Jesse Were has to work harder, says Migne

first_img0Shares0000Harambee Stars striker Jesse Were goes for the ball in a training session on November 11, 2016. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaNAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 25 – Despite enjoying stellar form with his Zambian top flight club Zesco United, Jesse Were has continually fallen out of favor in the national team and head coach Sebastien Migne has challenged him to work harder if he is to be in his squad for the Cup of Nations in June.Were was the surprise exclusion in coach Sebastien Migne’s travelling squad to Ghana for last Saturday’s final AFCON qualifier and the tactician has explained that his decision is purely based on what he sees the forward do in training. “Not enough. (What he does in training). With my staff we have choices to make,” the Frenchman said.“Everybody can speak about Jesse but how many goals has he scored in the national team? Never in 26 call ups. That’s the beginning of my answer. In the high level it’s not because we have a good guy with a good behavior,”“You have to be efficient if you have to compete. But maybe he can show me; he has the answer. If tomorrow I see that he is ready to compete with me he is there in the team. He is a nice guy with good behavior and I have no problem with him. It is just a question of the level,” the tactician further insinuated.Jesse Were goes against Uganda Cranes’ Isaac Isinde during a friendly match in Kampala in 2017. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluWere who scored double digit goals during his time with Mathare United and Tusker FC in the Kenyan Premier League has translated that same form in Zambia, but at the national team is where his luck has not stood out.Those close to him say he is frustrated by his lack of goals in the national team, but has vowed to work harder and convince Migne to hand him a chance and probably a place in the team that travel to Egypt in June for the Cup of Nations.At the same time, Migne has come into keeper Patrick Matasi’s defense having let in what seemed like an easy goal in the 1-0 loss to Ghana.“We cannot forget what he did for us; he saved us in first leg against Ghana. Yesterday was more difficult; yes, he committed a mistake but I don’t forget what he did before,”“It is different for a keeper because when anyone else commits a mistake, there is always someone who comes up and covers but when you are a keeper, your mistake is more difficult. During the period I have been here, he has kept at least five clean sheets and I do not forget about it,” the tactician stated.Speaking on the howler, Matasi says he was sorry to concede such a goal but notes it was a mishap of a second.“We lost the ball in midfield and the play changed to our side even before the defense could organize. The shot came through and it was just a miscalculation of a matter of seconds going down. But it’s part of football,” noted the former Posta Rangers and Tusker shot stopper.Harambee Stars goalkeeper Patrick Matasi chats with national team osteopath Ludovic Breul during a training session at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluMigne says he was dejected losing against the Ghanaians with a late goal especially having put up a good defensive shield and looked on the way to pick up a positive result and finish top of the group.But with that result behind his back, the tactician now shifts his focus to the main tournament in Egypt and has urged the government to ensure the team gets good preparations to ensure they do well. Top on his priority is his proposed camp in France.“If we are to realize a good AFCON, we have to get good support of the government as soon as possible. We are already late in paying for the camp in France and we need to take care of that. Also, small details like travelling have to be taken care of. In the high level, it is all about the small details,” he noted.At the same time he noted that he will follow up all the players he has primarily listed down for the tournament but says everyone has to prove he deserves a place in the team with the work they put on the pitch.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Takeaways: Will Sharks’ coach show patience with the Vlasic-Karlsson pairing?

first_imgSAN JOSE — Before we dive into the Erik Karlsson stuff, let’s give some props to Joe Pavelski.Captain Clutch came through in crunch time again Saturday, jumping on Timo Meier’s rebound in the slot and burying it at 13:06 of the third to clinch two points for the Sharks on a night when the Vancouver Canucks controlled much of the play.The goal came after Pavelski pressured Alex Biega into turning the puck over in his own zone, setting the stage for his heroics later in the shift. Pavelski also …last_img read more

NBA playoffs: How will Warriors adjust to playoff officiating?

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!OAKLAND – As the Warriors strive to win another NBA championship, their success will not just hinge on the Splash Brothers’ making 3’s, Kevin Durant scoring in the post and Draymond Green shutting down his opponent.Can Warriors coach Steve Kerr resist spiking his clipboard? Can Curry abstain from hurling his mouthpiece? Can Durant, Green and DeMarcus Cousins …last_img read more

Will Darwinian Law Protect the Unfit?

first_imgFor the soccer moms, sports fans and teen girls with cell phones glued to their ears who think Darwinism is just an egghead scientific thing, a press release from Vanderbilt University connects evolutionary ideas to legal policies that could affect individual finances, private property rights, political correctness, social conventions, use of resources and public safety.    Scholars from Vanderbilt and Yale argue that understanding the biological foundation of human behavior (i.e., human evolution) is critical to improving laws, yet they seem a tinge apologetic about past abuses.  Owen Jones and Timothy Goldsmith, publishing in the March issue of the Columbia Law Review, deny that “acknowledging biological causes of behavior somehow denigrates human free will or minimizes the importance of social and cultural conditions,” the article states.  Jones and Goldsmith also assure readers that proper understanding of biological causes can prevent misunderstandings and fear in the public mind:“It may follow from demonstrably false dichotomies, such as ‘nature versus nurture,’ taking misleading hold in the public mind,” he [Jones] said.  “It may also follow from a variety of misunderstandings about how genes, environments and evolutionary processes interact with implications for behavior.  And it certainly has something to do with fears about what the political implications – for racism, sexism, genetic determinism and other evils – might be, based on the use or misuse of biological information.”   (Emphasis added in all quotes.)Apparently the authors refer to the old Social Darwinism that simply ranked people as fit or unfit.  The new “evolutionary analysis in law” (a term coined by Jones in 1995), however, seeks only “to help inform the fields of law, economics and other social sciences with the latest scientific findings about human behavior.”  In what areas might “the biology of thinking” (e.g., behavioral biology, neurology, cognitive psychology) inform the law?  The article gives these examples:Such an approach might enhance understanding why some penalties are more effective than others, how people make choices in areas such as environmental protection and retirement savings, and what the underlying causes of aggression are and how they help explain why young men are sometimes willing – even in the face of the severest penalties – to kill in reaction to threats to their status.How could this evolutionary biological analysis affect lawmaking?In the article, Jones and Goldsmith explore how an understanding of current behavioral biology research could improve the effectiveness of laws by – among other things – identifying behavior patterns that would be useful to understand when developing laws; revealing conflicts that exist between innate human behavior and public policy written to regulate that behavior; improving the cost-benefit analyses that are often used in developing laws; exposing unwarranted assumptions; assessing the effectiveness of legal strategies; and outlining deep patterns [i.e., biological patterns from evolutionary history] in the legal architecture.The Dean of Academic Affairs at Vanderbilt is pleased that this paper, published in a prestigious journal, “indicates that the field of law and behavioral biology has momentum in legal scholarship.”  Though it is a “small but growing field,” evolutionary law will probably get a boost from this paper, and will foster “greater synthesis of life science and social science perspectives.”  Owen Jones has joint appointments in Vanderbilt’s law school and biology departments.  He founded the Society for Evolutionary Analysis in Law in 1997. Be afraid – be very afraid – when the Darwin Party writes the law.  Why?  Because they are biological determinists, moral relativists and elitists.  They do not believe that morals or responsibility exist except as phantom artifacts of mutations and natural selection acting over millions of years.  Jones and Goldsmith spout enough placating words to sound harmless, as if they have the best of intentions to merely prevent social evils (please define evil in evolutionary terms) like racism and sexism.  They just want to help the law be more effective, right?  But look down the road if consistent Darwinian theory were to be applied to the very areas they listed:Effective penalties:  effective for whom?  The communists were experts in the development of “effective” penalties.  If the penal code becomes oriented for effectiveness instead of justice, be very, very afraid, because effectiveness becomes defined in terms of the goals of the ones in power, rather in terms of intrinsic right or wrong, justice, and mercy.  Such terms are undefined in the Darwin Dictionary.  Brainwashing and psychology can be very “effective.”  And what is a penalty, if not a deserved punishment for a sin?  It becomes a tool in the hands of a Pavlov, a force an elitist wields to elicit the response he wants from the human dog.  One of the scariest parts of the novel 1984 by George Orwell was when the inquisitor was able to get Winston, under torture, to lie about how many fingers he was holding up: and not just to lie, but to believe the lie.  Truth became whatever the powermonger wanted it to be.  By contrast, American law and English common law were built on the assumptions of natural rights from our Creator, and the existence of truth and absolute moral standards derived from the Judeo-Christian scriptures.Environmental protection:  It is undeniable that evolutionary biologists, who are 100% Democrats (see 12/02/2004 entry), tend to view man as the villain in the ecology.  People will get the shaft in evolutionary law if the Elite Oligarchy, based on input from the Darwin Party soothsayers, determines that a certain gnat needs protection.Retirement savings:  Here, the Darwinists view human vagaries between the desire for immediate gratification vs. long term planning as evolutionary artifacts of ape in our ancestry.  Since people are unwitting subjects of the evolutionary forces of the jungle, they cannot be expected to make sound choices on their own; they need the Elitists to help them.  And you thought that evolutionary theory had nothing to do with the current debate over Social Security.Causes of aggression:  Carl Sagan used to talk about human tendencies toward aggression and territoriality as stemming from the “reptilian” part of our brain, another throwback to Haeckel’s recapitulation theory (see 03/08/2005 entry).  Darwinists cannot fathom a concept such as righteous anger or an axis of evil because these moral judgments are disallowed from “biological thinking” by definition.  Aggression is just a biological observation with no moral overtones, no different than a dog barking or a lizard hissing when threatened.  Humans are incapable of having moral motivations for aggression or for resistance to aggression, because such categories do not exist.  What happens in this line of reasoning?  It’s all about power, not about right and wrong.  The Darwinian Soothsayers tell the Elitist Oligarchy how mysterious Charlie Forces can help them win in the international pecking order, and what drugs to give the aggressive inmate to calm him down so that he is easier to control.  Being in control – that is the new righteousness.  It separates the elitists from the pawns.Murder:  To a Darwinist, young men full of testosterone and ape in their brains are incapable of thinking rationally or make responsible choices.  So on the one hand, we cannot penalize them when they do what their biology makes them do (see 03/08/2005 entry again), and on the other hand, for the convenience of society, it might become necessary to sedate troublemakers to keep them compliant. Owen Jones looks like a gentleman in his suit and tie, a calm and erudite man of peace, but his ideas are deadly and fallacious: fallacious, because if he just looked in the mirror he would see biology so complex just in his eyes that defy evolutionary explanation; deadly, because it is the utter absence of moral categories that makes “Evolutionary Analysis in Law” a prospect more fearful than communist psychopolitics.  Such beliefs feed right into an elitist mindset.If Jones were right that we were just evolutionary products from an animal past, we would have to live with that eventuality and make the best of it.  But he isn’t right and he could not be right.  For proof he isn’t right, look at nearly five years of reporting from of the scientific literature right here in these pages – there is hardly any category of evidence, from fossils to genes, that does not challenge evolutionary theory at every level.  And he could not be right, because his arguments are self-refuting.  If mind and intellect are products of mutations acting on molecules, then truth and values have no ultimate validity.  It is therefore disingenuous for Jones to use words with moral connotations (like evil, false, misleading, misuse, improve, effective) or even to make truth claims about what exists.  He cannot escape the Judeo-Christian assumptions that we live in a rational universe, and that as souls possessing the divine image, we can make use of universal laws of logic to discuss issues on an intellectual and moral level.  Even evolutionists act as if truth matters and has eternal validity, external to our transient biology; otherwise, they could not even claim evolution is true.    Does a creation basis rule out all behavioral study and consideration of human biological influences when devising law?  Of course not; if God created man as an eternal soul inhabiting an animal-like body, coexisting with other animals in the same world, it is to be expected that we will share certain behavioral attributes with animals, such as fight vs. flight responses (notice how adrenaline kicks in), imitation, fear, mob psychology, authority and submission, sexual and food desires, and other behaviors influenced by hormones and other biological factors.  Evolutionary reductionism focuses on the biology but ignores the reality of the soul, which is able to make a man or woman subjugate the biological urges and contemplate truth, good, beauty, purpose and destiny.  Humans are unique among physical inhabitants of earth: we communicate in language, we think abstract thoughts, we exercise true altruism (see 03/16/2005 entry), we use logic, and we contemplate our place in the grand scheme of things.  These distinctively human activities are all mediated through and modulated by our bodily faculties.    Creation-based law can and should take biological influences under consideration; Solomon, for example, remarked that no one despises a thief who steals bread because he is hungry.  But only humans make laws, and most laws presuppose that the moral categories of right and wrong are self-existent, not biologically determined.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” the American founders wrote, “that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  And to the protection of these rights they pledged their biology, their retirement savings, and (something evolutionists cannot fathom) their sacred honor.Jones and Goldsmith would probably denounce, in the most vociferous terms, any association with Nazi and Stalinist ideologies or the nightmare scenarios of 1984.  But where is any essential difference in foundational concepts?  The worst mass murderers of the 20th century believed that the law needed to be informed not by absolute standards of right and wrong, but by evolutionary thinking.  These modern intellectuals, looking innocent in their academic gowns, might want to distance themselves from the atrocities committed under those regimes, but since the evolutionary assumptions are the same, they must be held accountable to what new horrors would follow from application of their misguided counsel.    The law needs evolution like a shopping mall needs a terrorist.  Before the bloodbaths of communism and Nazism stained the 20th century as the worst mass-murder period in history, Christian scholar J. Gresham Machen warned of the deadly fallout of bad ideas, and advised thinking men of their priorities: “What is today a matter of academic speculation begins tomorrow to move armies and pull down empires,” he said.  “In that second stage, it has gone too far to be combatted; the time to stop it was when it was still a matter of impassionate debate” (Christianity and Culture, 1912, italics added).To make an effective impassioned debate against evolutionary lawyers, one must be informed and skilled in strategic argumentation.  Sadly, many well-meaning creationists enter the fray naked and unarmed in both knowledge and tactics.  Evolutionists dismiss religious based arguments out of hand; such approaches put them into patronizing mode.  They need to be knocked off their paper ivory towers.  Challenge them, instead, with the scientific fallacies evolutionary theory and the logical fallacies of evolutionary philosophy: i.e., don’t let them make truth claims or give advice inconsistent with their own assumptions, or let them get away with borrowing Judeo-Christian values and terms.  Challenge also their attempts to exempt themselves from the consequences of their own worldview.  They are not allowed to act as intellectuals detached from the rest of the pawns of evolutionary forces.  Such tactics trip them up in their own nets, turn their bluffing arguments into hot air, and make them fall on their own sword.  Learn the art and science of intellectual engagement: master the Baloney Detector and keep up to date on the news right here.If you want to take part in the most impassioned debate of our time – if you want a cause worth fighting for – now, before the armies march, before the empires are pulled down, is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their worldview.  Let Creation-Evolution Headlines be part of your daily basic training, and help recruit others.(Visited 17 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Message of big yield success brought to the Buckeye State

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Yield champion Randy Dowdy harvested 171-bushel-per-acre soybeans on his farm inBrooks County, Georgia this year from a 3.15-acre plot. He has worked for years in the minutia of producing big corn yields to set world records and has started applying some of those lessons to his soybeans. The strategy seems to be working.Dowdy is in Ohio this week sharing his secrets to success with farmers.“We’re going to talk about corn production in its totality. We’re also going to talk about our strategies we have used in corn and now implemented it in soybeans. You’re always encouraging growers to do something different. The goal is to provoke farmers to think about what they are doing — control the controllables. There are things that are in their control. We need to make sure all of those boxes are checked,” Dowdy told Dale Minyo yesterday in an interview. “You have to continue to be a student of the crop and make sure you are aware of the things costing you yield and remove the variables. My purpose is to teach them ways to increase their productivity and return on investment. The easy way to reduce your cost per bushel is to raise your bushels. You need to spend money on things that pay. Farmers can often get tunnel vision and the goal is to think about other things that make sense. Attention to detail is the key.”Dowdy’s Ohio tour is sponsored by Novus Ag as a part of their winter crop conferences. Yesterday’s conference was held in London and Dowdy will be in Findlay today and Circleville tomorrow.“One of the biggest things we’ve looked at is taking the challenges from his operation and putting them into how our operations work in Ohio,” said Scott Spelman with Novus Ag. “As we look at prices and returns on an acre, maybe it’s time we have to make some changes and adapt. Why do we buy more land when there are many things like tile, irrigation and fertility that we can be doing to improve the ground we currently farm? It is all about putting the right product on at the right time on the right crop. It is not about farming more it is about getting more out of that acre.”Contact your local Novus Ag rep to sign up for this week’s events.last_img read more

International EarthCache Day: Instagram Photo Recap

first_img SharePrint RelatedYour Path to Platinum EarthCachingFebruary 11, 2015In “Community”The Aare Gorge | Aareschlucht | Gorges de l’Aar – GC1YH51 – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – October 11, 2012October 11, 2012In “Community”Thank a Volunteer Day is May 22!May 21, 2018In “Community” This past weekend, more than 36,300 people earned their International EarthCache Day souvenir by finding an EarthCache. Many of them decided to photograph their adventures and share them on Instagram. Here are some of the amazing pictures from the International EarthCache Day celebration.@l0verlada “Another dinosaur footprint.”@_iso61 “Measuring boulder ?.”@kelisabethlb “#EarthCache #Gotland”@arace1985 “#Earthcache today.”@galleytrotter “Happy International Earthcache day! Here’s me and Kiwi checking out some ice age remains.”@geominionmom “The sunshine made this cave/tunnel a truly magnificent sight.”@kaja2105 “#naturelovers #earthcache #familytime.”@le_mur_ko “earthcacheday2015.”@strawberryberry16 “#internationalearthcacheday.”@kacnampr “Fall colors and cloud reflections at Potter’s Marsh Boardwalk on International Earthcache Day! A bit of cache maintenance done while there too!”@thomasanderz “earthcacheday2015”@yeseniapais “#earthcache”@christinamdlt “Love the view on my little adventures. #geocaching #earthcache”Just because International EarthCache Day is over, doesn’t mean the educational fun stops. You can find EC’s all year-round!Which EarthCache did you find yesterday? Share your pics!Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

Is Your Startup Too Geeky?

first_imgaudrey watters If you tell most folks that Diaspora is promising to build a distributed, open-source social network, they are apt look at you glassy-eyed. Perhaps they’ll nod and say, “Oh. Cool.” Tell those same people that Diaspora is promising to build an alternative to Facebook, and they’re much more likely to know what you are talking about. And as of late, it’s much more likely they’ll nod and say, “Oh! Cool!” – and mean it.Now, it’s not that the idea of a distributed, open-source social network is a bad one. To the contrary. But the stars that lined up for Diaspora this week and that resulted in their securing over $100,000 in microfunding probably wasn’t due entirely to the technical specifications they boasted for their project: “Full-fledged communications between Seeds (Diaspora instances), Complete PGP encryption, External Service, Scraping of most major services (reclaim your data), Version 1 of Diaspora’s API with documentation, Public GitHub repository of all Diaspora code.”Of course, these details matter. Building an anti-Facebook might be a timely idea, but you also need to have (or hire) the technical chops to bring that idea to fruition. No matter how beautiful or brilliant your code, investors and customers are probably not all that interested in, for example, the intricacies of how you plan to use JSON to handle your payload. They need to know that your product works and works well, and just as importantly, you need to show them why they’d want to use it. There are exceptions, for sure, and times when it’s necessary to speak to the technical details. You might need to address why you’ve chosen to build your new smartphone app in Flash, for example.My point isn’t that your ideas are too geeky or complex. Here at ReadWriteWeb, we love geeky, complex ideas. The point is that when you sharing your ideas with others that you need to pay attention to who comprises your audience. You need to make sure that you help them understand why they should care in your ideas (why they should invest in your startup or become your customer) and you need to craft your message accordingly.You want to give someone a reason why they should use your product. But you needn’t give them the user’s manual.Brain coral photo from Flickr 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#start#tips center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts last_img read more