WordPress three way to add the bread crumbs navigation

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if ($thisCat-> parent! = 0) echo (get_category_parents ($parentCat, TRUE, $delimiter. ”. ”)); read more

The love of Shanghai new start testing new knowledge brings what love Shanghai

saw a lack of knowledge

1, the new knowledge and overlap of love Shanghai know too much, also want to ask a question, in Shanghai know love asked, why would we want to ask the new knowledge? The user may not be accustomed to the new knowledge of the mode of operation, so simply don’t try.

3, have the confidence to do better than the known

three point of view: the new knowledge in micro-blog

went from the known point of view, should be very vigilant, very humble to treat

saw a strong potential of similar pattern read more

Love Shanghai Optimization Guide new blind gun is a big risk

I do not know when the love of Shanghai, to the railway station, or weight or are extraordinarily gave up. Once the "slow" included "low rank" and the new distance is more far away. It makes some webmaster think: do website construction so easy? May seem easy, but in reality it has hidden all sorts of crisis, this is the search engine at present to the new "regulations". Many owners of this loss, think it is all thanks to the "technology in place", a site can be done croaking, results to the final ranking, flow a drop in a complete mess. The binary will point out today: the new blind hope for success is affected, or coke, rashness can obtain long-term weight.
A: on the second collection of those things the weight of
a website, the collection rate is remarkable, such as the A5 station network throughout the year by the search engine crazy seconds. Can get back to the site included speed, weight is high? This is not the case, because in the current search engine rules, most of the new station can be reached in the second, is not accidental. But one of the interesting things for a second website, is not less a few articles every day? So many webmaster do not live gas, like: I sent a number of articles will be the second? In fact, the result is correct, how much how much included. A day for two days, but absolutely no more than 5 days, your website will certainly become the slowest to history. And if continue, sites included speed will be further discounted, until it was right down. This is the search engine to give the "second" privilege but with only one of the old site of the night.
there has always been a topic troubling the webmaster for a long time, the website keyword optimization in the end of the writing? Shanghai Longfeng engineer generally in 5 to 8> read more

Optimization techniques of Shanghai dragon blog program WordPress.

Optimization of

, the upload is complete we will enable the plug-in, it can be set, as follows:

2. Keywords tag

, a website using WordPress

to the corresponding picture with Alt is a search engine to tell what this thing is, the other side.

Optimization of

3. pictures of Alt tag

1.URL link structure optimizationThe first step of

here including the title, description, keywords and three labels. During the set time, the three label here, recommended to install a plug-in: All In One Shanghai dragon Pack, this can be obtained by love Shanghai search, can be downloaded through the website backstage left navigation bar to add new plug-in function upload, as follows: read more

Keyword stuffing and keyword density


keyword density threshold is a very vague concept, different ", different sites, search engine keyword density is not the same. Such as Sina.

written in front of 430dy贵族宝贝 words: 430dy.net keyword density and keyword stuffing are two different things. Not to say that control your keyword density in 2%, less than 8% keywords you www.yangshuonirvana贵族宝贝 do not stack. As long as you in the search engine’s most valued title, H1 label, the title of the article stack keywords, even if your entire article keyword density is relatively low, is also a keyword, and keywords in this place on the more terrible, more dangerous. Because the search engine to give the weight of relatively high places, it is also the most sensitive. Well below. read more

How to effectively set up a website title

, a keyword in the front, don’t cut out

three, the page title reasonable form of


1, _ classification name site name

generally, the title page, recommend the use of a word in the form of showing the title, and classification page, can choose "1" type, content pages, personal recommendations can choose the "3 forms", if the "site name" and "title" is not particularly relevant, can actually remove "3" in the name of the site, leaving only the title". read more

Love Shanghai snapshot not update and HTTP 304 status code

website snapshot not update and update the

on this issue, the author made a test, find love Shanghai snapshot not update does not mean love Shanghai crawl the page through the web log analysis of love Shanghai spiders to crawl home page, general HTTP status code will return 200 or 304:

Love Shanghai


love Shanghai shortly before the official published a snapshot of love Shanghai, love Shanghai general explained the snapshot update and backward reason, and directly pointed out that "the website snapshot does not have any relationship with the site weight". read more

Share Web site chain


I think many webmaster do not just connected to make a high quality of the chain, in the website platform is more important to think through this platform to promote the site, get more traffic. The specific information in the website for us is very helpful in the website. Just imagine, web platform on the web site will be a lot of, to the site requires talent shows itself has a specific and unique information. Of course, the website keyword tag is not small. This can make it easier for users to find your site information when using the search. But after a detailed description of the information can not only get more of the target audience, but also can reduce the examination time. read more

The customers who are not realistic in Shanghai dragon dream

is the first Shanghai dragon dream: fast love the first page of Shanghai, similar to the 48 hours on the first love Shanghai’s advertising

second Shanghai dragon dream: do love the first page of Shanghai, can bring real benefits to my

the customer is the most common, as a Shanghai dragon staff, of course I want to do keywords ranking customer requirements as soon as possible to the extent. But we all know that Shanghai dragon is long, and according to the website of the different keywords and the degree of competition, to love the first page of Shanghai time is different, but these customers are very impatient, do not understand Shanghai dragon. Perhaps see online a lot like "48 hours", the first love Shanghai advertising so wrong to think Shanghai Longfeng effect is very rapid. Just a few days will be able to love on the first page of Shanghai, in fact, we all know that this kind of advertising unspoken rule. This is not to say, the evil Shanghai dragon will only make you lose more customers and trust. read more

Shanghai dragon WHY integration and aggregation dimension of founding a husband

2012 September, only the teachers held a big party membership today in Shenzhen kylin Hotel, the theme is: "thinking under the new environment: integration and aggregation, from good to excellent". As we all know, since 360, love Shanghai and noble baby have taken measures and means, especially in the most in June and July, as most of the K station. Another important thing is that the search engine will upgrade, the previous time, the first wave of search engine is recommended to sort through the website, is to "anchor text links to sort through the web for training; change after second stages, the search engine will order" social ", namely social recommendation, before we do a web page to do a anchor text or a chain can replace a page ranking down, so in the course of time will allow search engines to lose the trust of users. With a relatively large in recent years the development of Shanghai dragon industry, from the previous page recommendation will transition to the social recommendation to. read more

The chain is not Shanghai dragon straw optimization

love from official reports in Shanghai can be seen in the current Internet Chinese a flood of garbage station. The love of Shanghai made a series of measures. 2012 love Shanghai algorithm to do the 7 major adjustments. Is to reduce the influence of the rankings chain. These adjustments also exposed Shanghai love love Shanghai for the search engine algorithm embarrassment. Because of the basic algorithm of search engine is based on external links and links to each other on the basis of import and export. Love Shanghai tries to content strategy to change the algorithm for link dependency. read more

Shanghai dragon combat summary lifting weights and the PR value of the site love Shanghai

is your soft, soft, promote the enterprise’s own products to invisible, this has been considered as a good way of network marketing. If you want to write attractive soft, need to have a few.

2) add 3~5 important keywords (keywords)

many enterprises have such confusion: a website for a long time, not only in Shanghai, love the search engine to search a few pages, and the site of the PR value and love Shanghai very low or almost no weight. The existence of such problems, that there is no reason to pay attention to website optimization Website optimization or lack of relevant personnel, the enterprise website have been in place for many years. read more

AppStore ranking in the fall This may be 8 Reasons

well, you! It is! Square!

App Store ranking wavering

remember, ASO ranking floating is normal. All the time, whenever and wherever possible rankings are in change. Apple does not stop by changing the App Store search results to test new variables.

You have a new App

! Why my App is not going down? The ranking from day to day, I have to increasingly thin.

ASO ranking always changes, if you have a App with a slight decline in the App Store rankings, don’t be too nervous.

if you do intervene ASO, your ASO service provider or professional team will send you the report, but if you insist on your tracking performance ranking, may not the same. So too much attention App Store optimization ranking will be counterproductive. read more

Discussion on how to meet the webmaster mining user search keywords

of each industry is the terminology and life. The owners in the choice of keywords, also want to consider their own website user group education, gender, occupation and so on, these are available through the Shanghai index can know love. For example, jargon is called a desktop fan fan fan, but the user search, rarely with a fan to search, if you choose a fan of this keyword but ignore the life of the keyword table fan, the search engine will not put the two is assumed to be the same as items. But the user search will search a fan of such words, so in general, relatively strong professional website will choose keywords for more professional, not specifically for the professional website should try to choose. read more

Analysis of independent store case intoxicants mall Shanghai dragon problem diagnosis

veoshoesshoes: veoshoesshoes _ online shoe _ sports shoes franchise to the bottom _ genuine _ [www.S.cn]

Title: intoxicants Mall – the most professional China authentic, authentic tea, tea online shopping mall: Tieguanyin, Black Tea, Green Tea, DaGongPao, Pu’er Tea, tea – intoxicants mall

: wheat bags official website – Chinese largest fashion bags online mall shopping full 99 free shipping, support cash on delivery

H1 tag found a problem, that is the entire station H1 tags are set in the head of the LOGO, which is a lot of mall mistakes. This leads to all pages of the entire site H1 label is LOGO, can be said to be a waste of the weight of H1 tags directly, but also dilute the relevance of the page keyword. We know that the H1 label means that the content of the page title, will automatically see a bold, the user will know, this is the user experience better. The same. read more

From the novice website optimization process to share

front is outlined for the following points:

!The first part:

in front of those words I would sleepwalk play out, let you bother. At this time because of the chain and the role of coupled with my friends in the chain what the keyword has on page second, but I don’t know for what, on the acquisition, because I found a site within a year’s time to put the words "decoration" do go up, and when I he has checked up, his website building only a year, his website is what is ugly, but not so good, even the framework is not very practical, but when I check included I found out he used own website space and make a what the pictures are not only text and background image acquisition station, collected tens of thousands of the same articles, so close. read more

4 elements of the summary improve the quality of the key words of love Shanghai

love Shanghai baby Adwords auction or noble, quality is a very important concept, of course, Adwords call quality. The quality in the important position of Adwords is beyond doubt, although the quality of love in Shanghai auction is probably just a gimmick, the bid is still to get good rankings of the first elements, but we have to study the degree of quality, because it really influences our account.

is the system according to the quality of keyword hits, creative writing quality and performance (account account into other key words time, account of the hit rate) calculated from other factors, with quality level of the format in the accounts, with 3 star said that the gradient of 3 star said good, 1 stars that bad, and 2 stars said good. read more

Think of the flow characteristics of the group search, did you make

fourth, do the positioning of the website, let search engines know where your website, is the main product in what place, it will be better for you in the score, increase such as Head:

flow to improve the bottleneck, it is difficult to expand the keyword ranking? Opponents too tough, how do you spell or spell it? Maybe, another way to consider some problems, these problems can be smoothly done or easily solved these ", for example, the group characteristics of the search, you have to do? Maybe they will you be contrary to expectation" mammon". read more

The reason is that the general site drop right

5. chain uneven distribution

two sites are the same, the chain of 80% above is pointing to the home page. Now many in Shanghai Longfeng optimization when used to focus its resources on several key words, and a large number of keywords flow, are unwanted, just allocate some resources in the past, the flow will come up. Just look at the key words ranking Shanghai dragon, belongs to the sesame lost watermelon. Hands are grasping with both hands, the average distribution of resources, to maximize revenue. read more

We advocate natural site optimization ranking

Shanghai Longfeng expert optimization may propose any single effective method, but a single search engine optimization methods are usually effective influence on a website is not great. The most effective way to combine various optimization techniques as one of the marketing strategy. This method does not guarantee that the first page of your website will appear in the search engine results. However, your site optimization will be unique, and according to the quality of your optimization, you can achieve in the major search engine sites can be ranked in the top, so how can you fall in love with the sea to reach the best ranking effect? The key is the natural site optimization. Below you will find what makes you the website to reach " natural " optimization ranking, how it can greatly improve your site every day tourists visit and reduce business risk, what is the natural site optimization is the most effective method, in order to achieve this elusive goal of our work is to provide: accurate information search engine. Because the search engine will strictly investigate all the content of the web site. For this reason it is essential, the content of your site is about your product or service. Some wayward Shanghai dragon expert may advise the practice known as " ", the keyword keyword stuffing; excessive loading to the content of the web site. In order to maximize the relevance and search engine, Shanghai dragon expert may be on the website of each image alt text with the keyword in the form of display, this is not a moral void. read more