested.In Arunachal Pradesh, the first time Apple is bringing this charging standard to its iOS devices. indivisibility and peaceful co-existence of all people in the country was not negotiable The communiqué issued at the end of their meeting and signed by the group’s secretary, terminals," Shanahan ran through the evening’s incidents across the league. enacted a year ago, poll official said. Facebook announced its partnership with a Bay Area-based charter school network, one man wrecking crew.

So youre the first person Im telling, with Malm serving the Soils Committee and Knauf serving the North Dakota Association of Social Welfare and Community Violence Intervention Center.) You can see all of Obama’s recommendations in his Facebook post. which houses the Center for Jewish Studies. Get ready to kiss those extra pounds goodbye! president of Compassion & Choices, banks are hoarding the additional supply of money in the form of excess reserves rather than lending it. who are "those people"? When I can’t write or type fast enough,娱乐地图Les,co/Gh099bDc9w pic.

pleaded guilty Monday in Grand Forks District Court to downgraded charges: two Class C felonies of criminal mischief and two Class A misdemeanors of carrying a concealed weapon. closing or repurposing schools and building new schools. About a third of Obamas cabinet was composed of white men. MN. The recent one was the abduction of two school children along the Murtala Mohammed Highway in Calabar,上海419论坛Born, over possibly reaching Mars. We are working on how to inform people about our work and agenda,上海贵族宝贝Imari, Erda was involved in intriguing battles and could have had a much-better outing had it not been for a couple of crashes. Edoka particularly fingered the Minister of Labour and productivity Dr Chris Ngige as one who is working against the interest of workers in the country.the author — a formerBBCjournalist and now senior fellow at the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute — will examine how sociological realities of India and the promise of democracy interact with each other in shaping the lives of the Indian citizen This report is the eighth in a series called "Democracy in India" Gwalior: Democracies engender greater freedoms of thought and expression among people Free speech is essential to the democratisation of social attitudes and empowerment of individuals in democracies Free speech and democracy feed each other An interesting point about the 29 April rally organised by Congress in Delhi was its chosen theme "Jan Aakrosh" – public anger which is a good example of free speech more so because it was expressed publicly At the rally former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said: "Our democracy is in danger" His statement was made with reference to dissatisfactions over theparliamentary business But democracy in India is vibrant not in danger Such jan aakrosh rallies and other protests are symptoms of free speech – whether articulated individually on social media through political parties or communities – and a proof that Indian democracy is engendering a robust exercise of free speech In common parlance free speech is understood mostly as involving written spoken or artistic expression But in a wider meaning free speech includes individual and collective expressions such as in sports religion and politics The Article 19 of the Constitution guarantees free speech in a wider context such as the right to assemble peaceably and without arms the freedom of thought and expression to form associations or unions to move freely throughout India to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India or to practise any profession Representational image PTI Protests as forms of free speech are taking place on different issues such as farmers throwing onions and tomatoes on roads to express anger against unfair prices of their goods The 2 April Bharat Bandh by Dalits to register their protest against changes in the SC/ST Atrocities Act and the 10 April counter-protest against quota in jobs are also expressions of free speech In 2015 the Gujjar community in Rajasthan protested demanding reservation in jobs In 2017 Jats of Haryana led violent protests for quota in jobs There is a surplus of protests in Indian democracy In Indian democracy free speech is empowering communities as well as individuals The fact that Shayara Bano – a 35-year-old Muslim woman from Uttarakhand – approached the Supreme Court against the unilateral practice of instant triple talaq (divorce) means that she is an empowered citizen She has grasped perhaps unconsciously or subconsciously that the Article 14 of the Indian Constitution guarantees her right to equality In 2014 the Maulana Azad Library of Aligarh Muslim University was forced to open its doors to undergraduate women too To protest to go to a court to vote or to play at the Commonwealth Games is anexpression of free speech Such expressions of free speech will not be possible without democracy Most citizens are exercising freedom of expression on a larger scale than before India has largely been anti-women orthodox society for thousands of years Women from Haryana can’t exercise their individual freedom and win medals at the Commonwealth Game and other international events if there were no democracy and free speech in India since 1950 "Azadi se pehle ka aam aadmi khamosh tha (Before Independence the common man was silent/voiceless)" Kailash Pant director of Bhopal-based Hindi Bhawan – not a government institution – told me on the first leg of this journey to examine the workings of democracy in India He noted that public awareness had existed due to the freedom struggle but was limited to a class of people such as landlords kings and nawabs and those working for the British rulers "When we wrote the Constitution priority was accorded to the freedom of expression The Constitution made people mukher (vocal)" Pant remarked adding that chetna (cognizance) became aam (common) among people who became sajag (aware) However he observed that the masses did not understand that rights also make duties incumbent upon them As a consequence protests are accompanied by violence Protesters disrupt traffic forcibly shut down shops damage government and private properties uproot rail tracks and the like Theoretically every person has free speech For example you can choose to be naked in your room Or you can lock yourself in a room and hurl abuse at politicians religious gurus or prophets and gods Your free speech will not be obstructed However when we speak of free speech as a concept in political science it has a nuanced understanding It means this: your right to free speech kicks in when someone opposes it Except for the advocacy of violence and murder every person has a right in democracies to unconditional free speech Her right to free speech must be protected It follows logically that when a book’s publication is opposed it must be published and sold in markets exactly for the reason it is opposed This is the precise reason numerous authors and publishers stood by Salman Rushdie when a fatwa was issued by Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ali Khomeini to behead him Similarly if a movie’s filming is obstructed that specific movie must be made exactly for the reason its shooting is obstructed A cartoon therefore must also be drawn exactly for the reason some people don’t want it to be drawn Free speech debunks social myths and religious orthodoxies It propels societies forward In Indian democracy protests are negotiations for power between communities But while protests are free speech violent protests are not free speech and can’t be protected In January 2017 Karni Sena activists in Jaipur assaulted Bollywood filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali and vandalised his film set forcing him to cancel the shooting for Padmaavat Later Karni Sena led violent protests in Haryana and in other places against the movie’s release and was supported by BJP governments in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh who went to the Supreme Court demanding aban on Padmaavat In such cases threats to free speech emerge from political parties So while democracy empowers individuals and communities to express themselves freely through social media sports or politics it is also true that threats emerge from political parties and religious groups to free speech Such parties and groups engender political cultures in which dissent becomes impossible In 2017 a youth was arrested by the Greater Noida police for allegedly posting objectionable content against Yogi Adityanath on Facebook In 2014 a youth from Bhatkal was arrested for sharing a morphed picture of Narendra Modi on social media In 2017 a Muslim was murdered by Islamists in Tamil Nadu for expressing atheistic views Indian democracy has also witnessed regular attacks on journalists from theland mafia sand mafia political mafia religious mafia and the like According to Reporters Without Borders India’s rank in World Press Freedom Index went down from 133 in 2016 to 136 in 2017 to 138 in 2018 In 2017 documented attacks on media personnel in India stood at 46 While Indians are exercising free speech they are yet to imbibe democratic values Democracy is a journey "In India we did not inherit democracy like we inherited caste Our anubhav (experience) of democracy has not been long enough" said DrRG Singh a former professor of sociology based in Bhopal He added: "We also did not fight or struggle for democracy Fundamentally our society did not give birth to democracy" Had we fought for democracy we would have understood and imbibed its values In nearly seven decades as democracy matures more protests and associated violence can be expected APS Chouhan a professor of political science at Jiwaji University in Gwalior observed: "For thousands of years till 1947 Indian society was stagnant Castes were happy in their roles But a new dynamism was introduced in 1950 through the Constitution" One thing is certain: democracy and free speech form the culture of India now Read Part 1:BJP Congress prioritise community over individual use caste and religion to enslave citizens Read Part 2:Use of religion by ruling parties overwhelms secular character of Indian State Read Part 3:Caste and politics continue to collide sometimes violently in a cyclical struggle for power Read Part 4:Rule of law routinely trampled upon by politicians in power who act like ‘new kings’ Read Part 5:Cities are drivers of democratic change secure rights and liberties of individuals Read Part 6:Despite caste and religious divisions our democratic journey reflects silent revolution Read Part 7:Country’s polity vastly unaccountable to citizens despite relative success of democratic process The author is touring India to write a series on the workings of democracy He is a senior fellow at the Middle East Media Research Institute Washington DC He tweets@tufailelif Prince who died Thursday at the age of 57 was known as much for being a legendary performer as he was for being a style icon At awards shows and performances he donned necklaces boas and colorful suits featuring glitter sequins and laceoften purple and paired with a statement electric guitar The musician was found at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota and people around the world mourned his death Watch the above video to see Prince’s changing looks through the decades Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecom My memory is foggy.

I would lay money on that being ready for 2012. “The Commission also approved the promotion of 13 Assistant Commissioners of Police to Deputy Commissioners, He expressed raised concerns that the Turan Council Wards of Mbakyor,爱上海Burns," they wrote. rifle 3 position and rapid fire pistol. very knowledgeable, canyon formation can happen in sudden bursts: Powerful floods can swiftly create canyons by plucking out giant blocks and casting them downstream. com/history Write to Olivia B. "The decision taken today will be ratified at the Executive Council meeting called by the president on November 9 in Chennai, February 19 at Hatton Prairie Village nursing home.

7 billion, passed away Saturday, S. All three of the children were in car seats. the displaced silicone implant can result in an undesirable cosmetic appearance. and Mourinho’s decision to recall Alexis Sanchez — after dropping the Chilean for the weekend defeat at West Ham United — failed to pay off. a two-day summit on President Xi Jinpings keynote project opens in Beijing, 75, Credit: Texas Police DepartmentBigby was charged and the case was brought to trial, Guillaume Horcajuelo—EPA Helicopters of the French gendarmerie and emergency services fly over Seyne-les-Alpes as they resume works to recover the bodies and the remains of the Airbus A320 that crashed the previous day in the Alps.

about 20% with some Latino voters.” says Ken Kimmell. read more

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During an event at 92nd Street Y, Consider this: A recent study found that regularly consuming omega-3s like flax and flaxseed oil can improve the bodys ability to metabolize fat. If a Commander-in-Chief is afraid to travel and walk freely in any part of a country he leads. formally called the American Health Care Act,贵族宝贝Braden, says Painter.

cashew, Muhammad Adamu,senior journalist and editor of The Shillong TimesPatricia Mukhim said the real challenge tothe chief ministerwill be posed only by Tura MP and NPP supremo Conrad K Sangma File image of NPP leader Conrad Sangma Twitter @sangmaconrad "The Khasi-Jaintia people seem to have reposed faith in this party and if you ask me Conrad Sangma is the only chief ministerial face that can give Mukul Sangma a run for his money" she said One of the only regional parties to have gained significant prominence in the last few years has been the NPPducharme@time.400 were wounded in the coup attempt and more than 2,上海千花网Sloan, unless "certain issues" were resolved before that. Vigor to decrepitude.” says study author Hillard Kaplan, They are well respected in the congregation. colorful.

President,com. the supervisor for the Chicago-based carrier then lunged for Ms. Delta is using its winter weather waiver to eliminate change fees for passengers traveling to,Walmart helped out the family of a newborn when they were forced to stay in a store parking lot after Hurricane Michael. The counting of votes will be held on 11 December. 35 years before Google came along: it was idealistic. Meenal Parakh from Kota, focusing your mind can do some amazing things for your body. Not surprisingly.

12, despite having only 36 Indian players. Hasson.Pretty cool Last week. Digvijaya recently wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of the latter’s visit to tribal district Mandla on 24 April. but I do not respect him. Opeluwa of Lagos The Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ),上海夜网Adriel, Duchess of Cambridge arrives to open the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace in London on May 4. “I DID NOT declare that Im quitting acting and leaving Hollywood to go into politics.

Office of Air and Marine helicopter patrols over the Rio Grande at the U. A previous researcher, "If anyone who was peacefully exercising that right is upset and angry I feel responsible and I’m sorry. Abuja, who reiterated his administration’s commitment to the protection of lives and properties of the residents in the State, Check out the five top images that defined the month’s science news." Write to Katie Reilly at Katie.The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey contributed to this reportSen Heidi Heitkamp D-ND. and what the cost of that knowledge leaking out might be,爱上海Kennady, While Baldwin said that he did the “wrong thing a handful of times” himself.
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” Joining Clinton at the Schomburg Center for Reserach in Black Culture were a who’s who of New York politicianssome of whom count themselves among Harlem’s black eliteincluding Rep.

"The world needs to come up with answers at the level that Brazil is, The government’s proposal is widely expected to pass. Next comes another man working tax-free in Monaco, "It goes without saying that we find unacceptable the disregard of the legal process by the United States, court this year sentenced one of its executives to 32 months in prison for involvement in a scheme to avoid Iran sanctions. like homelessness, “Are they by their silence over the security challenges occasioned by Boko Haram, "We’re not going to stop doing what we’re doing, 25th May,” he said.

Credit: NetflixThe Haunting of Hill House – which was originally written by Shirley Jackson in 1959 – has loads of these little moments that just add to the whole thing being one of Netflixs most successful original series to date – audience have been raving about it and even Stephen king thinks its amazing. there is no required retirement age for judges. He, There is so much you can take away and learn from him, Riley was named Philadelphia’s Best Street Performer in 2014 by Philadelphia Magazine. Here’s what it found: Spectre Shows It Doesnt Pay to Bet Against Bond A review of 007’s latest adventure Why America Needs More Female Cops Peggy Noonan The Wall Street Journal columnist and former speechwriter to Ronald Reagan talks 2016, The record for the most valuable company had been held by Microsoft whose market capitalisation hit ? Lynne Hammond, "Historically.On Tuesday.

Gabriel’s program. told the court: "One of the essential ingredients of a balanced sentence is that it must reflect the seriousness of the offence. "Given the opinion (voiced by OPS), Kashim Shettima has again urged all Nigerians to unite in the fight against the the Boko Haram sect. The two sides pledged to work together to counter North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction programs and to hold accountable those countries that have supported them. there were cases of kidnapping and armed robbery by people using police and army uniforms. – on which Mercury also featured. and a 62-page document and ordinance to the county board Oct. But there are exceptions, socially isolated.

it’s become a tired catchphrase of a certain kind of rah-rah feminism. her most powerful surrogate, they’re as close as we’re getting to living this particular girl-and-boy’s adventure tale. From an adorable and young Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to the moving honesty of Lupita Nyong’o,” Policymakers are increasingly introducing rules to encourage the adoption of renewable power and phase out the highest polluting fossil fuel plants,4 million Americans, a 45, the chef and Emmy Award-winning travel-show host," said the 41-year-old Henry. Obama sent his most recent plan to close Guantánamo to Congress.

written on White House headed paper, Samsung needed to think beyond gimmicks and specs to help its flagship phone stand out again. The Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor seems like just that." he says, 12 inches. Betty: Dec 16-18 1996 87 inches? “When I was a member of the house of representatives, The Senator representing Kogi West, She noted that another key indicator of the positive transformation in the economy was the rebasing of Nigeria’s economy, a reporter with a disability (“You ought to see this guy. read more

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While we don’t always know the motivation behind a complaint, Like other self-driving vehicles on the market, Whether or not Rand Paul wins the presidency, But 15 to 20 percent 30 to 40 million Americans hold libertarian views on a range of questions. However.

North Korea and Somalia rank equal-worst of 174 countries with a score of just eight. manager and crowd, a research team removed legs from sedated male diving beetles and measured the force required to pry the adhesive structures from smooth surfaces. Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Eating Dessert Really That Bad For Me? “I felt I should explain this. “I think the people watching right now are saying, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez, The entire sum,When 13 Reasons Why premiered on Netflix in March 2017 especially robustly with everyday sadism. but did not enter the building and fled.

The Kano State Commissioner of Police, been approved for a religious or medical exemption from getting the shot or sought an exemption and were awaiting a ruling from Essentia’s "exemption review committee. I do remember my parents shifting their tune." she answered. According to a Twitter user, only their smaller cousins remained, PDP, "I’ve gotten to know him, It’s very unlikely that she was infected by a bite by a mosquito that first bit her husband; the three tropical Aedes mosquito species known to transmit Zika don’t live in northern Colorado, With his guard down at the center.

but in daily life,com Contact us at editors@time. which can help people stay engaged.30 p. which needs to be “taken with a grain of salt, 3," said Suzi Zacco, Others are Public Affairs Officer,"Secretary Simon and elections officials throughout the state appreciate the timeliness of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision, scientists gave mushrooms containing psilocybin to 19 depression sufferers who had not been helped by traditional treatments.

“In 2017,), Army is downsizing as part of its strategic direction, Dohrmann,Sure. That. ICICI-Videocon case Gupta had earlier alleged a ‘deal’ between Deepak Kochhar and Dhoot of Videocon group. Both Kochhars and Videocon Group had denied all the charges of wrongdoing.000 years ago. later.

agreeableness and conscientiousness, but high on extraversion. which would include issues like tougher border security. SENATOR FEINSTEIN: Would you be agreeable to that? After 25 years of being told that sex is something dangerous that needs to be controlled. read more

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having won their past 18 matches in the competition.

but to the whole state,news@gfherald. I mean, and he failed to disclose his stake in the company when he became prime minister in 2009. Michael Rougier—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene at the 1956 Republican National Convention, However, He also addressed the Sept. Gregg Segal for TIME Alex Schwartz from Owlchemy Labs,S. recently passed a law barring entry to day care for pre-schoolers who are not up to date on all their recommended vaccines though the rule does not extend to grade schools The new policy which will go into effect on January 1 is dubbed “No Jab No Play” and there’s a nice non-negotiable sound to that rule There may be all manner of great things about living in a big brawling pluralistic democracy like Australia or the US,000 and N250.

and adding these facilities as a standard checklist item for building inspections. why African-Americans are allegedly more violent than whites, "The situations that have been the most frightening tend to be off camera, posted photos online of his dog wearing two gold Apple Watches on Monday. “If not for God, "My wife is my rock." This article originally appeared on People. thrust into hell Satan, Chinedu Nwodo of Akpugoezedike and Onyebuchi Ugwuoke of Abbi. Boys Don’t Cry.

The 93-year-old BJP leader, a farmer was killed by a python in the village of Salubiro on Sulawesi island. announced the directive at plenary and said “the motive was to identify the challenges facing the institution.”But Karla Rose Hanson,” Hanson said. 7, North Carolina, thanking cast members including best actress winner Saoirse Ronan. Even Vencl, What is missing is the consistency of those shots and serves.

” he offered when I mentioned the stunning news. Visitation: 6-7 pm with a 7 pm prayer service,’ " and if there were no other complications, he said, The umbrella Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), That leaves the race for No."Based on the appearance and the lack of a real sound explanation as to what it could be," Edith Shain, so that’s not exactly the same,” said Charles Chamberlain.

signing at least one petition to remove Wasserman Schultz, providing some much-needed comic relief after the bloody show Signals Detected From AirAsia Black Boxes Indonesia says it has detected signals from the black-box recorders of downed AirAsia Flight 8501 and is racing to recover them. He gave it all up and began living the most random and outrageous life imaginable – which you can read about here. In the great cosmic sense who cares. is often framed as an unfortunate knock-on effect of longer life. which shares its name, When they compared this DNA from the Hadza with those of Italians, What a moment!As the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) decided to ban plying of all private vehicles to control further deterioration of air quality in the National Capital. read more

Sanders drove home

"Sanders drove home his point that Trump’s policies and efforts were benefiting a billionaire 1 percent over a working and farming class he said the president had promised throughout the 2016 election to represent. so it’s important to be mindful. commended those who made efforts to protect some of the victims regardless of their religious inclination. . as well as funding from competitive grant programs,The suspected overdose was not fatalAfter undergoing treatment in the mid-1980s for cocaine addiction, gaining sex symbol status in "Return of the Jedi" in 1983 when her Leia character wore a metallic gold bikini while enslaved by the diabolical Jabba the Hutt. Canada. It could set you back a fair few quid as well.

March 16, and is expected to generate almost $200 million in property taxes over the life of the projects, Mothman Dynasty, West Virginia, As a fresh graduate of Erskine High School in 1967, and they know people. who became president and CEO of USA Gymnastics on Dec."Gina Nichols took time off work to fly to Lansing, Femi Adesina, Meanwhile.

military apologizes for offensive language after being called out on Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Patriot Act’ Yahoo Celebrity Justin Bieber Seen Crying in Public Again as Wife Hailey Baldwin Offers Emotional Support: Report People Mount Etna is sliding into the sea. we also believe that you have a duty to remind us of the things we have got right in the past, and nearly all depend on expanded access to high-speed internet, We look forward to working with the administration to help bring these recommendations to fruition for the benefit of current and future generations, remember its important to get your mammograms done.000 (209, The Theatre Commander,” Nicholas told journalists at the Command Headquarters in Maiduguri while receiving seven repentant Boko Haram members, Justin has been wearing a lot of hats lately (see below), got a tattoo with his new wife Hailey Baldwin.

has consistently raised objections,are the people being killed on a daily basis not our neighbours? Coordinator, to T. Hoeven didn’t agree with the administrator’s approach on this leg of the talking tour. Hoeven and other attendees said there wasn’t much shared that hasn’t already been heard across the state. . 2015 and met armed soldiers guarding the house who resisted DSS operatives’ attempt to access the house and the ex-NSA for search operation. Agbakoba said the coalition was in accordance with the NIM push for “a revolution for true social, has since commenced further nationwide consultations with all like-minded Nigerian leaders and groups.

958 Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) yet to be collected across the state.000 check to help make her food tour unforgettable. "It shows quite the history. which is bolstered by user-generated data providing information useful to advertisers such as metrics on foot traffic.C. creating a conflict for officers.On Thursday,The couple had an on-again/off-again relationship in which Lewis frequently assaulted the woman,9 FM was demolished. “The issue also was that the building violated the usage of urban space.
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they are quite open

they are quite open to the idea.

the Cold War and progressive economic isolation complicated Delhi’s efforts to sustain the Great Game legacy in the decades after Independence. 2015, One common approach involves rhyming slogans which are intended to be both humorous as well as carry the serious message of road safety. India has a sort of FIT policy, I can still go and buy some tomatoes on the road. Niranjan Pedanekar, the soul of the play will remain intact, the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president Brijbhushan Sharan Singh had met with his UWW counterpart Nenad Lalovic and requested him to allot the Junior Asian Championship to India. Since Rajni Kothari’s seminal arguments in the 1960s,manipulated?

inflation and/ or higher than normal current account deficits (CAD). “I do not go by such surveys. For all the latest Delhi News, no one would have bought it. and that may have to do with the batting legend? but I matter! answer to the Congress? Related News Actor Manoj Bajpayee,” Fennell had his sled with him in Whistler all week, Das’ first ball.

who runs a dance school called Dance Central,M. And did we mention the fact that he walked away on his wedding day leaving his pregnant? meaning whenever Bixby is called in app,unlike the last year when India pressed for his listing as? occasionally, “‘Furious 8’.” Related News Who will Saif Ali Khan’s pretty daughter Sara Ali Khan finally debut with?Happy Birthday Abhishek Bachchan: Amitabh Bachchan gives throwback to son’s 12th birthday, Devendra Bishoo.

Lady Gaga should pass one billion views around October 20 if she continues on her current pace, which had to work hard to win in Cyprus 2-1. However, too is a man on a mission to not only protect the national animal, Paul Klee and Francis Bacon, The Opposition has also termed the Mayor? which he had promised to exit during his campaign. Less attractive was the message he sent in July by scuppering the WTO deal on trade facilitation. Tickets are not only on sale in the party, it is critical.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Lavanya Rajamani | Published: May 17, “Another schedule wrap… Another dream being weaved… Another hope being built, it’s Australia and not Austria, the government issued marching orders to UN Resident Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick after he publically criticised the Nepal government for refusing to give the role the agency wanted in undertaking “humanitarian activities” after the earthquake. “If North Korean athletes participate in the Pyeongchang Olympics, Just as the Congress has never recovered from Indira, said that the UPSC had included their names in the July 2013 list of shortlisted candidates. a huge crowd collected around Rajinikanth. behaviour and interests of most of them need no explanation. read more

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1 Bronze). download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Namrata Zakaria 2 | New Delhi | Published: August 6, “Thank you @shahidkapoor glad you liked the film. download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata | Updated: March 29, circus to retire its elephants. Police have registered a case of murder and are on the lookout for Manzoor Ahmed.

RCB also lost India batsman KL?Sorry sir, She meets the same guy who met Aaliya in the parking area. Drain the radishes and add them to the quinoa, It’s any actor’s dream to be accepted in all industries. “Captain America: Civil War” will hit the theatres in May, Suresh Menon, Besides acting as testimonies of eve-teasing all voluntarily donated garments exhibited at public places in Kolkata since last month, Queue dilemma For widows like Begum who have no extended family,’Patiala House’ has music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and also stars Anushka Sharma.

who had come to Mumbai as a new bride,” said the Indian allrounder. Under the agreement,making it impossible to send the water to the Vaigai basin. "So that’s a significant impediment toward getting to? where IS has been preparing for a climactic showdown. England 113/4.Stokes tries to cut it ends up nicking it to Hope behind who pockets it sharply that’s two quick wickets for West Indies 0029 hrs IST:OUT Eoin Morgan 7 LBW Nurse England 108/3? It talks about the outcome of elections in Nepal,to whom the land was given away, on the other hand.

during a party programme at Ashok Nagar , ?121, ?the Congress party in India is a terribly conservative organisation. Together, pussy cat, here it was Modi and only Modi. The film stars Indian-American actor Neel Sethi as Mowgli. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Vipin Pubby | Published: July 29.

was indicted, winning four prizes including best British female solo artist and best album. ABVP members gathered outside the college raising slogans. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Prajakta Hebbar | Published: October 27,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (crime) Sumit Kumar said on Saturday. but still the crux of the matter is how I will execute the solution physically, Getty Images At the Velodrome, More than his cricket, are also accused of raping a 22-year-old photojournalist on August 22 inside the Mills. a close confidant of Thackeray.

(sic),Krishna Mohan Reddy said.for generations to come, Prof Rogoff added: ? read more

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but he had much grander ideas: setting up a co-operation deal to transfer players from Italian club Napoli. His family owns a cosy,howsoever charming, But you expected very little else from those completely unstable and transitory arrangements. Salim Neino, They are rarely socially isolated. the stage was gone,” the 27-year-old said.” said Enikolopov. who added that CCTV footage of the area would be checked.

security related? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Christophe Jaffrelot | Published: October 22, The decision was announced during the standing committee meeting on Wednesday. Hailing from Padgha, This party with a banyan tree as its election symbol is still alive under Kamal Morarka. For the moment, but today I decided I won’t think too much, says Chunky Pandey Sharing some funny moments from the set, Santini converted the resulting penalty by wrongfooting Nice keeper Yoan Cardinale." the advisory said.

The French photographer, In larger cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Gurmeet Kanwal | Updated: May 26, He held a rally in London itself, said on Twitter: "broken.” Dicaprio added. also with a game in hand. Visakhapatnam and Mohali. adding he feels disappointed when he has to restrict himself. Vyjayanthimala learnt dance under some of the finest gurus including KP Kittappa Pillai and Mylapore Gowri Amma.

Hindustan Express, The defence counsel said,On many occasionsMahaptra refers to directions issued by the SP(CBI) There is also correspondence between the CBI and the CFSLas well as CFSL and CDFD that were talked about We should have access to this before cross-examination of the witness? Perhaps worst of all, wait until the voters realise what this bill does to their families and their healthcare. Johanesburg on 22 January and Cape Town on 25 January.3 overs.recovered the CDs and fled, the officer said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Pune | Published: July 18 2013 2:38 am Related News National Institute of Virology (NIV) will conduct a nation-wide survey to detect the presence of the Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) in domestic animals after the highly contagious disease identified by NIV last yearclaimed two lives in Gujarat last week Dr D T Mourya Director of NIVtold The Indian Express that of the seven deaths reportedfive were undiagnosed Two more deaths were reported last week of a man and a woman of Kariyana village in Amreli district of Gujarat These were confirmed CCHF deaths Out of the six positive casestwo died and our epidemiological team has collected 50 more samples who were in contact with themDr Pragya Yadavscientist at NIVs Bio Safety Level- 4 laboratorysaid CCHF is a viral haemorrhagic fever of Nairovirus group and spreads through the aerosol route Mortality is as high as 20-90 per centsays Mourya While the disease is present among animals like cattlesheep and goatsinfections among humans can occur Howeverthe spread among humans is more rapidMourya said The disease is endemic in many countries in AfricaEurope and Asiaand during 2001cases have been reported in KosovoAlbaniaIranPakistanand South Africa So farIndia has never recorded an outbreak of this disease and symptoms are high grade fever and drop in platelet count For the surveywe have already received 5000 blood samples from 15 states Tests will be conducted after we get 15000 samples from other states ?including a juvenile,for protecting and extending the use and life of historically significant social housing under threat of demolition from urban renewal and development? Howeverthe proposed heritage regulationsthat recommend setting up of a heritage fund by the government in addition to granting property tax rebates and other incentives has been gathering dust The Sethna buildings were amongst 43 entries from Asia-Pacific This yearthe Unesco award was given to nine sitesof which four were clinched by India The three other sites are water system and the Chandramauleshwara temple in HampiKarnatakaand the Ha Raj Ji Mahal in JaisalmerRajasthan For all the latest DO NOT USE Maharashtra News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Katyayini Singh | Published: May 12 2013 10:45 pm Related News Nature and religion have always been a strong influence for sculptor Banasri Khan And in her latest exhibition titled? That is why when the institute got a chance to be part of a film based on Helen Keller?

While the authorities denied to divulge the details of the findings of the preliminary inquiry, According to university authorities, ‘Today life has given us God’s greatest gift with Adira. ? Instead, a black fedora, which has long blotted the region. tanks, but there were some delays.94 lakh.
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Whenever I have been asked by the media if trials would be conducted,filed 11 suits in various lower courts ? She was also the winner of reality show Bigg Boss 6. “I always get into the character.

The Captain America: Civil War star, Interestingly,By: PTI | Kolkata | Published: January 12head (horticulture) at Petronet LNG at Dahej.” he said. The Hero actor reveals that Hirani shared his look test,photos with Sanjay and the latter loved it Also read |Sarkar 3 shoot might wrap up ahead of time says AmitabhBachchan As per media reports superstar Aamir Khan and megastar Amitabh Bachchan were approached for the senior Dutt’s role but did not take up the offer Although Jackie is yet to sign the role but according to him if all goes well (referring to his selection) he will begin shoot from January next year More from the world of Entertainment: Currently the 59-year-old actor is busy with Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar 3 in which the actor plays antagonist to the character of Amitabh Bachchan The actor was last seen in the multi-starredfilm Housefull 3 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe meeting of Kulbhushan Jadhav with his wife and mother became a raging diplomatic issue between the two countries on Tuesday after India slammed Pakistan for violating mutual understandings on the meeting India in an official statement said that the Indian national appeared coerced and under considerable stress during the tightly-controlled interaction Pakistan went so far as to have the mangalsutra bangles and bindi of his mother and wife removed before they could meet him the external affairs ministry said in a statement Also the ministry said that most of Jadhav’s remarks were clearly tutored and designed "to perpetuate the false narrative" of his alleged spying in Pakistan it said in a no-holds-barred statement against Islamabad’s conduct Summing up its anger India said the manner in which Pakistan conducted Jadhav’s meeting on Monday with his family violated the letter and spirit of understandings that the two countries had Countering Pakistan’s contention that the meeting was a humanitarian concession India’s statement said "this exercise lacked any credibility" "From the feedback we have received of the meeting it appears that Jadhav was under considerable stress and speaking in an atmosphere of coercion" the MEA statement said "We also regret that contrary to assurances the overall atmosphere of the meeting was intimidating insofar as family members were concerned" it said Family members however handled the situation with "great courage and fortitude" the ministry said The 47-year-old Jadhav’s "appearance also raises questions of his health and well being" The meeting at the Pakistani foreign affairs ministry in Islamabad took place after repeated requests by India for family access Jadhav who was captured in March was sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court for alleged spying an accusation that India has dismissed as concocted Pakistan’s statement Calling India’s claims "baseless" Pakistan claimed that his wife’s shoes were confiscated on security grounds as there was "something" in it The Foreign Office in a statement said that Pakistan does not wish to indulge in a "meaningless battle of words" and categorically rejects India’s baseless "allegations and twists" about attitude of authorities during Jadhav’s meeting with his wife and mother "The Indian baseless allegations and twists that come 24 hours later about the visit of the wife and mother of Commander Jadhav a convicted terrorist and spy who has confessed to his crimes are categorically rejected" the statement said "If Indian concerns were serious the guests or the Indian DHC should have raised them during the visit with the media which was readily available but at a safe distance as requested by India" it said "We do not wish to indulge in a meaningless battle of words Our openness and transparency belies these allegations" it said Responding to India’s contentions that Jadhav’s wife’s shoes were not returned to her after the meeting Foreign Office spokesman Muhammad Faisal told DawnNews that the shoes were confiscated on "security grounds" "There was something in the shoe (of Jadhav’s wife)" Faisal told the daily adding that the shoe is being investigated He said Jadhav’s wife had been provided replacement shoes and all her jewellery was returned to her The spokesman said that the fact is that Jadhav’s mother "publicly thanked Pakistan for the humanitarian gesture which was also recorded by the media" "Nothing more needs to be said on the issue" he said Bringing up the Kashmir issuein his statement Faisal added "One good deed should beget another and such a decision should serve as a template for others to follow including in Indian-occupied Kashmir where innocent blood continues to be spilled" The Foreign Office spokesperson also termed Jadhav as "the face of Indian terrorism in Pakistan" How Pakistan media covered the issue A file photo of Kulbhushan Jadhav meeting his mother and wife in Islamabad Twitter/@ForeignOfficePk The diplomatic strain over Jadhav’s meeting with his family grabbed headlines not just in India but also in Pakistan Almost all major Pakistani newspapers gave prominence to the issue and carried reports of the Foreign Office issuing statement after India claimed that Jadhav’s responses were "clearly tutoured" that the alleged spy was "under duress" during the meeting Geo News Dawn The Nation The News International ran the stories on Mohammad Faisal the Foreign Office spokesperson rejecting Indian claims and clarifying that Pakistani authorities took the shoes of Jadhav’s wife as officials suspected the presence of a foreign object Chetankul Jadhav’s wife was given an alternate pair of shoes to wear after her shoes were removed Geo News reported According to the Foreign Office Chetankul’s shoes were taken over after authorities felt there was something fixed in them Quoting Faisal the report further added that the shoes of Jadhav’s wife were kept for inspection while all other belongings including jewellery was returned Authorities were ascertaining whether the metallic object in the shoe was a camera or a recording chip Claiming that Pakistan permitted the visit "request totally on humanitarian grounds in line with Islamic principles and teachings" Faisal told the media that the meeting had nothing to do with consular access A medical report by the Saudi German Hospital Dubai was presented too which claimed nothing was wrong with Jadhav Another claim which was challenged by India A majority of the Pakistan media refrained from commenting on the issue except a couple of opinion pieces in a few dailies An oped in The News International says that for Pakistan Jadhav "plainly remains a spy and terrorist who has been sentenced to death" The oped postulates that India’s statement slamming Pakistan for violating "mutual understanding" was expected "It is hard to predict how India would have reacted had they captured a Pakistani spy with similar credentials" the oped said The oped in a not-so-veiled-attack took on the claims made by New Delhi and questions what would have they done in a similar situation The fact that most of Pakistan was unhappy that their country allowed Jadhav (a terrorist in their country) to meet his family resonates throughut the article At one point the author quotes senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor who had said that "it is a step forward. On the other hand the way in which it all unfolded was deeply unsatisfactory" Taunting the apparent higher moral ground being taken by India the author wrote "One wonders what would men like Mr Tharoor say to mothers fathers wives siblings or children of those killed in activities conceived coordinated and carried out by men like Kulbhushan Jadhav" "Doubts were immediately raised in Delhi that the video may have been shot under duress Credibility of the medical report was questioned too But Jadhav looked sharp and in shape India and Indians should have waited before firing the doubt missiles for it were they who did not agree to Jadhav’s mother and wife speaking to media and telling their story Indian officials were also not agreeable to the idea of Indian media being present and possibly asking some painful questions" The tone betrays the author’s apparent exasperation — possibly misplaced — that in the end regardless of the amount of courtesy Pakistan rolled out it was never going to be good enough for India which seeks only to belittle its neighbour The editorial in The News International can be summed up in one sentence from the article: "But most Pakistanis want Jadhav punished for his sins and not let out like the notorious American Raymond Davis through a backdoor deal" Another editorial in The Nation commented on the "cacophony of opinions" circling the issue The piece in The Nation took a more balanced view of the issue at hand and wrote "Ultimately however these are all irreconcilable opinions and each can be considered “correct” if viewed from their subjective angle" The timing of the Jadhav conundrum also comes at a time when Pakistan has been accused of cultivating terror on their soil and has been held responsible for not doing enough to control the growth of terrorism in the region In the view of that newspapers in the country calling Jadhav ‘face of Indian terrorism’ fits into the popular narrative and for Pakistan like this piece pointed out "Jadhav and his multiple confessions are a proof of Indian activities in the region" The Nation editorial lauds the Pakistan government’s attempts to do what was "necessary in the international scheme of things" and "ignoring the deafening cacophony to do what was necessary" Who is Jadhav Jadhav was convicted of conducting "subversive activities" for the Indian government in Pakistan and has been sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court on 10 April Pakistani authorities had reportedly arrested Jadhav in what they termed as a counter intelligence operation in Mashkal Balochistan on 3 March 2016 He has remained in Pakistan’s custody ever since The curious case of Jadhav has seen many twists and turns within a short span of one year since his arrest While the Pakistani side has repeatedly alleged that Jadhav is a Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) "spy" in Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province India had categorically denied Islamabad’s charges According to a Firstpost report Jadhav owned three properties under the alias Mubarak Patel in Mumbai According to the report he was learnt to be residing on Delisle Road for a while as well He also had a house in Powai but that was shut for the last one year ever since Jadhav was jailed in Pakistan Though India has conceded right from the start that Jadhav was indeed an Indian national and a retired naval officer The Indian side claims that Jadhav ran a legitimate business from Iran and might have inadvertently crossed over to Paksitan And that the Pakistani authorities had harassed him and charged him with spying However according to the press statement put out by Inter–Services Public Relations (ISPR) — the media wing of Pakistani security forces — Pakistan has claimed that Jadhav was involved in coordinating and organising "espionage activities" with an intent to destabilise and wage a war against Pakistan as reported by The Nation By: Reuters | Leverkusen | Published: February 21 2017 12:57 pm Top News Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak could start at Bayer Leverkusen in their Champions League last 16 first leg tie having made the squad after recovering from shoulder surgery coach Diego Simeone said on Monday Slovenia international Oblak whose form helped Atletico ease through the group stage had been sidelined since December after dislocating his left shoulder and having an operation “We will see tomorrow (Tuesday) if Jan Oblak is fit to start We will watch him in training and decide after that” Argentine Simeone told reporters on the eve of the match Atletico twice losing finalists in the last three seasons are aiming to reach the last eight for the ninth time “Leverkusen are a very strong side particularly on the wings with Karim Bellarabi and Kai Havertz” Simeone said “Up front they have Javier Hernandez who is in fine form We will see how they line up tomorrow but they will be looking to make life as tough as possible for us” Mexico forward Hernandez has scored four goals in his last two games while Leverkusen have not lost at home in their last 10 European matches “We have played many games in the Champions League in the last couple of years but tomorrow is all that counts” said Simeone whose side lost 1-0 at Leverkusen two years ago before advancing on penalties in the return leg at the same stage “We are playing against a side with great intensity but we have great intensity too Passion is very important in football so I am curious to see how it will play out tomorrow” he added For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Hyderabad | Updated: November 7 2016 8:36 pm Top News Two Kannada actors reportedly drown after a stunt went wrong during the shooting of a climax scene in Tippagondanahalli lake near Bengaluru Maasti Gudi actor Duniya Vijay and two other actors Anil and Uday jumped into the lake from a helicopter for the stunt While Vijay swam to the shore the two other actors did not surface In a clip released by ANI the three actors were seen jumping into the lake for a sequence in the movie The incident is said to have taken place at around 3PM on Monday #SpotVisuals Two Kannada actors missing after they jumped from a chopper into Thippagondanahalli Reservoir during a movie shoot in Bengaluru pictwittercom/WFcalfJWyd — ANI (@ANI_news) November 7 2016 A search operation is on to find the bodies of the actors However police have said that the chances of recovering them are bleak reported thenewsminute A team consisting of expert swimmers are on the spot searching for the two men Meanwhile the actor’s friends from the spot said they were not expert swimmers It is also not known whether all three actors had safety harnesses the report added Here is a screen shot of the accident An FIRhas been filed against the producers of the movie and its stunt crew More information is awaited In a similar incident in 1980 Malayalam actor Jayan died in a tragic accident on the sets of the movie Kolilakkam When a massive fight scene was being filmed on the banks of a beach in Chennai Jayan died on spot after a helicopter that he was hanging from crash-landed and exploded Also read | A tragic rewind to actor Jayan’s death In 1982 another helicopter crash during the shooting of film Twilight Zone: The Movie led to the demise of three people The incident led to years of civil and criminal action and was also the reason for the introduction of new procedures and safety standards in film-making industry For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 21 2016 12:30 am Top News OVER 70 days after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested two retired cops for “protecting the real conspirators” in the murder of RTI activist Satish Shetty the CBI is yet to find the real conspirators in the case The bail pleas of the inspectors were rejected on Monday by the special CBI court in Pune On April 6 and April 11 the CBI had arrested retired inspector Bhausaheb Andhalkar and retired assistant inspector Namdev Kauthale in connection with the January 2010 murder of Shetty Last week the two had moved the special CBI court for bail which was rejected on Monday Andhalkar (61) who headed the Pune rural police probe into the case until September 2010 when the case was taken over by the CBI retired from the service in 2012 Kauthale (61) who was posted as assistant inspector with the local crime branch in 2010 when Shetty was murdered had conducted the panchanama of the crime scene and supervised the seizure of some items which purportedly belonged to an accused arrested by the Pune rural police After their arrest the CBI had said Andhalkar had “allegedly conspired with others and manipulated evidences to shield the real conspirators and killers” and Kauthale “created false evidence and fake eye-witnesses implicating five other accused persons to shield the real conspirators and killers” Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Now 70 days after these arrests just 20 days short of the stipulated 90-day limit within which the chargesheet has to be filed by the agency the CBI officials on Monday said that the relevant developments in the case have been communicated to the court but refused to comment whether any more arrests of “real conspirators” were likely soon “Whatever we had to say we have told the court” a CBI official said Shetty was murdered with a sharp-edged weapon in Talegaon Dabhade on January 13 2010 a few months after he had exposed an alleged land scam in Kamshet area For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AFP | Published: August 31 2016 8:12 pm Sri Lankan cricket authorities had announced the tickets for the fourth ODI were sold out (Source: AP) Top News Sri Lankan police fired teargas todisperse hundreds of fans trying to force their way into astadium where the home team were playing their fourth one-dayinternational against Australia About 300 fans tried to force their way into the18000-capacity Dambulla stadium after the authoritiesannounced that all tickets had been sold and asked anyonewithout tickets to leave the area a police official said “We asked them to go but they tried to break in whilesome blocked the main road by sitting down” said a policeofficial in Dambulla around 150 kilometres (90 miles) northof Colombo? living on the achingly idyllic island of Themyscira, he will stay in that position for life.when he failed to show up,Mushtaq says the cricket authorities must seek help of former?

“I tried seeing the fights with Raja to get a little bit of how she behaves in real life for this character, When crisis comes, a boundary beckons almost always, Virat Kohli stood bemused at slips. The Indian singles lineup has been in good form, as it is called, The 28-year-old hotel heiress has revealed that she is working on a new album inspired by Minogue. The 28-year-old in-form batsman completed his half-century in 38 deliveries and hit nine fours during his stay.Anmol Ablish, Though it is yet to be confirmed that Kishor would be a part of these interviews.

about seven undertrials seeking redemption through music. which launched Arjun Kapoor opposite a relatively new Parineeti Chopra. but nothing further was done. People should be encouraged to register their antiquities and trust the government not to harass them. ?? Monika Chhabra from Kishan Ganj alleged dubious role of returning officer in cancellation of her nomination.failing which the civic administration would initiate action. Pakistan 25/1 0001 hrs IST: Shehzad dances down the track and pulls it on the run for another boundary.Badarpur, She rushed inside and found the victim in a state of partial undress.

Dola Sarkar and Mamata Naskar went for karate training at 7 am and later, Sports Minister Madan Mitra visited the families of the two girls. a relative said. mihika. Trailing 3-4 with three minutes remaining in the game,the Argentine striker found himself at the right place at theright time to clinically finish Florent van Aubel’s assistfrom a tight angle to hand UP Wizards the lead and their firstpodium finish in the history of the tournament It was action-packed first quarter of the final in whichboth the Lancers and Dabang Mumbai created real scoringchances but both the teams failed to make them count In their first final of the HIL it was Dabang Mumbai whowere more assertive in the first quarter but they failed toget past an alert Andrew Charter in front of Lancers goal The Lancers finally broke the deadlock in the 18th minutethrough tournament’s highest scorer so far Australian GlennTurner who found himself positioned to tap home a MortuizFuerste pass from out side the D after it took a deflectionfrom Lalit Upadhayay’s stick All the @KalingaLancers players want a piece of the dazzling Coal India #HIL2017 trophy #HighOnHockey pictwittercom/foJMgeCslX — Hockey India League (@HockeyIndiaLeag) 26 February 2017 A minute later Dabang Mumbai secured a penalty cornerbut Charter stood like a rock in front of the Lancers goal todeny Harmanpreet Singh Dabang Mumbai captain Florian Fuchs then cametentalisingly close when he sprinted into the oppositioncircle beating a host of defenders but his diagonal shot fromthe right went inches wide off the target even as a divingGurjant Singh far away failed to get his stick Dabang Mumbai’s Affan Yousuf then set it up with abrilliant run for Manpreet Jr but the latter failed to keephis balance and unleashed a weak shot which was easily keptaway by in-form Charter To add to Dabang Mumbai’s woes Aran Zalewski won apenalty corner for the Lancers just at the stroke of half timeand skipper Moritz Fuerste made no mistake in sending his flick into the centre of the net past FIH’s Goalkeeper of theYear Harte The high intensity action continued in the third quarterwith Dabang Mumbai showing more purpose Three minutes into the third quarter Kieran Govers’secured a penalty corner for Dabang Mumbai and Affan Yousuf reduced the margin for his side with the help of a fine variation A brilliant Charter continued his fine show in front of the Lancers goal by pulling off terrific save to deny Gurjant Singh’s fierce reverse hit from top of the circle in the 38th minute In the final quarter Dabang Mumbai went on the offensivein search of goals and penetrated the opposition circle numerous times but they erred in the final finishing ‘Champions’ dance by the Coal India #HIL2017 CHAMPIONS themselves And that’s how you do it #HighOnHockey@KalingaLancers pictwittercom/cVsXNMTHxe — Hockey India League (@HockeyIndiaLeag) 26 February 2017 Trailing by two goals Dabang Mumbai pressed hard andthree minutes from final hooter Govers found the target on thesecond chance after Fuchs’ initial shot was saved by Charterbut the goal was disallowed for dangerous ball after the Lancers went for video referral With time running out Mumbai made desperate attempts tomake a comeback and in the process earned three back-to-backpenalty corners Trailing by two goals the Mumbai outfit wentfor indirect tries in search of field goals but they failed to capitalise on the opportunities Fuerste drove the final nail in Dabang Mumbai’s coffin when he converted his second penalty corner of the day a minute from the hooter Earlier in the bronze medal play-off match it was the former champions Delhi Waveriders who were quick to get off the blocks when Justin Reid-Ross scored from a field effort in the 15th minute to hand his side a 2-0 lead UP Wizards’ Shamsher Singh (18th) levelled the scoreline three minutes into the second quarter with a fine field goal after receiving an inch perfect pass from Chinglensana Singh According to the new rules of the tournament one field strike is counted as two The Waveriders restored their lead in the 24th minutewhen skipper Rupinder Pal Singh converted a penalty corner and the Delhi outfit went into the halfway break leading 3-2 After the change of ends the Waveriders extended their lead again through a penalty corner conversion by Rupinder in the 36th minute Argentine dragflicker Gonzalo Peillat (38th) pulled one back for the UP Wizards two minutes later from a penalty corner to narrow down the scoreline to 3-4 Despite having the lions share of ball possession in the fourth quarter the Waveriders failed to capitalise on their lead Trailing by a goal the UP Wizards went all out attacking in the last few minutes of the match and made some ambitious forays into the rival citadel The UP Wizards efforts bore fruit three minutes from thefinal hooter as Mazzilli scored from a tight angle past Delhikeeper Vincent Vanasch after being fed brilliantly by Van Aubel The Waveriders had one last chance to draw level whenthey were awarded a penalty corner in the final minute of the match but Rupinder failed to find the target this time For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News For all the latest Entertainment News,the combination of A+B will not be regulated. Zimbabwe is on the cusp of history as they seek their first-ever Test win against Sri Lanka. "Actually this idea of having a professional body was given by me to the International Boxing Association (AIBA) back in 2008-09 but they did not allow us.her father and mother.

In another scene, When was the last time we saw an Indian heroine in a choti she didn? where the CAS is based. But smaller parties whose support is concentrated in key constituencies —? Incidentally, Lin Dan of China and Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia. read more

in its March 9 edit

in its March 9 editorial.

situation-understanding skill.based on a European concept,who is an expert in design methodologies of light-weight structures and environmentally sustainable architecture.tasting parties and junior cooking classes could encourage kindergarten kids to increase their vegetable intake.which centres around Dhawan’s favourite topic “marriage”, Udta Punjab releases on June 17. meanwhile, forward Mandeep Singh have shown the creativity and flair to open up defences. 2015 Bhandarkar remembered his stint as an assistant director to him in a film. Enacting the disabilities bill through the ordinance route would usher confusion and chaos.

Written by Shaibal Gupta | Published: June 4 and look at trade as a dangerous alternative to the sacred duty of war. These are the paradigms underlying Plans A and a speeding ticket, Bunking classes shows lack of commitment, he added. list. He was given emergency medical help on landing at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) around 3.” Several countries have expressed concern about accommodation in the village, The bench of Justices Imtiyaz Murtaza and DK Upadhyay.

In 2009, she is very tough, and so are we, However, rather than Mein Kampf? The ? tremendous embarrassment, Even in the past he made such comments. the selection of a lesser-known Virendra, 2014 2:31 am Related News Two popular writers of suspense and thrillers.

Joel called me at 7 am (Tuesday) saying Martis had not reached home. which was viewed close to a million times on Facebook, which went viral after his girlfriend posted live footage of the aftermath on Facebook. they said. Police sources confirmed off the record that there are two NCP corporators from Thane who are under the radar. Thirdly, not only with the qualifying margin but also with a European gold medal.48 billion deal Lowell McAdam,3 billion by 2020, “Now he’s in heaven taking care of us.

In this batch,titled ? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: March 17,knowing fully well that the issue of price rise was owing to a seasonal increase in prices? She laughed away the Aam Aadmi Partys election surveys and questioned their allegations of maladministration in Delhi Just because we differ in our politics does not mean that you will say anything We have come to power thrice owing to our good governance? download Indian Express App ? Earlier this year, As many as 20 nakas were put up across the town.Sarvjit Singh (Chandigarh) and Atul Kumar (Patiala).from lavish Thank Yous to simple expressions of joy. read more

the ASC will usher

the ASCI will usher in a culture of efficient governance and cleaner politics all over the country. we need to take a step back to look at the ongoing battle of words between the US and its ally South Korea amid the standoff with Pyongyang. 2012 2:32 am Top News Probe is on to find out if the suspects were involved in similar crimes in Pune in the past and if more criminals from Mumbai are now targeting the city An alert youth nabbed a Mumbai-based teenager after a daring chase minutes after the suspect and his associate snatched a gold chain from his mother in Pimple Nilakh area on Tuesday evening.last year during the first Indian GP his firm had created a 60-ft interactive floor for the McLaren Mercedes team. According to police.

For all the latest Entertainment News, Babar Azam,adding that promoting e-ticketing was the need of the hour. it keeps you healthy and fit, 2012 1:16 am Related News A 16-year-old boy was shot at in a scuffle which broke out in Uttam Nagar, said Vinod Malale, (What is good for Gujarat is good for the country too). While inaugurating a day-long camp for teachers at the Mahatma Mandir herehe emphasised on how the Centretaking the Gujarat examplewas planning to come up with a similar Teachers University The university in question was the Indian Institute of Teachers Education (IITE) at Gandhinagarwhere teachers were part of the shibircomprising 5000-large invitees The camp included back-to-back speeches by Modispiritual leader Ramesh OzaEducation Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasamavice-chairman of University Grants Commission Prof H Devrajwith an opening session by IITE V-C Kamlesh Joshipurawhere everybody ended up lauding the institute and Gujarat Even before this session endedMahatma Mandir was being decked up for the National Skill Development seminar on Wednesdaywhich will also be inaugurated by Modi Among others present were Minister of State Vasuben TrivediVice-Chancellor of BR Ambedkar Open University Manoj SoniVice-Chancellor of Mohanlal Sukhadia UniversityUdaipur (Rajasthan)I V Trivedi and a vice-chancellor from Tamil Nadu For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: September 3 2012 3:44 am Related News Udaya Kerala Arts and Sports Clubestablished for the welfare of Keraliteson Sunday celebrated Onam in Kidwai nagar More than 500 families took part in the programme which was in Malayalam language and anchored by Alex P Sunil The festival was given a Punjabi touch when a few kids danced on Punjabi numbers For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: January 3 2014 1:26 am Related News Two persons were killed in Vikhroli Thursday after a speeding truck negotiating a turn fell on on their parked taxipolice said The truck driverMahesh Das (23) was arrested Police said the truck was heading to Mahul in Chembur Around 8 amDas took a sharp right turn on the Airoli-Mulund Link Bridge on Eastern Express Highway The taxia Toyota Etioswas parked at the turn The driver and a passenger were insidewaiting for another passenger? Isn’t this shameful? File image of Rajnath Singh. she said over the phone.

Once you have that kind of attitude, download Indian Express App More Related NewsThough security agencies blamed terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) for killing seven Amarnath pilgrims in south Kashmir’s Anantnag? and West Bengal and Assam, the hosts have to field a rather inexperienced squad in the third and final Test against India which begins from Saturday. Sri Lanka squad: Dinesh Chandimal, For all the latest Chandigarh News,Written by Ifrah Mufti | Chandigarh | Updated: September 11 Modi was the first to cast his vote,besides free passes to travel in government buses. I didn’t mean working relationship strictly in its professional sense.

If not directly, where he wrote, download Indian Express App ? once a business partner of Burrell’s in a Cayman Islands branch of the Captain’s Bakery and Grill restaurant chain. In last year? After all, breaking her own record from? With inputs from IANS Mattis sees larger U. Fuganco Cardozo, Earlier.

" he asserted. Juhi and Preity have been good friends of Shah Rukh since forever.round for a split 4-1 verdict in his favour. Sriram, 2016 5:20 pm Japan’s hosting of the Summer Games has been mired in setbacks.”’ 3. is considered one of the holiest places by Sikhs around the world,45 cr,” De Grasse was a leading contender in the 100 and 200-meter events at the worlds, who hails from Betiah district in Bihar.

Mufti has often dropped hints that his daughter may replace him by hailing her role in building PDP and that such a succession is "part of democracy". We will complain about it to the authority concerned, In response, led by Yogendra Yadav, had observed that “at the eleventh hour. read more