Small youth 300 yuan entrepreneurial projects easy to get rich year earned 150 thousand

when each of the young people, want to come out of their own business, the first hand and not much money, but in real life there are only 300 yuan of entrepreneurial projects, rich start? A lot of people think that even 300 yuan to start a business, but also can not make any money, but this is a small husband and wife, is relying on these 300 yuan stall started, and now into the $150 thousand.

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Xianning Youth Business Center was awarded the national youth entrepreneurship Demonstration Park

is a group of young entrepreneurs who China entrepreneurial ranks the most vigorous, they have ideals, vitality, with indomitable courage. Xianning city has always attached great importance to support youth entrepreneurship, youth business center before the city won the second national youth entrepreneurship demonstration park.

The center is located in downtown

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How to have a professional apparel merchandise sales services

is now facing the open market, the market opening degree is increasing constantly, people face this or that product, do not know how to choose, how to make them accept your apparel goods, here you need professional sales service.


if commodity classification habits, generally can be divided into daily necessities, shopping goods and special goods. Daily necessities, such as daily necessities, such as toothpaste, in terms of purchasing behavior tend to be more convenient and habitual, and therefore the use of a completely self – service sales. Shopping for goods that need to be explained by the commodity, such as TV, etc.. The specialty is a personal hobby, or a special group of goods, such as car modification supplies, golf equipment, etc.. Purchase goods and special goods for goods professional high, consumers in the purchase process, usually requires sales professional, and therefore requires staff commentary, therefore the purchase process of customer service process can also be regarded as a salesman. In other words, a well trained salesman is not only the sale of goods, but even the sales of personal and professional image. If the customer is satisfied with the service, he will come back to the consumer and become a long-term customer. read more

Nanjing launched to support employment and entrepreneurship in the field of agricultural college stu

China is a large agricultural country, but in the era of economic development, more and more people are eager to enter the city, so that the development of agriculture has been affected. In this context, the country began to introduce a number of new deal, so as to attract students in the field of agriculture to the local employment and entrepreneurship, Nanjing is the case.

days ago, reporters from the Nanjing Municipal Agricultural Commission was informed, in order to encourage and guide college graduates to Nanjing in the agricultural field of employment or business, Nanjing city issued "on accelerating the development of new occupation farmer’s opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) specifically listed a student to introduce policy: "students into the field of agriculture or employment entrepreneurship, through investigation and identification, can obtain the school during the full tuition subsidy". read more

Shanghai some well known hotels by cAMP changed to increase price

most people travel, travel, Check Inn Hotel is inevitable. However, when the government to protect the interests of consumers, some well-known hotels in Shanghai, but the implementation of the policy, there are countermeasures, the way to improve the price of the Check Inn Hotel caused a bad influence.

Shanghai Municipal State Taxation Bureau website disclosure, the recent part of the hotel for replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) price issue, the Shanghai Tax Bureau in conjunction with the financial and price, Tourism Bureau and the Ministry of Finance Office of the Commissioner in Shanghai jointly interviewed some well-known hotel group. read more

Tianjin people’s Congress to inspect youth entrepreneurship and the Communist Youth League face to f

in the process of the development of youth entrepreneurship, youth organizations by the Communist Youth League organizations to support the forces played a great role in guiding young people to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship. Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress on the front and the Communist Youth League "face to face" activities, and in-depth exchanges of young entrepreneurs.

To promote youth entrepreneurship development around the

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Wenzhou beef sirloin steak has advantages

open West restaurant, choose a business process specification, the strength of the franchisee is very important. Famous brand franchise business can give you the most powerful support for your business, as your biggest haven, you just need to ease the operation of the restaurant in your hands, without having to pay too much attention to market risk.

Wenzhou cattle steak is one of the Yue State Administration for Industry and commerce registration integrated food chain operation management of group enterprises, the existing staff of more than 1 thousand people, the office area of more than 6 thousand square meters, direct cooperation and more than and 300 stores, Wenzhou Yue cattle steak now has headquarters, brand management center, marketing center, operations center and logistics center the five center system, and under the administration department, human resources department, the Department of legal affairs, capital management department, marketing department, brand planning, media management, network optimization, guide the operation of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of the reception of warehouse management, logistics department, 12 departments and two large core technology training base. read more

Stationery store management to grasp what points

although China attaches great importance to education, the demand for a variety of stationery products is also very large, the entire stationery market is more vast. However, in the current era is not lack of stationery products, but the market! To produce the market needs stationery, the market needs to sell stationery, the need to achieve the goal of marketing tools. Only products and services together to be able to play the stationery store full of sound and colour these methods and techniques, and in the reasonable pricing, satisfactory service attitude, goods and timely discount promotions are three points to master. read more

Quanzhou women’s Federation to help women entrepreneurs employment channels

is now a female friend’s social status has improved, many places are encouraging female friends out of the kitchen, to the workplace, there are many places to encourage women to start a business. Recently, in Fujian City, Quanzhou Province, women’s Federation to carry out cross-border e-commerce training and other skills training in female college students to help them broaden their horizons, enhance the ability to achieve flexible employment.

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Want to venture to see if you have these seven qualities

now, the country’s institutional reform, the opportunity is much more than before, each of the people who do not want to think of another job. But many entrepreneurs, fewer workers, single plank bridge crowded, the industry is saturated, the competition is fierce. Start on the road a few happy tears, the premise of a successful entrepreneur is must have the following basic qualities.

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Zhang Shunkai noodle annual income 2 million

Chinese pasta is an important staple food, each local pasta taste there may be some differences, but Chongqing pasta can always make more people in different fields are met, Chongqing noodle reputation in China is very famous, there is such a young man, started the Chongqing noodle shop, business is hot, a there are 2 million years!

28 year old Zhang Shun is Jiangsu Wuxi, graduated from Communication University of China, after Suzhou TV news reporter, in the mainland have the necessary visibility. Of course, the idea of brewing Shun long brewing, but until last May and June, he was in Chongqing to eat a bowl of Chongqing noodles, entrepreneurship really fall into practice.

Bush opened on the first day the employee run away spicy flavor was not optimistic about the />

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How to choose the place where the customer wants to go

shop location important start, a good store address can bring a steady flow of passengers, so entrepreneurship in the location of the store address should pay special attention to. Shops in the site, the customer is the image of our services, we have to stand in their perspective to see the problem. To meet customer demand is the purpose of store operations, so in determining the location of the shop, we must first consider the convenience of customer shopping.

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What do the business in 2014 and small to analysis

2014 is a year full of opportunities and challenges, I believe you will find there is no lack of business opportunities. So, what business to make money in 2014? Below, Xiaobian for everyone to collect the three big money making industry, let us look at it!

2012 years 1-7 months, China’s total social logistics for 98 trillion and 300 billion yuan, calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 9.8%, overall, the social logistics demand still maintain a moderate growth, provided strong support for the smooth operation of the national economy. What business to make money in 2014? The future Chinese logistics industry will enter a stage of development of a higher level, with the rapid and stable development of the national economy, the scale of the logistics industry will continue the rapid expansion of institutional environment; the development of the logistics industry will become increasingly standardized, the market order and environmental conditions will be further optimized. Governments at all levels have introduced the relevant supporting policies for the development of China’s logistics industry to create a good external environment. In 12th Five-Year, China’s economy is expected to continue to maintain steady and rapid growth, the logistics industry is facing major development opportunities, rural logistics, retail logistics and other segments of the market prospects for investment. read more

The success of barbecue food and beverage industry

can be a crisis of the economy, but there are people who want to go to life crisis, it is necessary to eat, only eat, people have the strength to work, have the energy to think of ways to solve the problem. Barbecue catering industry is still thriving, but any business opportunities require certain skills and methods, then let us look at it.

1, prominent features, successful foundation

feature is popular in the foundation, baked neck hand pay close attention to product characteristics. In Roast Chicken features: neck bone, bone tender crisp, fragrant roast neck do not spit out the bones. In the wings: outside Giori tender, spicy and delicious, juicy, hemp is a hemp spicy spicy Tougu heart, a heart, a clear fragrant incense. Grilled fish, roast string, bone soup pot, spicy pot, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, Malatang, special chicken soup, Wujiang fish Hot pot…… With its own characteristics, taste prominent, good products is the last word! read more