Want to dive into Donegal’s amazing coastline? Join the club!

first_imgLooking for a rewarding past-time that will bring you to places you’ve never seen before?Or how about getting an unparalleled view of underwater life and discovering incredible shipwrecks?The Sheephaven Sub Aqua Club is seeking new club members to join them in their thrilling dives around Donegal. The adventurous group is about to let everyone see what scuba diving is all about when they host a  Try A Dive on Tuesday 15th October in the Mevagh Dive Centre, Carrigart at 8.00pm. Entering this sport brings a host of benefits – you will gain the skills to meet the challenges of learning to dive and receive a world-recognised qualification.And this upcoming event is your opportunity to sign up and join a friendly community that is so valuable to Donegal.The Try A Dive event is free and all the participants need to bring is their swim gear, the club will supply the rest. In home waters around Donegal, scuba divers are treated to pristine waters that contain reefs which have abundant and diverse marine life and shipwrecks that chart both Irish and European history on our doorstep. In summer time, the waters around Donegal rise in temperature to 16 degrees Celsius and in-water visibility can extend to 20 metres at locations such as Arranmore, Tory Island and Horn Head. In the winter time when sea conditions are too rough Sheephaven divers have access to the shelter waters of Mulroy Bay and dives at Dunloan Rock, Pan Rock and Campbells Bed are available. Club members with Sheephaven SAC will have access to a purpose built clubhouse, dive boats and air bank, backed up by the Irish Underwater Council grade structure delivered by the clubs instructors. Starting as a Trainee a new entrant into diving will be coached in the theory and skills of scuba diving in the safety and comfort of a pool setting before taking to the open water, after which they can progress through the grades to whatever level they are comfortable with.  There is always some form of a Sheephaven activity 52 weeks of the year.Snorkelling is a big part of the Sheephaven diving scene and every Sunday morning there is snorkel in Portnablagh, followed by a social chat and cup of tea.Sheephaven club members have toured the world, from Scotland, Malta, Spain, Cuba, The Maldives, Galapagos Islands and numerous times to the Red Sea, all on the back of the qualifications achieved diving with the club. Club members give back to the community through their Search and Recovery Unit, where qualified divers who volunteer can receive additional training to provide assistance to the Civil authorities, should be they be called upon.  So for anyone interested in taking up a challenge that will reward them physically and literally take them to places they have never seen before – then their journey begins with the Sheephaven Try A Dive. For further information Anne Boyle can be contacted at anneboyle@eircom.net or Damien Kelly 086 8307020 and club activities can be followed on our Facebook page Sheephaven SAC. Want to dive into Donegal’s amazing coastline? Join the club! was last modified: October 9th, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Divingsheephaven sacTry a divelast_img read more

World Press Eyes Kansas Evolution Battle

first_imgThe “Un-Scopes” trial of the decade is underway in Kansas, and the world press is watching.  Unlike the 1925 Scopes trial, this time evolution is the leader and intelligent design is the contender: actually, not even that – the leaders of the ID movement are not asking for ID to be taught, but only for criticisms of Darwinism to be permitted in the classroom.  With a majority on the board favoring changes to the science standards that would allow a “teach the controversy” approach, the Darwinians are on edge about a near-certain defeat.  They are boycotting the hearings which resemble a court trial with lawyers for and against.    Here are some of the stories in the news so far.  Stay tuned for the outcome of this debate that will probably influence the positions of other state school boards.New York Times article (as analyzed by Discovery Institute)Wichita Eagle: Evolution players set out positions.Kansas City Star: Intelligent design theory argues for a designer of life.MSNBC: Witnesses criticize how evolution is taught.MSNBC: The evolution of a fight to the end.CNN: Evolution hearings open in Kansas.Science Daily: Teachers, scientists lead evolution fight.Lawrence Journal-World: Scientists: Board of education can’t determine evolution issue.Washington Times op-ed: Debating Darwinism.World Net Daily editorial: Explosive memo reveals Darwinist strategy for Kansas.Insight on the News (UPI): Evolution dispute continues.In addition, more news outlets are reporting related stories about creation vs. evolution, such as:California Agee: Intelligent Design theorist [Behe] challenges DarwinismAgape Press: Parent Sues Evolutionist, Claiming She Defames Him in Anti-Creationist Article.MSNBC: The stirring on the mount (how a creationist is using Mt. St. Helens to support Biblical geology)Kentucky Post: Creationism facility here on a mission (Answers in Genesis creation museum)All the proposed changes to the science standards, along with other news and related articles, can be found at the Kansas Science 2005 website.Things are shaping up for a battle of wits, facts and propaganda to engage the national attention.  Best be well armed: get out that Baloney Detector and recharge the batteries.  Notice what is not said as much as what is said.  Try to look long and hard for the Darwinists to answer the claims about fossils and molecular machines – not with bluffing and redefinition of science, but with real, hard evidence.  It looks like they’re not up to it, so they are going to stick to their tactic of scaring citizens with the big lie that anything other than 100% pure Darwinism is bad for the economy (see 04/21/2005 and 04/29/2005 stories).  Don’t believe it.  Families will probably flock to a state that doesn’t cram Darwin down their children’s intelligently designed throats, and will bring their dollars with them.  Industry wants young people with “analytical thinking” skills, they say?  Good: teach them to analyze the controversy over Darwin.  ID arguments are “faith-based” they say?  No faith is as diehard as Charlie worship (see 04/30/2005 commentary).    It’s noteworthy that more and more news sources that were previously hostile are starting to take a second look at ID and creation science and giving them serious consideration.  Can the monolithic liberal Darwin Party Big Science Empire stand up to all this scrutiny?  No matter how big the Goliath, it had better beware any stripling who knows his weapon, knows his target, and knows how to connect them.  That’s all the majority any intellectual battle needs.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

R800m for South Africa’s Green Fund

first_img3 May 2012 The National Treasury has allocated R800-million over the next two years for South Africa’s Green Fund, which aims to provide finance for high-quality, high-impact, job-creating green economy projects around the country. Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa made the announcement in Cape Town on Wednesday ahead of her department’s budget vote in Parliament. Molewa said the money represented a critical mechanism for achieving a just transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient and job-creating green economy growth path in South Africa. “The primary objective of the Green Fund is to provide catalytic finance for high-quality, high-impact green economy projects and mainstreaming activities which would not have been implemented without fiscal support,” Molewa said.‘Myth’ that green management hinders development She said it was up to South Africans to debunk the myth that environmental management hindered development, by positioning the sector as a major contributor to job creation and the fight against poverty. “The transformation of our industries towards the building of a green economy has many facets; [it is mainly] about creating new labour-absorbing industries that also mitigate impacts on the environment. “This green economy offers substantial opportunities for job creation and development in the environmental goods and services sector, particularly in biodiversity, waste and natural resource management services.” Last year, the department committed to implementing a green economy plan through local and international partnerships with green investors, supported by funding from the Treasury’s Green Fund, as well as international funding through facilities such as the World Bank Clean Technology Fund and the newly established Green Climate Fund.Biodiversity jobs for 800 graduates, school-leavers Molewa also announced on Wednesday that up to 800 unemployed school leavers and graduates, mostly from rural areas, would be hired in biodiversity jobs for a period of two-and-a-half years. Molewa said the department would manage the placement of the candidates through the South African National Biodiversity Institute (Sanbi). “Sanbi’s application to the jobs fund, titled ‘Catalysing access to employment and job creation in ecosystem management’, was approved by the Development Bank of Southern Africa to the tune of R300-million,” Molewa said. Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

2019 Sale of Champions results

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest It is another fantastic Sale of Champions at the 2019 Ohio State Fair. Watch it live here.Here are the results!The Grand Champion Swiss Cheese exhibited by Pearl Valley Cheese represents the seven dairy champions including Grand Champion Ayrshire: Marissa Topp, Auglaize County; Grand Champion Brown Swiss: Madelyn Topp, Auglaize County; Grand Champion Guernsey: Aubree Topp, Shelby County; Grand Champion Holstein: Kayla Cring, Huron County; Grand Champion Jersey: Blake Greiwe, Shelby County; Grand Champion Red and White: Wyatt Schlauch, Holmes County; Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn: Aubree Topp, Shelby County; Supreme Showman
Week 1 – Exhibited by: Ashley Hawvermale, Wayne County; and Week 2 – Exhibited by: Molly Moffet, Ashland County. The Grand Champion Swiss Cheese sold to AG Boogher and Sons, S&S Volvo, Ohio Dairy Association Mideast, COBA/Select Sires Hills Supply, Brewster Cheese, Biery Cheese, Great Lakes Cheese, Cox Concessions, Burkhart Farm Center, Velvet Ice Cream, Prengers, Pearl Valley Cheese, Dairy Farmers of America, and Scioto Cooperative Milk Producers for $28,000.The Grand Champion Market Turkey set a new record. It was shown by Johnathan Woodward of Coshocton County
 and sold to Cooper Farms, Farmer Boy Ag, Sarka Electric, Dangler Excavating, and Kale Marketing for $16,500.The Grand Champion Market Goat exhibited by Jada Shroyer of Logan County sold to Mark Kvamme for $17,000.The Grand Champion Meat Chickens exhibited by Ava Hester of Clinton County sold to Gerber Poultry and Kroger for $15,000.The Reserve Grand Champion Meat Chickens exhibited by Jozie Jones of Clinton County sold to Tim Huffman for $14,000.The Grand Champion Market Lamb exhibited by Paige Pence of Clark County sold to AG Boogher and Sons and S&S Volvo for $36,000.The Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb exhibited by Grant Johnson of Wayne County sold to Meijer for a record-setting bid of $27,500.The Grand Champion Market Barrow exhibited by Elijah Keplinger of Clark County sold to Bob Evans, Ohio Farm Bureau, Tim Huffman, Ohio Harness Horseman’s Association, and Event Marketing Strategies for $33,000.    The Reserve Grand Champion Market Barrow exhibited by Riley Wendt of Union County sold to Kroger for a record-setting bid of $35,000.The Grand Champion Market Beef exhibited by Elizabeth Heintz Hardin County sold to Steve Rauch Excavation and Demolition for $50,000.The Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef exhibited by Delaney Jones of Allen County sold to Steve Rauch Excavation and Demolition, Mark Kvamme, and Meijer for a record-setting $56,000.last_img read more

Is “Stealth” the Best Way to Build Your Business?

first_imgI’m just returning from another really great year at SXSW. It’s always fun to meet up with so many new and old friends in just a few days in Austin. Beyond that, one of my favorite things is bumping into so many entrepreneurs I’ve never met who are working on interesting problems. However, this year I met a concerning number of entrepreneurs who wouldn’t tell me anything about their business. They explained they were building it “stealth”. I fear this has become the default course of action for far too many startups and in many cases it’s not the best plan. Interestingly, very active angel and COO at Square, Keith Rabois weighted in on Quora in response to the question: “What are some concrete reasons for *actively* stealthing a startup?” last year. His answer: With respect to the consumer Internet world, there are almost no valid reasons.The best legitimate rationale applies only to a very small set of previously successful entrepreneurs who are “famous” and are attacking a market that is not intuitively massive. They might want to avoid signaling that the market opportunity merits a closer inspection until they are ready to launch. My friend Charlie O’Donnell (currently a principal at First Round Capital) coined the term “anti-stealth”. As I’ve thought about it, I think there are three big advantages to going anti-stealth and would encourage any entrepreneur to consider them: Leveraging product feedback earlier in development Building a reputation and community in your target market Building relationships with potential investors pre-fundraising Leveraging Product Feedback Earlier Over the last seven years, before joining ReadWriteWeb as COO, I started two companies (sold to Morgan Stanley and LinkedIn). They both required a tremendous amount of capital and time before we were able to get a product into the market. As has been widely covered, companies are far more capital-efficient today and you can release a product into the market extremely early. Eric Reis has covered the implications around this extensively and described these new ventures as “lean startups.” One of the key principals of going lean is to get meaningful customer feedback as quickly as possible often by developing a minimally viable product.In some cases you don’t even have to build a product but can create a landing page and run some Adsense ads to promote the concept. Then you measure to see how many sign up and recruit their friends/colleagues. It allows you to see if there is demand for the product – and avoid the killer realization later that you’ve built something no one wants. Building Reputation and Community in Target Market Related to testing product demand, you also can develop a reputation in a given market by talking about what you’re working on. We’ve talked in the past about different types of startup blogs on ReadWriteStart but the key point here is you can start blogging to build an early community.Being active on social platforms as early as possible in your startup’s life will help you gather valuable feedback and early users. In an enterprise sales context, I’ve also seen this have the effect of what I call “proof by repeated assertion” where you seem more credible as a vendor to an enterprise client because you have been telling them you’ll solve their problem in many earlier interactions. Building Relationships with Potential Investors Pre-Fundraising Obviously there are different schools of thought on the best way to raise a venture round. However, I don’t know anyone who would argue that investors don’t care about your ability to make progress efficiently. Therefore, to the extent it doesn’t slow you down, being up-front with what you are working on and its progress provides a clear history. More importantly, you make your startup much more discoverable. You also make it obvious why an investor should be interested when you’re referenced by a trusted colleague or simply a Google search that turns up your site. This becomes more important as deal-flow gets more and more competitive and investors try to proactively discover these startups. I continue to be shocked how competitive this is becoming. Earlier this month, TechCrunch covered a new program by Google Ventures to basically turn all 25,000 Google employees into scouts for deal-flow. Specifically the story states: If you’re a Google employee and you know about a stealth startup that wants funding, you can pocket a cool $10,000. The Google Ventures team announced the new program at Google’s weekly all-hands “TGIF” meeting, earlier this afternoon. As firms continue to search for new deals from unusual sources, I think the best thing entrepreneurs can do is make sure they tell the story well when a prospective investor shows up. Saying you are a “stealth” company with no details certainly doesn’t leave much to go on. Conclusion To be clear, I realize there are companies that need to build their startup in stealth mode (such as for famous entrepreneurs like Keith points out above). However, I think it’s also important to recognize that often the benefits of running your company in anti-stealth mode far outweigh those benefits and should be thoroughly explored before just choosing stealth by default. Not convinced yet? Check out this video from one of this year’s SxSW keynotes: Reid Hoffman sharing his thoughts on data as well as 10 tips for entreprenuership. The whole video is worth watching but if you are pressed for time check out tip number six on releasing your product so early you are embarassed by it. It starts at 29:11. There is a great anecdote about a feature his co-founders felt they couldn’t launch without including in LinkedIn – it still isn’t included eight years and 100 million members later.What do you think? Let us know in the comments where you come out on the stealth vs. anti-stealth continuum. And if I bump into you next year at SxSW or at another event (like our upcoming ReadWriteWeb 2Way Summit) please tell me a little about what you do! Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… sean ammirati 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Related Posts Tags:#start#startups Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

First Test- Day 5: Bhajji, VVS help India save the match against NZ

first_imgAs the match was heading nowhere, it was decided to call off the game and handshakes follwed. Yet another Test match that has been won/saved by India despite staring at near defeat. Not for nothing are they ranked No. 1 in Tests. Kiwis lost one wicket before the match was declared drawn.Ealier, feisty off-spinner Harbhajan Singh slammed his maiden Test century but V V S Laxman fell short of his ton after the duo took India to safe shores at tea on the final day of the opening cricket Test against New Zealand in Ahmebad on Monday. SCORECARDHarbhajan, who made his highest score of 69 in the first innings, bettered that display to remain unconquered on 110 off 179 balls with the help of three sixes and 10 fours.But his seventh-wicket partner Laxman missed his century by nine runs as India, reeling at 15 for five at one stage on Sunday, piled on 255 for 8 at tea for an overall lead of 283 with Harbhajan and Pragyan Ojha (7) at the crease.With just one session left, the match is headed for a draw, which will be the sixth out of 11 Tests at the Sardar Patel Stadium in Motera.Harbhajan, who put on 163 runs for the seventh wicket with Laxman to guide India to safety, reached his maiden hundred in style with a six off Vettori.Laxman was wrongly given out leg before wicket to rival team captain Daniel Vettori by umpire Steve Davis as TV replays showed the ball had deflected on to the pad off the inside edge of the bat.advertisementLaxman and Harbhajan took India from a difficult 65 for six on Sunday evening at the fall of captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wicket and were not separated till close to the tea interval when Vettori won the verdict against the former. The duo was together for 10 minutes under four hours and faced 328 balls.Vettori also sent back Zaheer Khan off the next ball, to another questionable decision by the same umpire as the bat and pad were close together when the ball hit its target, to be on a hat-trick which was staved off by Ojha.Earlier, Laxman and Harbhajan made sure that India did not lose a wicket in the pre-lunch period of play by cautious aggression. Harbhajan was the aggressor complementing Laxman’s vigilant stay as the hosts made 164 for 6 to be ahead by 192 runs.The duo, especially Harbhajan, were in a more aggressive mood in the post-lunch period as they raised 200 of the innings in the 11th over after resumption with the off spinner on 85 compared to Laxman’s 74.Harbhajan was fortunate to be dropped by wrecker-in-chief Chris Martin off his own bowling when seven short of the coveted three-figure mark when the batsman tried to flick and offered a difficult return catch.Zaheer Khan fell off the first ball but Ojha prevented Vettori from achieving a hat-trick.Harbhajan flat-batted, swept, drove on the up and swung his way second half century of the match with a couple off wrecker-in-chief Chris Martin after Laxman had completed his a few minutes earlier.While Laxman’s 27th half century came in a little over 240 minutes and off 154 balls when he pull-swept Jeetan Patel for his first boundary and fourth of the knock, Harbhajan’s contained 5 fours and a six and took him only 106 minutes and 78 balls to compile.With inputs from PTIlast_img read more