Image supplied – Iceland has emerged as a popular

first_imgImage supplied – Iceland has emerged as a popular destination for well travelled Aussies in the 2018 Luxe Report. Top 5 Australian Family Travel TrendsBeach resort staysMother/daughter or father/son tripsActive or adventure tripsCultural immersionOcean cruisingVirtuoso Analysis: While sun-and-sand trips rise to first place from second in 2017, these are not the traditional fly-and-flop vacations. Families seek beach resorts with plenty of activities to keep the entire group engaged.With today’s fast pace of life, travel is a perfect way to gather loved ones together for a landmark celebration, or carve out time for parent/child bonding.Adventure travel is the third most popular trend, both for families, continuing the niche’s recent boom.Today’s families view travel as an important educational tool, immersing them in different cultures, bringing classroom lessons alive, and shaping global citizens.Cruising – both ocean and river – is emerging as an ideal family trip, thanks to its convenience, great value and activities for every age. Unconventional Australian Family DestinationsDriven by Gen Z’s quest to experience new destinations, families are heading beyond the tried and true locales.The desire for authentic experiences figures into many of the unconventional spots, including Cuba and Iran, which were the top rated unconventional destinations for Australian families.Well-travelled families are also looking to destinations such as Iceland, China, India, Sri Lanka with Japan and Russia also proving popular in 2018.Advisors from Virtuoso’s travel agency members in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and the Middle East were surveyed in the 2018 Luxe Report, providing insights into the year’s hottest trends. Consisting of young people born between the mid-1990s and mid-2010s (now approximately three to 23 years old), Generation Z makes up 20 percent of the Australian population. The Virtuoso Luxe Report found that this tech-savvy group, while still quite young, has sway over family travel decisions, according to over 90 percent of Australian advisors polled. Virtuoso has released the findings of a report looking at the trends and destinations Australian families are seeking as they look for experiences that create tighter bonds and lasting memories.The 2018 Virtuoso Luxe Report surveyed its affiliated Australian-based travel advisors to discover the leading destinations and developments that impact how families are travelling this year.Multi-generational travel continues its run as the year’s top trend in the Luxe Report, and travel with one’s immediate family finished close behind. As well, connecting with family through travel is one of 2018’s must-have experiences.Here are some of the finings:Generation Z: The iGeneration is Coming on Strongcenter_img Top 5 Ways Gen Z Influences Family Travel Influence other’s travel choices via word of mouth, social media and reviewsCrave active experiencesInvolve themselves in planning tripsSeek unusual destinationsEnjoy distinctive properties such as boutique lodgingVirtuoso’s Asia Pacific Managing Director, Michael Londregan says this generation of young people are very connected to a global network of peers and, as such, know the power of travel experiences in their lives.“Social media connectivity plays a big part in sharing travel stories and this is extremely apparent with younger generations who get so much of their motivation from their social media feeds,” Londregan said.“Gen Z aren’t just waiting for advertising to tell them where the next holiday is, they have their own ideas and dreams that are shaped by their community.” Top 5 Hottest Australian Family Destinations•    Fiji•    Italy•    Thailand•    New Zealand•    Los AngelesVirtuoso Analysis: Warm-weather destinations such as Fiji and Thailand beckon those in search of relaxation.Italy’s appeal to families continues, finishing once again as a favoured destination.New Zealand’s proximity and ease of access make it appealing to Australian families in search of a quick getaway.Los Angeles, our gateway to the U.S., has lots to offer families with Hollywood, theme parks a great climate and plenty nearby to explore.last_img read more