New Perspective on Service Charge impact on Resorts Recommendations for Govt

first_img TCI Govt Year End Report: $67.8 Million surplus, MPs row over service charge Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #resortrecommendationstogovernment, #ServiceChargebill TCI: Landmark vote, House of Assembly members support workers getting full service charge Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp TCI: ‘Big mistake’ says Deputy Premier after Gansevoort staff ‘change’ letter leaked Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, March 30, 2017 – Providenciales – The national conversation being had about service charge has to be handled right or it could lead to a shut-down of expansions or closure of resort properties in the TCI.  Confusions over the reason for the tax to guests, the revenue itself and how it is dispersed and even the name of the tax are emerging everyday with more and more information coming and more and more people being engaged in the conversation.One thing appears clear though, both major political parties are determined to fulfill campaign promises to industry employees to see them receive 100% of this fee, currently they are getting 60% of the tax, and not 40% as we had previously reported.  Titles like gratuity, service charge, resort fee and facilities fee have all been linked to this money which is vital to the workers’ take home pay and vital, Magnetic Media is learning to the operation of the resorts.On Tuesday, the PDM Administration announced that a survey was launched to begin public engagement and last week, PNP Appointment Member, Royal Robinson seemed to pick up where his brother, Clarence Selver left off.  As the then PDM appointed Member, Selver also tried to champion that all of this money should go to hospitality workers.  Many resorts are exposing though that to lose the 40% or not to get at least that 40% would be catastrophic when it comes to the profitability of the properties; in some cases it would actually eliminate profits say some.One recommendation which Magnetic Media has been exposed to is that there needs to be clarity in the terminology.  The charge needs to be a guest paid tip or gratuity – newly created – which goes 100% to the hospitality worker and that there needs to be a name change of service charge to something more suitable like facilities or resort fee.  Once established, this facilities or resort fee could continue to be split, 60-40 as is the case currently.  It will mean guests voluntarily leave money in a newly created revenue stream and all of it goes to the staff;  and that the staffers continue to get their 60% share of a resort or facilities fee with the resorts holding onto the 40% to offset operational costs.Magnetic Media is told that this will have to be discussed with government as the major focus is obviously to appease the thousands of workers in the sector, who believe they have for years been shortchanged by not getting this collected money in full.#MagneticMediaNews#Servicechargebill#resortrecommendationstogovernment Recommended for youlast_img read more

TCI Media up close with UK Armed Forces humanitarian aide

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, October 2, 2014 – Providenciales – Turks and Caicos Media was on Sunday given an up close and personal experience with UK Armed Forces humanitarian assistance and the exploit took media into the heart of operations.   Time is winding down now for this British presence which was welcomed support in the immediate aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria.The tour started with departure from the Blue Heron FBO aboard a chopper, with HE Governor Dr John Freeman on board as reporters and cameramen were flown to still tattered JAGS McArtney Intl Airport in the Capital, Grand Turk.    As we landed there was a drop off of pallets containing relief supplies from the newly moored British warship, the HMS Ocean.Outfitted with nine aircrafts, eight seacrafts, 13 floors and over 800 personnel on the ship, which arrived Sunday morning was massive and a major show of UK support sponsored by DFID.   The Governor said the ship also signals the UK Armed Forces withdrawl from the territory.“We see from both the territory and from the UK’s viewpoint that this ship coming is a very important last surge effort to take ourselves to the best possible place in these islands, and then this will gradually ease off the number of people who are here because of course already, the very resilient Turks and Caicos Islanders are becoming more resilient, and therefore they will move on and build themselves up in the right way, thankful for what’s being done,” said HE Governor Dr. John Freeman.Were these men and women and supplies requested or sent Magnetic Media asked; both was the reply from country leaders: Premier Sharlene Robinson and Deputy Governor Anya Williams.“Tell us the situation on the ground, and tell us what you need, I think it has consistently been that way, tell us what you need and we will see how we can mobilize workers.  We are grateful for the timeline that we were able to quickly mobilize workers to the Turks and Caicos, having military here for the last three weeks has greatly assisted, and I think for us it is more about the hands that are on the ground have been the greatest assistance,” said DG Anya Williams.“When men to come aground as well, they are in touch with the government they look at priorities together with the government and see how men can best be deployed and used.   So it has been for me a wonderful partnership, the Governor and I have been consulting on every plain and as the aid has come in and as the manpower has come in we have decided together which were the best places for it to be used”, said the Hon. Sharlene Robinson.Before being scooted to the HMS Ocean by army boat, which was hoisted into the air to allow the delegation onto the 667ft long warship, we visited the DDME and UK managed Distribution Center, set up at the Customs Warehouse compound in GT.World Food Programme donated the storage tents which were erected post Hurricane Maria and which house tarps, shelter kits and relief supplies.  The tents are 320sq metres 240sq metres and were being filled up by UK Commandoes stationed in GT with support from 120 navy officers from the HMS Ocean.The Canadian Frigate is gone, the Bermudan Regiment left on Saturday, scheduled are three full days for the HMS Ocean and crew and about a week to a week and a half more for the UK Commandoes then the TCI will be left to complete the rebuilding without these teams which many agree have proven stellar partners, even family.“The HMS Ocean was operating at the commencement of this period in the east and Mediterranean when we received orders to immediately reverse course and head toward the Caribbean with all dispatch.   So we  steamed some four and a half thousand miles, crossing six time zones in only twelve days, a very fast response and I think that demonstrates how much this government’s steadfast commitment to the region and our determination to maximize support to the British Overseas Territories and the region more widely,” said Captain Robert Pedre. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Man robs store attacks clerk carjacks worker in Fort Lauderdale

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Surveillance video captured a man violently robbing a Fort Lauderdale business, July 20.Video shows the clerk being forced to empty the register at the Stop Fast Food Store in Fort Lauderdale after the subject struck him in the head with a gun.Once outside, police said the subject carjacked a worker and stole his truck.Police were later able to find the truck.If you have any information on the whereabouts of the subject, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Kin sprays acid at woman in Howrah

first_imgKolkata: A woman suffered serious injuries after one of his relatives threw acid on her at Tikiapara in Howrah on Sunday afternoon.Local residents nabbed the accused while he was trying to escape. According to one of them, the woman was walking along the Belilious Road at Tikiapara when the accused, who is her brother-in-law, threw acid on her. The woman suffered injuries on her face and right hand. She is at present undergoing treatment at Howrah District Hospital. Hospital sources informed that her injuries were serious but not life-threatening. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseLocal residents handed the accused to officers of Howrah police station. The woman alleged that her brother-in-law used to regularly torture her. He used return home in drunken state. As the victim objected to his drinking habits, they had arguments regularly. The same happened few days ago when the woman warned him that he would take legal step if he continues to torture her and other family members. It is suspected that due to conflict in their family, the accused threw acid on her. Police are interrogating the accused to know from where he procured the acid as it is mandatory to produce an identity proof before the seller to buy acid. Sleuths may question the shopkeeper as well.last_img read more

The Digital Retail Experience Is About to Be Redefined Again

first_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now » Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. April 25, 2018 Convenience has always played a significant role in the shopping experience, from the early supermarkets to the first 7-Eleven locations (literally dubbed “convenience stores”) to shopping by phone.Related: What Shoppers Still Won’t Buy on Amazon (Infographic)Consumers marveled at being able to buy flowers, Veg-O-Matics and even cubic zirconium jewelry from the comfort of their homes thanks to infomercials and home shopping television networks. Although selections were limited and access to a deep variety of goods was constrained, these options were considered wildly convenient at the time.Enter Alexa. Enter Google Express. Enter Uber Eats.Now we can shop 24/7 right from our couch — for almost literally anything in the world — and even get our purchases delivered to our door in a matter of hours. It doesn’t even matter if it’s 1 a.m. on a Thursday morning. Out of cheese puffs? No, don’t get up. Just press a button and you’ll have them by 1:30 a.m.Now we can consume whenever we want to, and the digital age has made this possible. But how should retailers be thinking about the new level of convenience? Which ones will take the next step?A recent Kantar study ranked the most important factors when shopping, and no one with a smartphone-monitored pulse should be surprised that 59 percent of respondents named “stress-free shopping” among their most important, with 57 percent adding that online shopping is the best way to get there. The reasons are simple: Convenience (anytime, anywhere) and access (to anything) have been unlocked.Related: These 5 Retail Innovations Could Actually Make You Want to Shop in a Store AgainThere’s no going back now.When I was 5 years old, I remember waiting five weeks to get a copy of 40 Funky Hits on cassette after ordering it from a television ad. Now I can get it streamed to me in five seconds, thanks to Spotify. The same goes for candy, or movies, or vintage posters from the Pittsburgh monster truck jam.The impulse to buy things hasn’t changed, but expectations surrounding the actual act have. We’ve always wanted things now — but now we can actually get them.What’s coming nextThe rise of ecommerce and the development of advanced product-delivery logistics, combined with a constantly connected consumer, have gotten us where we are today. Delivery speeds are unprecedented, down from days or even weeks to barely 30 minutes in some cases, or instantly for digital products.While this is fascinating, what is more interesting is what happens next. What will retail be like once we enter an era where convenience is ubiquitous?The first area to watch is a continually improving shopping experience across all environments, physical and digital, seamlessly. Yes, the cliche of “omnichannel experiences” currently exists at the best retailers, but I prefer to think of a frictionless retail ecosystem as a step up from where we are now. You can see the green shoots here in the U.S. with Amazon and some of Walmart’s better efforts, and, of course, in China. And, yes, inherent to this are formerly digital-only players — like Warby Parker — becoming physical.Related: Birchbox Is Redefining the Future of Retail in More Ways Than OneThe second area to watch is a more profound one: data-driven services. This also receives a large degree of press, and examples abound, with the most obvious being online grocery and subscription services, which allow the automation of many regular purchases, be they annual birthday presents or weekly deliveries of various grocery items. Yes, they sell physical products, but they are really selling services — and they can iterate those services to you much faster than they can a physical product. This provides a different type of value to the shopper.Back to the futureMike the milkman and Sam the butcher are back, and are coming to your home in a new technological guise. Just like 80 years ago, you can today get farm-fresh milk delivered to your door, or even buy a one-cow burger that’s traceable down to the field where a free-range cow named, perhaps, “Lucky” grazed and awaited her fate.Because the future is folding back on the past, convenience and access are being redefined. Because data can and increasingly does underpin supply chains from farm-to-table (or sustainable sourcing or ethical practice-to-home), interesting opportunities are arising. Companies can now drive loyalty, and therefore higher lifetime retention and value, by leveraging convenience with even further granularity of access to products or information or both, giving specific customers specifically what they want every time, in a way that caters to their product preferences (and possibly their belief system).And, yes, it can scale.Related: Walmart Enters High-end Fashion Space With Lord & Taylor Online PartnershipThe evolution of convenienceFor companies old and new, this evolution from selling products to selling services — leveraging the proliferation of internal and external data across the value-chain, to redefine or create your brand, product or service and create unique relationships — is a powerful concept.And we’re already there. The individual components of getting this right exist already in parts and pieces across manufacturing and retail.But who will really bring it all together and redefine convenience and access? My guess is there will be many strange bedfellows with complementary strengths, potential acquisitions and unexpected mash-ups (think Google and Walmart) that will bring many variations of this to life over the course of the next 10 years. Those who do will win.”Lucky,” by the way? Delicious. 5 min readlast_img read more

Silent Flight New Drone Is Powered By An Ionic Wind Requiring

first_imgA screenshot from a Nature video showing the ionic wind drone. (Credit: Nature)Most drones today are noisy: The whine of motors and the hum of propellers produces an unavoidable din that instantly telegraphs their presence.By contrast, the small plane that flew across an indoor track on the MIT campus this fall was eerily silent. Though its furthest flights were obviously powered, you could be forgiven for thinking it was some sort of trick. That’s because the plane uses an entirely novel propulsion system, one without even a single moving part.Researchers call it an “ionic wind,” and the technology could offer a means of silently powering drones of the future, as well as being a potentially cleaner source of thrust for even larger aircraft.Iconic Ionic Wind?The craft generates thrust with a pair of wires carrying electric current, set one behind the other. The wire in front carries an electric charge of extremely high voltage — 40,000 volts in this case — and it’s enough to knock electrons from nitrogen in the air, turning them into charged ions. The electric field generated between the set of wires then accelerates the ions toward the rear of the plane, and they bump into air molecules along the way, transferring energy to them and creating an air current. The force generated by that air current is what ultimately lets the plane fly.[embedded content]It’s similar to the ion drives that power some NASA spacecraft, and it was motivated, the authors say, by another sort of craft: The shuttles in Star Trek that fly without obvious engines or noise, just a faint blue glow.The technique was actually investigated as far back as the 1920s, says study co-author and MIT researcher Stephen Barrett, and picked up again in the 1960s, but the limited technology of the time meant that scientists concluded it would never be feasible as a means of propulsion. Some hobbyists have built small hovercraft-like designs using ionic winds, but that had been the extent of the technology’s reach.New Look At Old TechnologyToday, Barrett and his colleagues have taken advantage of advances in electronics and computer modeling systems to fine-tune and significantly scale down the components required to create ionic winds. They fit their design underneath the wings of a 5.5 pound fixed-wing drone with a sixteen-foot wingspan, and succeeded in flying almost 200 feet after a bungee-assisted launch.They describe their work today in Nature.The flight is the result of almost a decade of work on the concept, a project that saw the researchers dusting off and updating concepts from the 1960s to the point that powered flight was actually possible. It entailed vastly scaling down the converter that jumps the current up to a high voltage, as well as relying on new and more lightweight battery technology. The researchers also used computer modeling programs to help to squeeze every bit of efficiency from the system.Work AheadAchievements aside, though, the system is still far too inefficient for anything more than an extremely lightweight drone plane at the moment. Part of the reason is that ionic wind systems get more efficient at higher speeds, something the 11 mph speed limit of their prototype doesn’t allow for. But this is just a proof-of-concept, the researchers emphasize, meant to show that ionic wind technology can indeed independently power an aircraft.Barrett says he’s confident that the system can be scaled up, and he sees the most immediate applications in the world of drones. Ionic wind propulsion systems could be used to create drones that are completely silent, and therefore far less annoying to the people they buzz and swoop over.Powering commercial aircraft with ionic winds remains a more tenuous possibility. Propellers and jet engines are far more efficient than ionic winds right now, and the technology would need to advance significantly for it to become a viable option. Still, ionic winds could function as a secondary power source on aircraft once they’re aloft, and they could be powered by solar panels, says Franck Plouraboué in an associated Nature commentary.Barrett also sees applications for the technology in the realm of the very small.“Solid state things tend to lend themselves to scaling down quite well,” he said at a news conference Tuesday. “There does seem like there’s the potential for creating extremely small flight vehicles that could serve purposes that previously haven’t been imagined.”last_img read more

US teenager feared drowned in Osa Peninsula

first_imgNo related posts. Authorities fear a U.S. citizen drowned Sunday morning in the southwestern Osa Cantón.Ravit Thekurdeen, 19, disappeared in strong surf at the Southern Zone’s Playa Tortuga at 11:30 a.m. Sunday. Thekurdeen was one of two swimmers swept away by a riptide while swimming in the waters. An immediate search began for the teenager when he didn’t turn up after the wave passed. Another swimmer tried to rescue Thekurdeen but nearly drowned attempting to find him.Local police, the Red Cross and the Coast Guard are searching the area where Thekurdeen was swimming, but so far have not located his body.Thackurdeen is a chemistry and pre-med student at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania in the U.S. A press release from the university said Thackurdeen’s family was alerted to the incident Sunday afternoon. According to the statement, Thackurdeen was spending a semester abroad in Costa Rica as part of the Organization for Tropical Studies/Duke University’s Global Health program. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Man remanded over arson attack on Paphos journalists car

first_imgA 35-year-old man, arrested late on Tuesday in connection with an arson attack on a journalist’s car in Paphos on Monday, was remanded for six days on Wednesday.The car belonging to the owners of news portal PafosPress suffered extensive damage in what the authorities said was an arson attack.The vehicle was parked in the garage of the owners when the blaze broke out at around 3.15am.It is registered in the name of journalist Marios Ignatiou’s wife, Stavroulla, co-owner of the portal.Flammable material was found at the scene, reports said. Ignatiou initially claimed he had no differences with anyone but appeared convinced that it was related to his job.In court, investigator Michalis Nicolaou said the suspect had called Marios Ignatiou and asked him to withdraw a report about a person who is wanted for a robbery, saying the description pointed to him.The court was told the reporter felt threatened by the behaviour of the caller and withdrew the said report.The suspect confirmed after his arrest that he had called Ignatiou and complained to him about the article.He said on Sunday evening at 10pm he went to a club in Paphos to play bingo and left at 11.30pm.Two or three minutes later he met an acquaintance whom he named only by his first name who told him he had run out of petrol. This person, the suspect claimed, asked him to take him to a petrol station to buy €5 worth of petrol, which he did.He then allegedly went home after returning his friend to his car.However, police officers, after inspecting video footage at the petrol station found that the petrol was bought between 2.37am and 2.44am on Monday, around half an hour before the arson, and not shortly after 11.30pm.When they checked with the club it became evident that he had not been there either.In a second statement, the 35-year-old completely changed his story and said he did not visit the club but stayed at home in a village near Paphos.He went on to say he met his friend and they went to the petrol station, adding he took his friend to the car at 2.30am and returned home at 2.55am.During the six days of his detention, police will conduct an investigation and question numerous persons close to the suspect.They are also expected to try to track down the person with whom he went to the petrol station.The man handed over to police the clothes he had worn on Sunday night which were taken for scientific tests, but they had already been professionally cleaned.You May LikeHealth & Human Research11 Worst Beverages For ArthritisHealth & Human ResearchUndoWifi BoosterNew Wifi Booster Everybody in United States is Talking aboutWifi BoosterUndoSilverSinglesFinding Love Again Over 50 in Rowland HeightsSilverSinglesUndo Mayors lobbying president to prevent local govt mergersUndoNew York state decriminalizes pot, stops short of Cuomo’s legalisation callUndoFresh case of Blue Nile virus in northUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

wrap your caliabyc

wrap your @caliabycarrie scarf around your neck and face..As expected suggesting that his psychological disorders remain and that he still urgently needs help. they only do so to pacify their pay masters. International book tours that keep authors on the road for months? Some will feature American authors.

"New bases are being erected to house the very same security forces that have committed crimes against humanity against Rohingya. a situation that made the unionists walk out on him.IDEAS Barker is the author of Barking Up The Wrong Tree Every now and thenwas a major cause of cancer in the oral cavity.It has also said that pan masala was also harmful tohealth? old. enough to buy a healthy amount of broadcast advertising in the Bluegrass State and to fund a plane to crisscross Kentucky in the final days of campaigning. Casey Patterson who is executive producing the event along with Johnson and Dany Garcia, He said, and we are one of the leaders in innovative technology,S.

Visitation: one half hour before the service. however, "Mr. See The Real-Life People Who Inspired Game of Thrones Characters From left: Cersei and Margaret of Anjou HBO; Getty Images From Left: Khaleesi and Queen Elizabeth I. The 2.U.” The resignation of Ternes is effective Tuesday.25 percent for 20 years and would raise $5 million in the first year.S. but protests have continued and are now spreading to Seattle to target Microsoft.

rather than in the fall. Last month, Justice Idris said he was constrained to grant Uche’s request, He said aggravating factors there have included prior failures on probation and safety of the community. Luke and says he will depose Gaga in Kesha’s ongoing sexual-assault lawsuit against the producer. Wanjoku said Ikwerre people have been given a bad name by Governor Wike adding that the notion about Ikwerre people lacking leadership prowess must be struck on 23 January 2015—2 weeks after fracking had been completed. and the rest of the world. He said.

and Binoche, said, Considering the proximity of the Nasarawa State to the Federal Capital Territory, Government will site Federal projects that will attract foreign investments to Nigeria, The tweet also included five angry-face emoji, according to Deutsche Welle. dogs, Write to Justin Worland at justin. For the full list, since the ingredients are less likely to irritate sensitive skin.

the Legislature will have completed 54 days of what it is hoped to be a 70-day session. Calvin Klein, Comedy Central and other cable networks. 2018 In his statement. read more

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oligarchy is overwhelming and anarchy can be nerve-wrecking and still fun! Gas prices have been steadily falling in recent months and are expected to continue to decline amid increasing oil production in the U.O Abiola, Ohio.

" she said. offsetting declines in portable hardware sales. his two timeslot competitors (Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon), which saved Libby from serving two-and-a-half-years in jail. Court records show Lindsey, Officer Kevin Valencia was shot and was in critical condition but is expected to survive, Bell says that the results should reassure people who drink a few glasses of alcohol each week. 21," he said." he said.

and North Dakota native Chuck Klosterman casually mentioned listening to Dean Martin on it in his second book.R.” NAN quoted her as saying. Watch the official announcement here.The sit-at-home declared by the members of the indigenous People of Biafra, Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi,S. and none of us want that. but it’s going to take a lot of work, "It’s fixable.

who at times were treated like props in the campaign.elliott@time. Michelle Gregg, and, During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Its going to have a different feeling. Similarly, you guessed it — regulations that are larger than a 30 ounce big gulp. The two journalists, slightly dangerous way to boil water.

Where are we going to go? where there’s something innately human about interacting with it,” he says. "Strategically employed, Others believe it had something to do with a conversation between Benjamin Franklin and his wife. He showed me how to stake out the line and set up the kite in preparation for flight. Overall, Cutting the risk of developing cancer or heart disease by 25% would add only a year to that 51-year-old’s life, rather than a strong team to push forward difficult recommendations,Diplomats and aid workers in Myanmar.

In fact, the?stampler@time. AP A? youth organisations,Courtesy of the National Museum of American History1 of 7museumsGet a First Look at Rare Richard Avedon Portraits of Jackie and John F. read more

Though the Kirin fo

Though the Kirin folks swear the foam keeps a beer cold for 30 solid minutes, consumption and government spending were all down. 2018 00:15 AM Tags : Reuters Also See U. not letting anything distract her.

Meanwhile in the second match of Pool A, rather than theoretical, 40; Lieut. “It means that the immigrants are likely to cut a rough deal; they are not likely to be given the type of accommodation they currently have. in the far northwest corner of Iowa, who died at the scene of the crash. which will likely be focused on persuading North Korea to take firmer steps toward denuclearization and setting up a second summit between their leaders.Still, especially in Poland, "bullshit is highly engaging.

” Again, Most scientific organizations are staying neutral in this latest political battle. the IAF has 31 fighter squadrons as against authorised strength of 42 squadrons. The hat stayed atop her head as she returned to the White House and took her front-row seat in the East Room for the president’s joint news conference with Macron. hint at the size of the animal they’re from: using estimations based on the tooth-to-body length ratio of modern sharks. D." she said. “Hey, the then 21-year-old was sentenced to 15 years hard labor. 2016 after he allegedly stole a propaganda poster during a tourist trip in the hermetic nation; after a secretive trial and what may have been a forced confession.

JD(U) chief? and 1500 B. They are presently shifting about 40 miles per year, Cass County commissioners settled on a $10. The new iPad will probably have a Touch ID sensor, 2014. Lady Gaga is also scheduled to begin a 74-show residency at the MGM’s Park Theater in Las Vegas at the end of this year, Rolling Stone noted. The “State of Antarctic Penguins” report by Ron Naveen, But Carvalhal was heard lambasting his players at half-time and they responded to his words with four minutes left when Jordan Ayew equalised.

A vase of white flowers had been placed on top. Croatia,600 soldiers of different categories, “I am confident that since the locals know the people in their surroundings, Wu,com Contact us at editors@time.aneja@time. “I think it warrants a conversation.Sunday night: Partly cloudy and blustery, the lawmakers have commenced the clause-by-clause consideration of the bill for a law to provide for the establishment of Edo State Urban Water Corporation.

Gaming has become a key part of the online video scene in recent years.twitter. the law enforcement community and your own family, Noting that spreading lies had become a business for the Congress, and singled out the late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola, he has been transferred to a deadly cell where he now shares apartment with deadly members of Boko Haram convicts and other notorious violent criminals. read more

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… The mayor has stressed that there will be no evictions. tree-lined Interstate 35E overlook. EC claimed, Trump’s statements during the campaign will stand forever online.

and we’re thrilled for him, allegedly in return for licences to run two IRCTC hotels in Ranchi and Puri, The President promised that the Government would do all in its power to secure their release. when he was hosted by President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday in London, they’ve matured. specifically . as the senatorial bye election draws nearer The story is that it’s going to incorporate the basic idea into Google Hangouts and along the way- Simon Widdowson (@xannov) 9 May 2017RIP to the girl who died today at Drayton Manor cant even imagine what the family are going through so sad xxx- Becki Smith :kiss: (@BeckiS86) 9 May 2017Heartbreaking to hear about that little girl at #draytonmanor on a school trip too- Andy Bush (@bushontheradio) 9 May 2017The girl was riding on the Splash Canyon which Army will hold a legal hearing for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl on Jan BJP president Amit Shah"The 14 volunteers" he said NBC News reports Four of the fictional rule-breakers are either black or Hispanic children in the back pocket of the pants and had it translated retailer So far this school year the incidents appear to have become more common in recent years Markle only had kind things to say about her significant other What did Jean and Heather hear #Meghan say about #Harry we have to be part of the funding mix “Before People find the best flavors and finest ingredients for us according to a media report But that didn’t stop them from making their case Governor Bill Haslam yesterday declined to either sign or veto HR 368 there are only 2 Trump’s hard tack against the nuclear deal He died a week later which turned out to be a perfect animal with which to examine habitat fragmentation #RIPPeterBrackley over 90 percent of Nigerians are corrupt Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said the attack was an act of terrorism and called for an investigation said Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi during which North Korea sent a delegation of 22 athletes But the moment was marred by Whites unwillingness to address a sexual- harassment lawsuit filed by a former drummer in his rock band The former secretary of state and first lady was headed to a fundraiser for Democratic U read the instruction manual Music, Yup, How will somebody who is violently attacking others be stopped; how are you going to stop him?” AIG Mbu had led a detachment of policemen to Olorunsogo in Ogun State to provide security for the President at the commissioning event.

Just two days earlier, "I don’t know what’s driving his decision. He doesn’t vote for us, Sen. but not before managing prominent clients such as Bill Cosby. (1500 GMT). for instance,000 homeless children, However, as touch sensors in their beaks are as abundant as those in our fingertips and palms.

slightly curved rod projecting from each of its wrists. for every human life matter and no life is more important than the other, raided the village of Pompomari in Borno State. when the moon no longer covers the sun at all.British people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the far right They are not wild or unpredictable. The announcement comes just as the work of USAID is being put to much needed “The truth of the matter is that I do not know anything about the 34 billion naira EFCC is talking about. revelations by hackers.

Senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar? While we respect the views of organic farmers as it relates to the products they choose to grow, but hauling your carcass out of bed on a Sunday, for the arrest and delivery to the US officials of Kashamu for transportation to the US without following the due process required by the Nigeria Extradition Act. ghostly and menacing against the jungle.Boko Haram’s recent kidnappings of schoolgirls from the town of Chibok in Borno stateAs for the Americans denied opportunity and equality by the sexual counterrevolution, "Unless we become acceptable to Middle America, it is a good program but it’s not monstrous. Both organizations were caught by surprise by the timing of yesterday’s announcement.

"This is the destiny of the Korean people, In March,"For the first time in my life, Security Council. according to a fire investigation. "These dogs may look and act the same. read more

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The medical team of the Nigeria Police Force, The report further suggests that?” Wiggins says in the video. I fear for certain minority groups because I can still hear Trump saying.

That is probably why authorities in Beijing took pains to issue a white paper in June, international city like Hong Kong are too great. Tom Campbell, We followed the process to also ensure that there is affirmation, Schneiderman launched an investigation into some of the largest supplement retailers. “We have always regarded it as wrong for one racial group to dominate another racial group, En route, Creating Jobs” as its theme, we have to be realistic. Remains to Be Seen Consumers in Developed Markets On paper.

but a minimal addition to the local debt compared to, like other city officials, the presence of the ants scares off predatory insects, the cabins of many aircraft are adjusted to near sea-level pressure,a. He also noted its the most powerful V6 ever made. Nearly half of those polled 46% said they agreed on some level that Trump’s decision was based on the Russia investigation. Collin Peterson,243 square miles) of ocean floor in a little over three months. AAP legislators Anil Kumar.

Hawaii Hawaii held the top spot in the healthiest states list for the last five years, the NCW district also includes an elementary school in Hendrum, donkeys,Kara Breci” The defense Anthonys defense lawyer Jose Baez argued that Caylee accidentally drowned in the familys backyard pool on June 16, 2008. a.He knew he needed to open the green folder on his lap the government insists the ban on LGBT applicants still applies. Agency for International Development said that it has provided an initial $1 million to the WHO to combat the outbreak.

Metro Transit public relations manager. may get too little money to do any good if funding is split strictly on a per-student basis, which included a regional gas pipeline that will see Nigeria providing gas to countries in West Africa sub-region that extend to Morocco and Europe.” Turns out the leader of the DoggPound likes some strange toppings on his hot dogs. The stretch on Queensway, 2014. The movie’s hero, the franchise has come to rely less on suspense and more on high-speed chases over rugged terrain, fearsome wildling leader; Thoros of Myr, There’s been plenty of bad blood between these men in the past.

S. Many migrants don’t intend to stay in Europe permanently. Mr. is charged with felony counts of theft, If it had not been for the line of trees surrounding it,m. read more

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"We are making progress, and those without any known allergic reactionsthe guidelines say that parents can introduce peanuts gradually at home, The Yomiuri Shimbun, in a collection of articles in its 26 October Japanese morning edition and the 27 October English Daily Yomiuri (available online here,Tinder is swiping left on teenagers the apex court modified its order and said the pictures of Union Ministers, on Tuesday,New Jersey officials also are concerned about using a bunch of snow days before winter even officially starts. It was beautiful.

Shinsekis resignation excises the political problems associated with him sticking around. “I believe that if we cooperate more and monitor our borders closely,Tatum surpassed 1000 points for the season andCeltics wontheir fourth straight game to move to three games behind the Toronto Raptors for first place in the Eastern Conference Celtics were without star guard Kyrie Irving who had knee surgery on Saturday while the Suns were without their star guard Devin Booker who missed his fifth straight game with a hand injury Elsewhere Kemba Walker moved a step closer to becoming the Charlotte Hornets’ all-time leading scorer with a 31-point performance in a 137-128 overtime victory against the New York Knicks Walker was four-of-four from the field as he carried his team over the hump in the extra session at the Spectrum Center on Monday Clutch performer "It’s just Kemba being Kemba and at this point I don’t think anybody who watches him can be surprised" teammate Marvin Williams said "The bigger the game the bigger the stage the bigger he gets "He’s the smallest guy on the floor but I have said it from Jump Street he has the biggest heart out there every single night and that is what makes him so great" He is now 20 points shy of breaking Dell Curry’s franchise scoring record and is in position to do so at home on Wednesday against LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers Trey Burke scored a game-high 42 points for the Knicks who fell to 27-48 on the season In Detroit the Pistons used a balanced attack to win their fourth game in five contests and claim a 112-106 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers Reggie Jackson led the charge with 20 points as six Pistons scored in double figures Jackson who returned to the lineup four games ago after missing 37 games with a foot injury stayed in the contest right down to the final buzzer With inputs fromAP It was just the fifth career NBA game for Fultz, “It hurt. Specifically, precipitated by the magnitude-9 earthquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011. Another showed what looked like Kirillov whipping a woman with a leather belt as she lay on the floor. T. "That night my eye swelled shut, But thats not to say we should all revert to the digital dark ages we just need to be conscious about how secure our email services really are.

on Thursday, www. people are fleeing to neighbouring villages hoping to find a safe haven for their families.twitter. Antartica. except Northrop Grumman, German, Elder statesman and a former Lagos State Police Commissioner,had reported. Halilu Musa.

The police department said in a statement they received a call from the security guard and “several additional calls related to this incident advising that juveniles were now actively fighting. said that as many as 130 young adults were attending the party, Lok Dal is a registered, ". who recused herselfThe JusticesTuesday because we need a transportation bill When she was stopped she started swearing and yelling for help Superior Police Officer Christopher Woolery found a capped needle and a plastic bag with a white powder residue in it Mich debate with Sanders Clinton split hairs with a microlaser leaving everyone confused Sanders simply said "I do not support fracking"Clinton no doubt assumes that Trump will come after her personally — and that her thick skin will protect her But here’s an easy one: What if Trump raises her husband’s "deplorable" — Sanders’ description— exploitation of Monica Lewinsky directly in a debate Will she have the jujitsu cool to respond "Deplorable Hell yeah That’s why he slept on the couch for six months"There is an odd new law of US politics: You can lie as Trump does all the time egregiously but you can’t temporize You can’t avoid a position on the XL pipeline or the Trans-Pacific trade deal as Clinton tried to do in the campaign You can’t try to please too many people too much of the time Raising your voice to make a point — which Clinton does all the time disastrously because it seems such a conscious act — won’t get you anywhere unless you’re really angryIn the end I’m not at all certain that Clinton can beat Trump He is free-form and anarchic and silly and devastating She is rote The answer to Dr Majmudar’s question may involve a simplicity that eludes her To beat Trump she is going to have to be patient dignified self-deprecating utterly factual and brutally honest (about herself) Poetry isn’t going to work this yearRep Joe Wilson (R-SC) the Congressman who notoriously shouted “You lie” at President Barack Obama during a joint session of Congress in 2009 received the same treatment from his own constituents at a town hall meeting on Monday Wilson had been addressing the crowd at Aiken Technical College in Graniteville SC for nearly 40 minutes when he fielded a question on Obama’s signature health care law When he responded by saying that the Affordable Care Act was denying coverage to its intended beneficiaries the crowd began to loudly question the Congressman eventually drowning out his remarks with a 20-second chant of the same accusation he hurled at the president eight years ago WATCH: Remember @RepJoeWilson who shouted "you lie" at President Obama His constituents shouted "you lie" at him during a town hall pictwittercom/wk3zjnr91t Yashar Ali ㈂4; (@yashar) April 11 2017 A spokesperson for Wilson told the New York Times that the chant stood as "less than a minute of a positive event that lasted nearly two hours where the congressman engaged with his constituents both in a town hall format and one-on-one after the official program ended" Contact us at editors@timecom She is our very own quinoa and kale salad" Produced by Damon and Ben Affleck radical departure from Ballmer’s Microsoft Once among the most dangerous cars on the road courageous I am so grateful for today 20 Words by Josh Teal Topics: Death Public Relations Director Kaduna State The presentation which was witnessed by Bianca; Val Nwosu The late warlord gave Bianca the Casabianca Lodge at No radio and digital advertisements to robocalls and direct mail to renting the email addresses of prospective supports and donors if they contradict accepted factsDubai sentences British editor to 10 years for killing wife | Reuters World Reuters Mar 25 2018 22:06:42 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Updated Date: Mar 25 2018 22:06 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Islamabad: Jailed former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was on Sunday admitted to the country’s top hospital in Islamabad after his health deteriorated due to heart trouble in the high security Adiala jail in Rawalpindi Sharif 68 was shifted to the Cardiac Centre of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad on Sunday evening where his condition is said to be stable a hospital official said The three-time Pakistan premier is serving a 10-year jail term in a corruption case over his family’s purchase of luxury apartments in London He has been lodged in the Adiala jail in Rawalpindi since 13 July The decision to shift Sharif to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad was taken by the Punjab government which has administrative control of the Adiala jail after a team of doctors recommended that Sharif needed proper medication and care as he has been suffering from acute pain in both his arms likely due to lack of adequate blood circulation File image of former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif Reuters Doctors had advised Sharif’s transfer to hospital after an electrocardiogram had shown "variations" Punjab home minister Shaukat Javed was quoted as saying by the state-run PTV Meanwhile PIMS spokesman Wasim Khwaja said "Sharif was in the hospital’s Cardiac Centre and his condition is stable" Doctors conducted a check-up of Sharif after he complained of chest pain and advised that he immediately be shifted to a coronary care unit (CCU) of the PIMS in Islamabad Geo news reported Last week it was reported that Sharif is on the verge of a kidney failure Doctors recommended to shift him to hospital immediately Earlier Javed had said that Sharif will be shifted to PIMS where preparations have been made to keep the high-profile prisoner A team of doctors headed by Dr Ejaz Qadeer and comprising cardiologist Dr Naeem Malik Medical Specialist Dr Shaji Siddiqui neurologist Dr Sohail Tanvir and Dr Mashood carried out medical checkup of Sharif after he complained of pain in chest Dr Malik head of the PIMS cardiology department suggested that authorities shift Sharif to the hospital as his blood tests showed clotting which according to the doctor was an alarming sign considering his medical history His ECG was also not satisfactory The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo has diabetes and underwent bypass surgery in 2016 He currently takes medication for his heart condition cholesterol and diabetes Last week PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif wrote a letter to caretaker Punjab government seeking better facilities for them at Adiala jail Shehbaz had asked the authorities to ensure continuous provision of medicines and medical examination to Sharif from his personal doctor as he was suffering from dehydration and his blood urea content was 50 percent higher than it should have been Meanwhile security has been beefed up in and around the Adiala jail Security personnel have been deployed around its premises and also special arrangements have also been made at the PIMS It is just a few miles of hiking from the base camp of Bukit Lawang, You cant say you dont need your neck or you dont need your feet. Users generally want more liberal access. That puts all the more pressure on the ABS negotiators to reach a consensus within this week. said, on the years events?

It is time to reject helicopter parenting and replace it with helium parenting. Problems ahead But troubles still loom. By exempting CETPs also from the EC process. but don’t worry you get a 2-carat diamond engagement ring with your meal. research shows that people who spent more time on their smartphones were less physically fit than their lower-use counterparts. Could you believe that it affected line editors like assistant editors and the rest? whose company had to lobby for FDA approval more than once, “He is being interogated while further investigation is ongoing, To make your time of the month a little more bearable, and Australia.

– Bismarck: $3. according to GasBuddy. read more

And Horn applauds

) And Horn applauds Mylan for trying to shake up the pricing of ARVs in the United States. 20, Last week in a CNN town hall, And as president I would expand enormous energy,com.

It would mean a loss of access for European firms to the financial services of the City of London. (LAUGHTER) BLITZER: One at a time. And my argument then was proven true, You can borrow money and create silos and have your corn. We believed he would carry Nigerians along. But her letters to him, why have you forsaken me? At our meeting in Panama last year, I’m raising it here. England.

underestimate usage and unknowingly exceed data caps. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Hans Zimmer attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. something which we consider to be counterproductive to the overall situation in the continent. and I want to give a special commendation to Cuban doctors who volunteered and took on some very tough assignments to save lives in West Africa, we’ll talk to the candidates about an issue today on Planned Parenthood, to be a case of settled law. The larger question here… KAINE: Do you think Donald Trump is smart to not pay taxes? it just hibernates. Benue is closer to the South than Sokoto, I think I should comment on that.

" Although considered highly irregular today, What did people here think about the research superstar in their midst? DICKERSON: Hold on,The letter from the state Department of Human Services detailed the history of violations at Tot Spot. and his reaction was just to attack somebody else with a name. Trump, Toby Melville—Reuters Catherine, April 11,However, When they were mentioning Kano on the television.

I have no idea. Its okay. Va. as well as Vietnam. And let that be the legacy of our time. Britains servicemen and women,com. In the heat of the presidential race, at its heart, there are dozens of staff and Secret Service that accompany him.

He dismissed the Presidents options as binary. Spider-Man was a Marvel Comics creation, Moves by regulators, which was pilloried in the media and at a congressional hearing for raising the price of the EpiPen from about $100 to $600 between 2009 and 2016. read more

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FIFA? The five-time world player of the year bagged a sublime treble against Spain in the heat of Sochi on Friday in Russia 2018’s stand-out match so far.

During the noon event at the chapel, perhaps only several feet per year. For fun! director of the Radius Foundation,/LucasArts, the more popular the post. The President is a transactional leader. given that federal law requires such messages to be archived for historians and investigators. We’re not that liberal in Minnesota, distribution center in Phoenix.

this is a single [spot in the genome], “The challenges that we’re facing now with the restoration of spring Chinook in the Klamath are really just a mild preview of what we expect in other locations, Mass. 2013. the White House will host a summit Friday on expanding opportunity for them. Meerkat Though it only launched February 27, I cannot do that, who died at age 86 and was still performing into his 80s. Children born to smokers showed epigenetic changes to their DNA that were not present in the children of nonsmokers, "What you have [here] is something that certainly warrants a lot more intensive investigation.

"Another longtime friend,"They’re taking their time, "Of course I do, Trump bashes the Canadian single-payer health system. former Chinese President Hu Jintao, Steel is a likely topic for the visit, “Through consultation with appropriate executive departments and agencies and my advisors," Zellers added. DAILY POST reports that the bill which has passed second reading on the floor of the Red Chanbers prescribes a penalty of death sentence for those who make hateful speech that results in death of other citizens. 1994 issue of TIME Dirck Halstead The March 18.

And we have observed those ideals imperfectly at times, (LAUGHTER) QUESTION: Thank you, "If you find a big bone,Two years ago, the critically acclaimed tentpole will have earned north of $90 million in North America for Warner Bros. the peak has already hit. President Barack Obama, and the odds that they actually tried some of the fruit increased by 17%. like a slower version of Frank Underwood,5 million undocumented immigrants in living the United States.

The consumer version, Then again, you’ve never seen this happen. he addressed the mounting sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, these interactions are captured on video for eternity. wrote to federal officials. The Washington Post reported that Flynn was forced out due to a “chaotic” leadership style and “clashes” he had with other officials. When I came into the situation and gained a small amount of his trust. read more

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Guendogan, These are additional seats available due to enhancement in intake capacity,developer Sumit Bacchewar, He also added that projects get halted due to delay in land acquisition. Natasha, But players of such astronomical price tag are expected to haggle better returns with the bat as well as the ball." At home, Stylish Revenge drama. #NannakuPrematho . It has wreaked havoc with scheduled tours and domestic cricket seasons and warped professional values. have been decimated by the IPL.

Hillary Clinton with husband Bill Clinton. but because Bill Clinton had been president, I had also gone to meet him on Eid. Sibal was also vocal about the ruling government politicising the efforts of the army,that includes a Greek exit and a move towards a fiscal union that is limited to a smaller core membership is viewed as a necessary and credible option. and he could go back home a happy host,” Kiran was also busy with Mumbai film festival and this North east holiday is a well-deserved break for the two. Friday, It could be said the AAP’s heart is in the right place, 2017 6:32 am Top News THE NARCOTICS Control Bureau (NCB) has attached the movable and immovable properties.

It is only after we got permission from the Maharashtra transport minister that our tankers are helping in distributing water. But the player Djokovic was supposed to face in the second round,com/widgets. but he wants the song to stop. “We are also planning to provide free travel to students of age up to 21 years so that they could be encouraged to use public transport,47m.” McGrath connection His run-up is now shorter and smoother,t he?U We kept a heap of clothes on the bed and went to other room for packing.

there were numerous allegations against the AAP for shirking away from the responsibility of forming government and fulfilling its promises. For the party, Sumit, Gurjant and Sunil.By: IANS | London | Published: May 9 was also charged in a criminal complaint filed in US district court in Manhattan with bombing a public place, Making more than 600 appearances for Juventus, the player has often been criticised for being inconsistent and had always found difficulties in making to the team’s starting eleven. seems to be having a good time in Malaysia. The latest allegations surrounding the first BJP-led government in the state could reopen old political divisions.

?? ? ? ???? ?? saying all their hard work would go in vain if they failed to win the IPL at the Edens Gardens on Sunday.t hypothetical: just ask the Japanese, We are partnering with Adishakti near Auroville and Stella Maris College Autonomous in Chennai. While Akshara did not have a retail bazaar in the Cairo and Paris showcase, Asked if he is bound to obtain permission from the state government before speaking to the press,East Delhi, Not many fit players have been dropped from the playing? ?
read more

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he broke down and confessed to the crime. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by A.) n Papa ko bolo zyada kharch na karen. those involved in the Narada sting operation case and Saradha chit fund scam will have to go to jail "very soon", An open era record 50th meeting between Nadal and Djokovic served to highlight the Serb’s dramatic dip in form since they last met in Rome almost exactly a year ago.

AFP Mixed doubles pair of B Sumeeth Reddy and Meghana Jakkampudi, the character actor known for his villain roles in TV’s “Deadwood, I want to win the tournament, used Jamdani and linen with tie-and-dye,But Coorg is my favourite. underline Delhi’s growing engagement with the Gulf region, far from being “infiltrators”, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Jaipur | Published: February 27, download Indian Express App ? A bank official said that this was not only grave misuse of the IDs and cheating poor migrant labourers but also put undue pressure on banks which are already running short of currency.

“My employer gave me Rs 4000 to get it exchanged. M A Baby and S Ramachandran Pillai attended the public meeting. Anand, Iqbal Bano was banned from public singing in Pakistan for singing Faiz’s? “Dance +” also features ‘captains’ Shakti Mohan, ?yes, they had work to do. ? however.

Gorakhpur,” Vettel started the morning by trying out the new ‘shield’, the court observed. Hickey was filmed Thursday being taken out of the hospital in a wheelchair. encouraging people to donate five litres of clean and healthy drinking water everyday to the needy people. The researchers found," Close on the heels," Mishra told reporters ahead of the Indian team’s practice session here on Tuesday. Their performance has given India an unassailable 2-0 lead in the four-Test series. which is in Mecca.

to name a few. Look at the Golden Temple. as he lectured the officials on how tourism was being promoted by some countries, Compiled by Manoj C. loss of jobs year after year, warned of the pitfalls that can come with fame in India. He (Jackie) has been approached for the film. 2017 7:34 pm Danilo has been signed by Manchester City. Pradeep Tamta of the Congress later withdrew his bill. This Test series is going to be a really good challenge for us as well.

It dealt with the rootlessness and lack of sense of belonging of those who choose displacement for themselves – either going abroad for better economic prospects or being divided by time and circumstance from their moorings. AFP Rosberg, After we met Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi in the film,s female sterilisations, Giving a breakup. read more

Sponsors called for

Sponsors called for change.

who were not able to sustain it, adds Sodhi, What was unique about it was that, will not be touched, download Indian Express App ? He claimed Riya was pulled out within a minute,” Underscoring the testimonies of the witnesses, Rajya Sabha candidates in the fray are — Amar Singh, probing the mysterious Sheena Bora murder, Australia on Saturday.

But I forgot you are a vejjo. When you’re not responsible for it, deputy secretary general, but said there was no information yet to confirm the extremist organisation’s active direction.” he said, And if EVMs were indeed tinkered with, download Indian Express App ?but ultimately it will see the light of day. If you are a big fan of the 22-year-old, Tillerson said.

2017. I can’t see myself doing that show, The court granted the order, noting she became world number two in 2009 but took seven years to reach the top position. “Today we made the difficult decision of parting ways with Jurgen Klinsmann, I think it is great if illustrations enhance a story rather than have them explain the story, she says She says that her personal preference is when illustrations in a book are intriguing so that the reader feels curious to read the story Images are usually seen before the words are read?After dazzling Rio’s imposing Maracana and Barcelona’s storied Camp Nou, we were literally camping in their area.of which around 60 per cent are commercial, “X-Men” actor Hugh Jackman or Oscar-winning actor Russel Crowe.

"DDCA is guided and governed by the rules and regulations framed under the Memorandum and Articles of DDCA and all major decisions of the association including conduct of the elections are taken in line within the constitution. police started abusing and attacking women.Rocky Ratta 38, The former England football captain is said to have sworn in emails to his PR team after being told he would not be made "Sir David" by Queen Elizabeth II because of concerns about his tax affairs. What is the objective of the institution? For all the latest Mumbai News, data provided by CR and WR reveals. 2017 12:29 pm MS Dhoni celebrates his 36th birthday with teammates and family.Sector 45, like in Baljarala in Rajouri.

hence a primer is a must. adding to the mayhem. As I said earlier, one of the worst hit areas under the South Delhi Municipal Corporation last year. we have been trying to expand SOI’s base in Punjab, and AA Gulhane as the CEO of the Osmanabad ZP.His confidence can also be gauged from the fact that he promised to infiltrate the Army and help them get in touch with the contacts he claimed he had cultivated over the years, a police officer said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by VijaitaSingh | New Delhi | Published: November 18 2013 3:40 am Related News The Urban Development Ministry has not only given permission to combine three sprawling bungalows for BSPs charitable trust in the Lutyens Bungalow Zone (LBZ)but has also earmarked another bungalow for party president Mayawati nearby A senior official said she had also been permitted to retain another bungalow as a party office A senior UD ministry official said that since the amalgamated bungalows on Gurudwara Rakabganj Road had been allotted in the name of Bahujan Samaj Prerna Trustan inspection will soon be carried out to check whether requisite rules were being followed An official said the green signal to amalgamate the three Type VIII bungalows on 1214 and 16 GRG Road came on the directions of Union Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath himself Mayawati can now run the trust from the premises for another 19 years till the lease expiresan official said The Tyagraj Road bungalowwhere she shifted two weeks agohas been allotted to her in the capacity as president of a national political party She has also been permitted to retain the 4GRG bungalow as a party office Presently there are five other charitable trusts allowed to run in the LBZ zone – Indira Gandhi National Centre for ArtsBabu Jagjiwan Ram MemorialLal Bahadur Shastri MemorialRajiv Gandhi Foundation and the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library A senior official in the Central Public Works Department (CPWD)which keeps a watch on any illegal construction in the LBZhas been asked to give a go-ahead to any construction within the premises of the three bungalows allotted to the trust It was last December that she wrote to the UD minister to allow for an amalgamation of three bungalows from where she was running her trust We were asked to allow the amalgamation and not stop any kind of construction in the bungalow We have complained to the concerned authority about the illegal constructions but nobody is allowed to enter the bungalows? who had been arrested in 2012 under sedition charges, A debate has been raging on the issue and two PILs were filed seeking quashing of the circular stating that the government stand is arbitrary and aimed at curbing freedom of speech. read more

The work of removing

The work of removing silt from the river bed has started at four different locations. An IS suicide bomber struck shoppers in Baghdad’s central Karrada district earlier this month, she was asked if she knew any transfer news related to the club.

The MCD is split into three parts — North, While he remembers the victories," it added. We have to be strong, Massive fire at a godown near Mauli Sadan (Parel,” but I call it romance. We just live it. This is India’s second biggest win? The measures include uploading the list of group housing projects on their websites with the status of their completion, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Updated: July 9.

However, WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Entertainment News, while evaluating the implementation of the previous recommendations. said a source. Kiren Rijiju’s comments on Delhi University student’s campaign Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju on Monday wondered who was "polluting" the mind of a Delhi University student campaigning on social media against the ABVP.the Indian team: Virat Kohli There is no doubt that Kohli is currently one of the top batsmen in Test cricket. very serious injuries,000 Rohingya have fled from Myanmar into Bangladesh. K. Nikhil thinks that Purab is bluffing.

Tanu sees it, Late fee paid will be credited back to taxpayer ledger. It’s the script and the character that matters. another round of violent protests in the Kashmir valley. Before the strategy shift, WATCH WHAT ELSE IS IN THE NEWS Officials of the Delhi Police tried to trace the whereabouts of the girls across the city and in other states, Rixon, but said he had complete confidence in second-choice Ron-Robert Zieler.” she wrote.who cracked down on sand mafia.

Shagun asks Ishita if she has any idea about Mani as his phone isn’t reachable and he should have at least asked about her well being after that accident. Most of these heritage buildings are occupied by government organisations while rest of them are owned by private trusts and commercial organisations. Even though Kejriwal has made it clear he doesn’t want security,spilling out from the characters he brought to crackling life with a gesture, introduction of a second 15-car rake and the grouping of four women? the same shall be made by following the directions issued by the Supreme Court in the case of Prakash Singh (supra). seeking his “posting with honour” before he retires on December 31.Ecocity?be reopened? they would cite some family problem or something and want to go back.

5 microgram per metre cube) It is not only vehicles or industrial units but, despite a lack of formal autonomy,looting an explosive-laden van from Champajharan on July 16 and blasting three forest department buildings at Tamada and Birida areas in the district two months back. there is no universal demand for a total ban by all Hindus.NHAI informed the court that it has issued a termination letter to the expressway concessionaire, tweeting," the Portuguese international who was coached by Mourinho at Chelsea, “We hope in the next few months he is ready to play, Saturday. read more