Love from Shanghai home cattle station user experience

recently love Shanghai has not how to update, only partial slightly updated, okay today morning in the free fall in love with the sea search keywords, I found two "cattle station", we look at the two station that should Speechless very. I love Shanghai in the first keyword search Shanghai Shanghai dragon, a station that (I personally think that this station really bad), the station ranked second in Shanghai love home. Not much to say, look at the picture:

can see from chart of this website title did not appear in the search keywords I do, this station is the same as that stone interaction sites, theme and search engine optimization is related to site enough authority, then we look at this station is what kind of content, see below: read more

Love Shanghai enterprise encyclopedia on line 9 a day 5 wool 8 love Shanghai home with your family

don’t know what to say it is clever or >

Shanghai need

so, always love Shanghai are careful to protect themselves, may have been struggling to find a solution, so that more real enterprises, enrich the Wikipedia entry. Finally, also in the past few days, and finally come up with a nouveau riche idea: directly to business users for business license and other information.


may be a lot of small and medium enterprises to submit entries, there will always be love Shanghai to refuse to "sources of information authority" of this reason, it is very annoying. What was not well-known enterprises, or just a new enterprise, but there is a real. So, many companies will feel the love of Shanghai encyclopedia into the threshold is too high, so discouraged. Love sea, also hope that more and more enterprises settled in Wikipedia, because it can greatly enrich the Wikipedia entry, but do not determine the authenticity of the information through the audit, not pretend. Otherwise, bad enterprise, love Shanghai through the bad business encyclopedia is to help people with deceptive advertising, this crime can be compared. read more

Network marketing network promotion of life and death

in the network promotion, we do is actually two. First, we put the product information to their own Internet promotion. Our goal is to promote the entire network of people, the purpose is to let people in need can see our information. The most common thing in the forum post, this is the basic network promotion, post is to get their information to the public, this way is overwhelming to release information, like fishing in the sea, whether or not they can catch fish only under the net only as long as. This method is suitable for shaping the product brand. read more

went straight to the theme how to get through the combination of a large number of long tail ranki

second, although the "Wuhan" optimization "this word no index, but the meaning and" Wuhan site optimization "is the same, so in the actual customer demand is the search, and search over the flow.

1, regional ranking, such as: Optics Valley, Shanghai, Shanghai, Phoenix dragon Luxiang service optimization

2, there are relations and price words are basically the page ranking, such as Wuhan, Shanghai, Wuhan Shanghai dragon dragon optimization bidding service, how much money Shanghai Longfeng monthly payment, you may think of these words is not what special index is too low, in fact, as a business owner is really concerned about is the price, this kind of transformation the general term rate is higher than Wuhan Shanghai dragon kind of professional words. read more

Website optimization industry insider 80% are doing keyword ranking

two, the website of


keyword ranking is also up, why the website did not come up? My head inside the noisy! In my thought is when I finally want to understand, ranking leadership is not care about your keywords, they only care about you brought him several patients. I find a lot of information in the network above, do not see the website optimization keywords ranking, and site conversion, data analysis, site adjustment. I think there are a lot of website optimization friends have experienced very like me. read more

Light weight and appearance it is important to optimize the calm thinking process of website

, a calm look website snapshot

links allow all doubt if two or three years ago, we said that the link is not established or not important. At least for now, the only link is not website weight factors (in the previous year and >

to tell you the truth, if the content of the website released half search engines still ignore not included, I also very nervous. This may indicate that the site where there is a problem, but after a period of observation, the author gradually changed this view. Many factors influence the website included, such as new content itself with the search engine database part repetitie, search engine in order to save resources is no longer included, which is why a lot of replication to search engines no longer included. Even if the content quality is excellent, the search engine is not included also has its own reasons, such as touching search algorithm adjustment. So the author believes that the content of short not included only to reflect the new release of the content is not ideal, not the site itself and weight variation. But if the website content included a few days later, and have been deleted, will cause a high degree of attention. read more

To solve the problem quickly down the right site URL standard

I often see, there are many webmasters always complain in the forum, two

1. why my website with no WWW and no www ranking, ranking, and all the chain before the web site is

domain name weight level ) Why

a site: domain贵族宝贝

I personally in Shanghai Longfeng process, also encountered such a situation, like most of the webmaster, all the chain, all the text are pointing to the WWW domain name

site:www. domain贵族宝贝


key: 1. plus www domain name is actually belong to the two level domain name, and without WWW is a domain name, read more

Love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm update many websites stalls things

will update the Scindapsus algorithm, are harming the site also has some similar characteristics, of course, these are also love Shanghai need further consideration to the problem, there are the following:

when the new year started work on the occasion, love Shanghai non-stop on the new search engine anti cheating algorithms – Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, the algorithm is mainly against the super chain intermediary, sell links, buy links and other super chain cheating, which is following the fall in love with the sea in October launched the fight against cheating chain algorithm the upgrade, to crack down on the link trading website. read more

New sites not included don’t ignore the robots txt file

In this paper,


Copyright: Shanghai Dragon School www.lyylx贵族宝贝



Through the love of Shanghai



webmaster tools detection, and found out the reason hidden in the robots.txt file, when he found that the site is bng when he banned the search engine spider crawling, and found this site is forbidden to crawl, will default to a period of time not to climb in. Love Shanghai webmaster tools, website robots.txt file update time to stay in the day prohibited search engines crawl, later will not have been updated in the. This also proves that spider crawling in to a ban grab page, it is not in default in the next crawl, and to grasp the time interval, which may explain why many owners in the lifting of the robots.txt file to limit spider crawl, cause to a new will reincluding content, just love does not come out of Shanghai webmaster tools before we do not know it. read more

How to quickly increase the site outside the chain

methodFamiliar with

soft writing: there are many owners are afraid to write soft, because the brain inside squeeze out what the article came out, but I want to say here is that the article is one of the best ways to bring high quality and stability of the chain, and in the forum or with signature as well write a high quality articles submitted to the the forum, this effect is far more significant than signature, and the chain BBS signature or posting time is very unstable, love Shanghai every update, the chain with signature will decrease, personal suggestions don’t too much to do outside the chain BBS signature type. read more

Shanghai Dragon strong chain of love Shanghai Wikipedia editor experience sharing articles

contact love Shanghai encyclopedia, or when working in Beijing, I have a chat with the state-owned enterprises, that is to love Shanghai, also asked if I could help do a love Shanghai encyclopedia, I wrote here is not to look a bit of my first love Shanghai, 100, editor time is March 9, 2008, the snapshot time frames to stop, because then no one in this edited encyclopedia, the encyclopedia rankings firmly located in the company’s second keywords. The first is the company’s official website, the snapshot date is the next day, very fresh, thus giving special weight love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia. read more

Analysis of the four common methods of enterprise network marketing

Network marketing

more and more enterprises, network marketing way also is diverse, as long as the traffic brought to the enterprise website, the enterprise should be good, but many companies often just joined, find a good way not accurate, resulting in blind to marketing. A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) several methods here for everyone to talk about common enterprise network marketing website.

third: micro-blog social marketing platform. Social networking platform has gradually entered the lives of users, a good place here is the webmaster of marketing, marketing to choose micro-blog platform, we should first analyze their own user groups before the start, enterprises should have a certain understanding of their own position, should be in accordance with the way users are those what users need to -> -> you can; to provide users with what they need from where -> improved -> user traffic conversion, through this process to consider micro-blog marketing, to make their products sold. At the same time, the micro-blog social platform, we can also use celebrity, celebrity attention in general micro-blog group more, for the average daily life products companies, particularly suitable for the use of celebrity, can achieve the effect of marketing is particularly good. > read more

About love for Shanghai health some questions to establish medical Commercial Trust System

? ?

?< >

love Robin Li in Shanghai recently mentioned, China medical hope in private hospitals, private hospitals after the market is the main channel network, the development of private hospitals rely solely on the love of Shanghai auction, has not formed the reputation and brand marketing. Also, think that private hospitals from public hospitals is still much worse, in the majority of Internet users, after the establishment of medical business trust love Shanghai health system, public hospitals and private hospitals together, whether this is an opportunity for the private hospitals, private hospitals can get on an equal footing and public hospitals? However, will let users get whether which hospital is the real public hospitals. This situation will lead to fenbuqingchu real property of the hospital. read more

See [] some common references do not understand where this term


we look at a few points above improve the core content, is the first site A, site B, site C, contains a total of three sites, an article is then increased to the last increase is C this article cited articles will also have the effect of Shanghai dragon, in fact, I checked on the net this concept, as already proposed, is about Google, but has not too much attention, the recent Shanghai Longfeng celebrities Lu Song song wrote about this common reference articles, and published in his blog, and then reproduced to the above A5, so a sudden fire, everyone began to discuss it, here is an interesting episode, this is this article, because Lu Song Siong has been published in his blog, and now again To reprint the above A5, pay attention to my words, since it is reproduced, that this article is not the original article, at least in other places there have been, this is a special place, believe that if it is ordinary people, it is certainly not the reason, it is because Lu Song is sung celebrity. read more

Discussion on the daily optimization we need 4 aspects of problem analysis

general site after the promotion stage will have good traffic, it plays an important role in the statistical data will, we can use these data analysis and optimization strategies, such as your main promotion strategy for the site to bring traffic is very limited, and the other auxiliary strategy but can bring the objective flow, so now you should consider to adjust the promotion strategy. Don’t ever think that you think is the best strategy, to facts and data as the basis for analysis, found that the problem should be adjusted. read more

The coffee machine industry chain how to build enterprise website

for the best the current optimization techniques of the construction of the chain that is to contribute, in the webmaster nets such as home owners, A5 nets, 28 push BBS etc. these websites are domestic famous website and the weight is very high, but the contribution for some webmaster friends will not be easy to write. A good article should have certain knowledge of literature, but it is indeed the best way to the construction of the chain. At present the optimization of coffee machine is mainly carried out through the A5 website submission station network, the submission of articles are basically associated with the optimization of the station, there will be some webmaster friends will ask to write such articles may have correlation with the correlation between said website? I will simply take now to optimize a coffee machine website for example. I knew very well what the site is about the optimization of "coffee machine", then the author will first write a coffee machine comprising the title such as: yesterday the submission of an article title < of the coffee machine industry; the original soft enterprise station how to write a good title to > around the title of to write their own coffee machine original articles of experience and experience to write out this is a good article specific how to write for you. read more

The chain product details determine the effect of enterprise website of Shanghai Dragon

years ago, we all think, where should I go to find the chain? Go to the forum, blog, and so, a variety of bbs+domain: web site appeared, various blogs have been registered.


long time no attention to some enterprise website the progress of history, on the corporate website, with love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, combat links, evolving Scindapsus algorithm, small business website may also be right down a lot, in this article, want to mention the small business website, more useful in Shanghai the dragon, for your reference, after all, when a piece of the Shanghai dragon, will indulge in a moment, the details may be ignored, this article will bring you some small details, try to understand the bottom of Shanghai dragon phoenix. read more

Some talk about the optimization of the old station often encountered difficulties

An educational website

concluded that the old station ranking is not ideal, to in-depth analysis of the reasons behind the data, so as to make optimization strategy. Of course, if you are medical, gray and other sites, no ranking from the new station.

through the thorough analysis, the author found that the station took over the chain, mostly with software group blog and forum outside the chain. The link to the page content and the car of the blog chain lock is not related to the forum outside the chain is mostly BBS advertising pages, associating with many medical advertising chain. From the quality of the chain of analysis, the station compared with rival is difference, so the number of the chain has the advantage, but the quality is far less. The content included, because the website for the mall, many products, so the advantages included. But the site overall weight is not high enough, the weight distribution is not scientific enough, the result is the whole site keywords ranking is not ideal. read more

The excellent Shanghai Longfeng staff need to have what good work habits

as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization, whether it is to do optimization services for companies, or their own external optimization list for a qualified Shanghai Longfeng staff, how to develop efficient optimization work habits do Shanghai dragon is every one of us must think about the problem, good habits help us as soon as possible to reach the target, good habits and unremitting efforts to maintain and to obtain career advancement, good gossip short, today I will be under the analysis of the five optimization personnel need to develop good habits. read more

Quick start Shanghai dragon Jingjiubucui optimization

Shanghai dragon

1, fresh and interesting pointing in Intranet station, can timely find fresh content, you will be in the information released after the others will come here to reprint some similar news, make oneself become a source of information. So the search engine will be for you to sit up and take notice, because you won’t hold a lot of time and effort through the content index of fresh China network. As a news source of your website is the fastest, all websites in your finishing reprint. So, the girl will be search engine see you more, your response is most alert will be more attracted to her. So, to put the site into a timely source of information, will hold in a large number of stations in the "beauty return". read more