Athletic pardons Granada

first_imgVallejo left after the break to consolidate the defense with three centrals. The Granada left at nine o’clock at ten. The same facade one hour apart. He was no longer so oblivious to the running ball. But the sensations soon returned to Bilbao. Thus, in a foul, Athletic scored the second: it was the central Yeray, after lowering the ball with his chest like Aduriz, and finishing off the squad, but the referee canceled it out of the clear game of five players.Diego Martínez saw many problems to cover the shores of Yuri, Capa and Williams. This continued with their careers. There are rockets in Cape Canaveral with less power. Capa acquired prominence later. First with a shot that found Rui Silva’s paradón and then with a goal after a bite hit that slipped into the goal. But the referee checked it on the screen at the field level and as Williams was in the way hindering the line of sight of the goal, although without participating, he canceled it. Protests and local outrage.It was a new tsunami. Impotence wore white. That is why Soldier behaved like a juvenile and gave Íñigo Martínez a kick that erases him for the return due to the accumulation of reprimands. The same thing had happened to Dani García in the first part. Vallejo was a caramelito when he took him to the band Williams, who dislocated the hip of Zaragoza.Aduriz left to add more legend to the game, although the first thing he did was a card jump to get something out of his arm. The chances were an insult: 10-1. But in a minute, Granada, which ended up leaving two men out of the defense, had two. It served to add Simon to a magical night, yes, but unproductive. The lions pardoned a entrenched group. Any disconnection could be a detail that decided part of this first installment towards the end. In a moment of flickering from a visiting offside, Dani Garcia, the smartest in the class, threw a long pass to Williams, who lowered it with his shoulder (as determined by the VAR later), deployed his athletic exuberance and caught in cloths smaller after Granada. He left the pass in the middle for Muniain to score his first Cup goal. The best partners. There were no footsteps of Yangel and Gonalons. And he was as present in the game Soldier as his friend Aduriz, who was resting on the bench. That is, it figured but was not. The Granada coach was consumed seeing his team so shrunk in fifteen meters of his field. He chose to break the rojiblanco concert, similar vassalage, with a tactical change. He put three power stations, Domingos Duarte, Guzmán and Víctor Diaz, and the long lanes with Doors and Neva, to see if he pampered with the enemy managed to neutralize him. Or maybe it was just defending by piling up. The fact is that Muniain followed his own, to damage with his game between two waters, now by the medullary now by the balcony of the area. There was no way to curl it. And the team, come to throw diagonals, heels, triangulations … Overdose of faith. Granada gave its first warning and disappeared from the scene in the first half. It was through a deep Victor Diaz, who focused on Soldier. There the old wolf was walking with the cane ready, but the ball went off for a little. That was his latest news. Few could guess that the center of the rojiblanco field, poorly equipped to create, could connect with Muniain between lines and then devouring a Granada that did not wake up reservón, but that was hidden as a turtle gets into the shell because of fear before a flash.Indeed, the course changed to a quarter of an hour, with a wild stampede from the lightning bolts of Williams, a player in a state of grace. His enthusiasm is so contagious that he joined the Vesga party with a fist from outside the area that Rui Silva stopped on his way to the squad. Athletic quickly recovered, threw himself into the bush and put the Nasrids in the cave. There was no truce, the lions clearly marked their intentions. With Muniain as a violinist, in the harassment and demolition a group of green berets could be heard with strident trumpets in the assault of Rui Silva’s ranch. He was an Athletic in galley, as if it were the last five minutes. There were no crumbs of the Andalusian offensive front, even a couple of attempts to stop the storm with wasted time. As a quick kick in the rogue plan of Rui Silva, after injury to Doors, and who played after Williams theft, shortly before half a half of Diego Martinez was thrown over for not throwing it out. CardsDani Garcia (15 ‘, Yellow) Williams (28 ‘, Yellow) Soldier (64 ‘, Yellow) Aduriz (66 ‘, Yellow ChangesJesus Vallejo (45 ‘, Doors), Aduriz (66 ‘, Raúl García), Gil Dias (70 ‘, Machís), Saint Joseph (83 ‘, Dani García), Brice (84 ‘, Sundays Duarte) Everyone knew that at the end of La Cartuja he leaves, in the second leg, for Granada, which is also close and you can take a walk, but the first toll was paid in Bilbao. This most democratic Cup in recent years is the most desired. And everyone dreams of Seville on a beautiful April night. This was put Athletic and Granada in the first chapter of the semifinals. The lions played as the old king of the tournament, that throne off the throne by the irreverent Barça. In its stadium, with the honors of its centennial history. His football was to leave a finger of the final, but lacked definition and Granada, a survivor grabbed a stick in the middle of a tsunami, came out with a pulse and hopes to return the blow with the ‘New Los Cármenes effect’.last_img read more

The Madrid Open incorporates the Electronic Review in 2020

first_img“We’re very proud to have the risk of incorporating the Electronic Review to the Mutua Madrid Open. The revolutionary character has at all times been a trademark of our event and avant-garde, so the use of this know-how reaffirms our spirit. As well as, there isn’t a doubt that it is going to be an necessary further assist for the gamers, ”mentioned event director Feliciano López. “I can solely present my pleasure at this nice advance. We would have liked to have it on clay, and we’re very blissful to have it in the Magic Field. I need to spotlight the dedication of Madrid to at all times be at the forefront of know-how. ”The use of Electronic Review on clay is meant to enhance the accuracy of arbitration and was launched for the first time on the ATP Tour in onerous monitor in Miami 2006. From then on it was integrated to different surfaces, saved in clay, the place the protocol of permitting gamers to ask the chair decide to overview the mark throughout the matches had been maintained. Till this 12 months 2020. The Mutua Madrid Open and tennis on clay once more take a brand new step in direction of the future. At all times hand in hand with the vanguard, each gamers and followers can take pleasure in a historic occasion in the 2020 version of the Magic Field, incorporating For the first time this season the Electronic Review, the digital overview know-how on the floor on clay.The Electronic Review shall be accessible on the three predominant tracks of the event: Manolo Santana Stadium, Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario Stadium and Stadium 3, which even have a retractable roof. And they are going to be used in the particular person and double matches, in addition to in the earlier section in each the ATP males’s and the WTA ladies’s.The use of clay know-how, developed by FOXTENN, was formally accredited by the ATP final November 2019 and is on trial in some tournaments chosen by ATP and WTA. After an utility course of to use the Electronic Review, the Mutua Madrid Open shall be the solely ATP Masters 1000 and WTA Premier Obligatory class event, which has the risk to host this innovation on the European clay court docket tour in spring.last_img read more

De Jong, liquid in San Paolo

first_imgDe Jong will start this Sunday at the Bernabéu. Then, the best version of the Dutch will be expected again because everyone is aware that there is a pearl there. But he has to let go and express himself much more in the field. De Jong’s paradox is that everyone thought he was coming to give Barça a new march. But what he has had to do is take off a gear. De Jong touched the ball 51 times in San Paolo. Very far from the 134 of Busquets, named Man of the Match of the match, 69 of Rakitic or even 74 of Arturo Vidal. There was no sign of that vibrant player that broke lines with its conductions and that filled the Ajax game with freshness until it became the most fun team in the last Champions League. Instead of giving vitality to the team, De Jong has had to adapt to the pasty pace of veteran Barça, in which also Setién has radicalized the desire for possession. De Jong gave 43 good passes in Naples. Busquets made 110, almost triple. Indicate where the Barça game moved. Piqué and Umtiti gave 114 and 113 passes respectively. That means that the defensive triangle of Barça gave 337 touches, which added to the 77 of Semedo and the 49 of Junior would add 459 of the 724 that Barça gave, more than 63% of Barça’s passes. Frenkie De Jong went unnoticed by a soccer temple like San Paolo. Bad news and involution for a player who a year earlier, in the knockout stages of the Champions League, presented himself to the world against Real Madrid and in the quarterfinals dominated the tie against Juventus. Elected best UEFA European midfielder this summer, it is difficult to understand the secondary role in which De Jong is corseted, a player who looked happy and loose, seems to play with chains right now. In many games nothing weighs in the game. More concerned with not disturbing than otherwise, he limits himself to strictly fulfilling his tactical role.last_img read more

Box: “I am devastated”

first_imgWith regard to the FA, I understand the process that you have to carry out to prosecute any accusation of racism, in fact I am totally in favor of any persecution to eliminate this scourge of racism in sport, however I want to say that these 5 months have been most difficult of my professional career, and I don’t feel at all that the guilty verdict is a reflection of what really happened.I am sure that my family, friends, colleagues and technical bodies with whom I have worked all these years in my professional career know that I would NEVER use words with racist meaning and connotations, and that my respectful behavior towards the rival since I started my career has Always been honest and with the maximum fairplay.Finally, to thank the club, Leeds United, for the support received this time and in this process, and without any doubt thank you for the support I receive week by week of this incredible hobby that is what makes me feel stronger in complicated moments. “ Kiko Casilla has responded to the FA, in a statement insisting on her innocence. The goalkeeper, accused of racist insults, faces a penalty of eight matches and almost 70,000 euros fine. Therefore, he wanted to share with his followers a note to defend themselves and punish all types of discrimination in football, sports and society. “I feel sad and devastated. (…) I would NEVER use words with meaning and racist connotations, “writes the former Real Madrid in his social network. This is the full statement:“I feel sad and devastated for having been convicted of making a racist comment during the game last September against Charlton.First of all I want to make it clear and very blunt that racism should not be tolerated in football, in sports, nor has a place in our society.last_img read more

Madrid’s dressing room, between concern and positivism

first_imgIn addition to the feeling of vulnerability, restlessness and relief described, Some positivism also made its way in the Madrid dressing room. There is security about the measures taken are the best to combat this exceptional case and in the knowledge of those responsible for the club, who will be at your entire disposal. And, looking at the bright side of things, the parents of the staff stressed that it is a good opportunity to spend with their children the time that the demanding routine in the soccer elite does not normally allow them.However, the players, and this was emphasized in the meetings in Valdebebas, they are fully aware that they have to work at home. They all have exercise facilities in them and many have trusted professionals off Madrid’s payroll, some even living with themselves. Without exception, they will have, on the part of the coaching staff, their respective daily routines so as not to lose shape. When the competition returns, a date very up in the air at this point, the margin of error will be practically nil. In the Real Madrid locker room, they have been waiting for days for the domino effect caused by the advance of the coronavirus in the world of sports. This Thursday, for the peace of mind of most of the players, the time came. Niko Mihic, head of the club’s medical services, gathered the staff in Valdebebas to explain the positive of Trey Thompkins, from the basketball section, and the quarantine that the situation forced. Then, José Ángel Sánchez, general manager of the entity, offered more indications and conveyed confidence around the cancellation of the upcoming League and Champions matches.Technical staff and footballers, as well as the rest of the employees of the sports city, immediately left for their homes. The news, despite being expected, caused a certain schock and concern for them and yours. It was the common feeling not only in the house, but in the houses. That’s how they talked about it before getting into their cars and that’s how they have confessed to their surroundings the players, however, have noticed significant relief from the break. Dani Carvajal, hours earlier, he had already expressed the concern of his colleagues: “In First and Second Division are we immune?”, He complained in an Instagram story when in Spain only non-professional football days had been suspended.last_img read more

Ronaldinho speaks for the first time since his release from prison

first_imgWhen they told him that he was going to jail: “It was a hard blow, I never imagined that I would go through such a situation. All my life I have sought to reach the highest professional level and bring joy to people with my football.”I wanted to return to Brazil: “Our flight was scheduled for Saturday, March 7 at three in the morning because it was going to my son’s birthday. I don’t know about what happened next.”His life in prison: “All the people with whom I had the opportunity to share in the Association have received me with kindness; playing soccer, autographs, photos … is part of my life. I would have no reason to stop doing it, much more with people who they were having a difficult time, just like me. “The justice of Paraguay: “We hope that they can use and confirm everything that we bring to our position in the case and that we can get out of this situation as soon as possible.”The first thing you will do when you return: “The first thing will be to give a big kiss to my mother, who has been living through these difficult days since the start of the pandemic at home. Then we will have to absorb the impact that this situation has generated and move on.” For the first time since he was released from the Paraguayan prison, from the hotel where he is currently under house arrest, former soccer player Ronaldinho has spoken to the media, in this case with ABC Color, especially what happened in the last weeks. The Brazilian is confident that the matter will be settled soon.ABC Color ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>ABC Color cover from April 27, 2020.ABC Color Reason for the trip to Paraguay: “Everything we do is under contracts managed by my brother, who is my representative. We came to participate in the launch of an online casino as specified in the contract and for the launch of the book Craque da Vilda, organized by the company in Brazil that has the rights to exploit the book in Paraguay. “At which point they discovered that their documents were illegal: “We were totally surprised to learn that the documents were not legal. Since then, our intention has been to collaborate with the courts to clarify the fact as we have been doing it from the beginning. From that moment until today we have explained everything and facilitated everything that the justice has not requested. “last_img read more